Django for WordPress Developers

Learn how to code in python and how to use Django while drawing parallels to WordPress
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English [Auto]
Understand how python works as a programming language
Create a basic Class and Object in python and php
Create a TO-DO application using python
Understand the architecture of the Django framework
Create a Django server
Create a basic blog using core python and Django
Create a CMS using Django's powerful package and extension management system
Create an eCommerce store using Oscar Commerce
Create an eCommerce store using Mezzanine and Cartridge
Create an eCommerce store using Saleor


  • Basic understanding of how web programming works
  • Basic knowledge of php/WordPress or python


This course is an introduction to Django specifically targeted at WordPress or intermediate web developers. In this course we will walk through everything from the basic principles of python to developing a full e-commerce system using the Django framework.

Some of the sections include:

  • Discussing the differences and similarities between php and python
  • Setting up a functional python workspace
  • Creating a basic TODO app in python
  • Installing and customising Django
  • Creating a blog using Django
  • Creating a CMS using Django
  • Creating 3 different e-commerce stores using Django

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who has a basic understanding of web development and would like to broaden their skillset
  • Anyone who has a basic understanding of php or python
  • NOT for someone who does not want to learn how to code in python

Course content

7 sections42 lectures6h 30m total length
  • Requirements and Assumptions for the course
  • python vs php, philosophy and focus
  • Basic syntax differences between python and php
  • Differences between python and php
    3 questions
  • A bit about Classes
  • Creating a python Class
  • Creating a php Class
  • Basic Python Classes
    3 questions
  • Instantiating an object of a Class in python


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Richard Miles
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Richard is a Web Developer from Cape Town. He is passionate about learning and implementing new technology in the world of API’s, web and mobile application development. With a focus on WordPress and Django. Richard is also a BMUS graduate who enjoys gaming, galavanting around Cape Town and craft beer.