DIY Website Design Bootcamp: WordPress Elementor Plugin
4.2 (26 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
11,067 students enrolled

DIY Website Design Bootcamp: WordPress Elementor Plugin

Design Stunning and Professional Webpages with Elementor & Add-on Plugins from Scratch
4.2 (26 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
11,067 students enrolled
Created by Jun Bien Law
Last updated 9/2019
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This course includes
  • 8 hours on-demand video
  • 1 article
  • 8 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of Completion
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What you'll learn
  • WordPress Theme fundamentals
  • Learn Elementor & add-on plugins
  • Produce stunning webpage
  • Create WordPress website without Theme
  • Create WordPress website with "Elementor" Plugin (Free version)
  • Design WordPress website header, footer and sidebar with widgets
  • Produce professional webpage
  • Increase conversion on website
  • Enhance communication on website
  • No Prior Programming Knowledge Required
  • Laptop and Internet Connection
  • WordPress

This is a Website Design Boot-Camp that comprises hands-on and rigorous tutorials to help you build stunning web pages from nothing with Elementor Plugin (Free Version).


Elementor is a WordPress plugin that helps you present and customize your website in an easy way with drag and drop (editing method). Apart from that, one of the greatest features provided is you can optimize web page in different view modes (different screen sizes). In other meaning, your website will be compatible and optimized in desktop, tablet and mobile modes.


You will learn how to create mobile friendly and responsive website consist of:

  1. One (1) home page

  2. Two (2) sub pages (professional & social)

  3. One (1) extra home page style (bonus)

These pages can be linked together to furnish an amazing website. And I will give these page templates to you for Free, and you can import the templates directly onto your WordPress Platform.

And this course will expose you to use other Other Free Add-On WordPress Plugins to increase website performance, efficacy, conversions and ability to create indirect sales!


The ultimate purpose of a website is to build rapport with visitors and get sales. My course will definitely help you to achieve that with all free and available promotion tools like popups, sticky promotion, banners, contract form (with button trigger) and etc.

So have a quick glance at the course structure below, there are free previews that you can watch to understand further on the hands-on and practical tutorials teachings.


If you are interested, enroll into my course, and I will see you inside.


All recommended plugins are Free to use, my aim is to teach students to build stunning & professional website with zero cost!

Who this course is for:
  • Beginner on WordPress Development
  • Beginner on Website Design
Course content
Expand all 50 lectures 08:04:12
+ Introduction
4 lectures 15:57

Understand how WordPress Theme works on website development. How you can make use of  them theme on presenting or displaying website

Preview 08:26

Install the most important plugin "Elementor" as website designer. And install compatible add-on plugins that will provide extra feature and elements for this "Elementor" plugin.

Install "Elementor" and Add-On Plugins
Plugin "Elementor" Functionality
1 question

There are other highly recommended WordPress plugins that you can install onto WordPress. This will simply enhance your website presentation on the header, footer and side bar area.

Other Recommended Plugins

Quick recap on all the plugins to install before starting this course. Make sure to install and activate them!

Recap - List of Plugins to Install
+ Add Widgets at Sidebar and Footer
2 lectures 22:59

Furnish your website side area by adding widgets. With the recommended plugins installed, you can easily put in contents such as social feeds, videos, recent posts and etc.

Sidebar - Add Social Icons, Video, Recent Posts, etc.

Furnish your website footer area by adding widgets. With the recommended plugins installed, you can easily put in contents such as social sharing icons, video with button, testimonial and etc.

Footer - Add Image, Button, Map, Contact Us, etc.
+ Home Page Design with "Elementor"
10 lectures 01:33:44

First and most important section of all. A main header section that will create first impression, make it simple and attractive. And put in buttons for visitor to know more about you.

Teach you how to use elements / features:

  1. EA fancy text

  2. Heading

  3. Inner section

  4. Button

  5. Animated gradient background and particle

Main Header - First Impression
Quick Recap on "Elementor" Plugin
2 questions

Show you two (2) methods on adjusting or fine tuning web pages in desktop, tablet and mobile modes.

[Understand] Responsive Mode in "Elementor"

Put out your expertise or skill set onto this section to tell visitors what you do.

Elements / features used:

  1. Heading

  2. Text editor

  3. EA dual color heading

  4. Inner section

  5. Columns background colour and border hover effect

What I Do Section

A very powerful section that prompt call to action. An action to click and redirect visitor to other link (promotions).

  1. EA call to action

  2. Animated gradient background & particle

Call To Action Section - To Click

After finishing the first 3 sections of the home page. It is a great idea to quickly recap and optimize the page to be responsive in desktop, table and mobile mode [different screen size (pixel)]

Optimize First Half Home Page with Responsive Design
"Elementor" Design Responsive Mode
1 question

Create a presentation section that display your portfolio in background video, such as vlog, animations and etc. And also to preset the section to be "hidden" in mobile mode.

Teach you how to use elements / features:

  1. EA fancy text

  2. Button with animation

  3. Background video

  4. Elements / section / column responsive mode

Presentation Section

Create about us section that display personal profile with amazing effects. Some of the elements / features used:

  1. Inner section

  2. Premium person

About Us Section

Create a section that display all your post or article. The presentation comes with amazing illustration, hover style, animations and responsive with desktop, tablet and mobile screen size. Element used:

  1. EA post grid

Blogging Section

Create contact us section. This is to allow visitors to chat with you via Facebook Messenger. Elements used are:

  1. Image (Facebook Messenger Icon - you can download the icon at the "downloadable materials")

  2. Button

Call To Action Section - To Chat

Finalize and publish the home page. And set the page as home page of your website, visitors will able to view this page when entering the domain name (URL) of the website. Lastly, fine tune the page to perfection.

Preview 09:00
+ Professional Sub Page Design
11 lectures 02:01:54

Start a brand new sub page, and create main header section. Show you how to use "copy & paste" method to duplicate section in other page. Teach you how to present in different style, with extra elements / features:

  1. Premium dual heading

  2. EA fancy text

  3. Animated background  with shape divider

Main Header - "Dual Heading & Shape Divider"

At the main header section, showcase different expertise or skills in "Icon flip box styles". And also to optimize the showcase in "tablet" and "mobile" view mode. Elements used are:

  1. Inner section

  2. EAE flip box

Main Header - "Flip Box Style"

Start a brand new section with title, subtitle and "arrow" pointer. And this is the section to tell a story on your amazing journey or success. Using amazing "timeline" style to present your story with normal, hover and focused mode. Element used:

  1. EAE - timeline

How We Started Section - "Timeline Style"

Create a showcase section with different presentation style by using the image flip box. Element used:

  1. EAE flip box

Showcase "Image Flip Box"

Create a showcase section with tabs viewing option. Enable the element to be responsive with tablet and mobile mode (screen size). Element used:

  1. EA advanced tabs

Showcase "Advanced Tabs"

Create a showcase section with simple video presentation style by using the elements as follow:

  1. Inner section

  2. Video

And using a simple border line hover mode to present a simple "hover animation"

Showcase "Video"

Create an amazing background video with image accordion. A wonderful section to present your video portfolios. Elements / features used:

  1. Spacer

  2. Background video

  3. Background shape divider

  4. EA image accordion

Showcase "Background Video with Image Accordion"

Create "product offer" call-to-action section by starting with "countdown timer offer", title and subtitle. Elements used are:

  1. Menu anchor

  2. Heading

  3. Text editor

  4. Premium countdown

Product Offer "Countdown"

Create "product offer" call-to-action section with video "popup" feature (based on click). Element used:

  1. EA filterable gallery

Product Offer "Video Popup"
Create Video Popup
1 question

Create "product offer" call-to-action section with "chat with me" feature. Elements used are:

  1. Image (Images used in the tutorials can be accessed at the "downloadable materials")

  2. EA call to action

  3. Button

Product Offer "Call To Action with Image Hover"

Understand the navigation flow of the page. Put in anchor navigation (menu anchor) onto the "product offer" call-to-action section, know how to redirect visitors to the section and get sales.

Preview 08:25
Professional Sub Page
2 questions
+ Social Sub Page Design
10 lectures 01:35:08

Start a brand new sub page, and create main header section with a nice and soothing background video.  Teach you how to use "layout" settings on section or column to adjust and fine tune content arrangement and alignment in different responsive modes. Features / elements used are:

  1. Background video with fallback image, overlay & shape divider

  2. Title & text editor

Header: Advanced Section Layout with "Soothing Background Video"

Create header section that features an overall social introduction. In this section, features / elements used are:

  1. Inner section

  2. Counter

  3. Column background portrait with hover animation

  4. Social icons

This is a slightly complicated section with lots of columns and inner sections involved, hence will show you how to optimize overall presentation with "layout" settings.

Header: "Potrait" Hover Animation, Icons and "Counter" Numbers
Element Position & Alignment Part 1
1 question

Recreate header section to be highly responsive in different modes (tablet & mobile). Enable your website to be different in each  desktop, tablet and mobile mode with features:

  1. Inner section

  2. Responsive mode

  3. Layout settings

Header: Recreation With "Advanced" Responsive Modes

Create a "fit to screen" background video with fancy animated text located in the centre. Show you different methods to present and locate the text position in anywhere you want. Features/elements used:

  1. Background video with fallback image

  2. Layout settings

  3. EA fancy text

  4. Spacer

"Background Video" With Layout Setting & Fancy Text
Element Position & Alignment Part 2
1 question

Create a section that showcase YouTube videos (or other platform), with filterable, categories & load more option. This is a nice section to display amazing videos and allow visitors to watch the video easily. Element used:

  1. EA filterable gallery

YouTube - "Filterable Video Gallery"

Create a section that prompt visitors to click "Subscribe". Present this section properly with elements:

  1. EA call-to-action

  2. EA filterable gallery

Social Impression - "Call to Action"

If you have social network feeds to show, this is the tutorial! Showing how to display Instagram & Twitter feeds with recommended plugins:

  1. Instagram Feeds - Smash Balloon

  2. Custom Twitter Feeds - Smash Balloon

Instagram & Twitter "Feed"
Display Social Feeds
1 question

Create a simple google map that shows your location (shop/company/point of contact). And also to put in simple contact form that allow visitors to send inquiry to you.

  1. Google maps

  2. Contact form

In this tutorial, I also talk more about the insights on using signup form or Facebook messenger chat feature to retrieve visitors contacts. There's a reference link (in External Resources) for you to know more on generating lead with signup form.

Extra: Simple Map Location & Form

Create the final section, which is to ask visitors to follow you on social media. So I present you a very nice call-to-action dual button element:

  1. EAE - Dual Button

Follow Me With "Dual Buttons"

Finalize the navigation flow of the website by connecting the finished social sub page into the main menu and linked to the website home page.

Preview 06:25
+ Increase Page Lead Conversion and Sales
5 lectures 45:47

Quick introduction on Zotabox plugin (free version) as a great monetizing tool to increase conversion, which means getting sales and create good impressions.

In the same tutorial, teach you how to create an "Easy Popup", which is a great feature to prompt call to action (redirection to landing or squeeze page)!

Introduction & "Easy Popup"

Create a promotion header or bar and display onto your website, very suitable for e-commerce website. Especially you have a great deal or coupon to offer.

"Promo Header"

Create great monetizing features such as notification box, slider and slide box. Each of them serves an unique purpose that will help you create sales and get followers (social media). And show you how they look like with all these features embedded onto selected live web page (URL).

"Notification Box", "Slider" & "Slide Box"

Create other features such as promotion box and easy banner. Simply recap each monetizing feature and it's served purpose. And also to check whether each feature can be displayed under mobile screen size (320 x 480 px)

"Promo Box" & "Easy Banner" and Recap
Understand each monetizing feature functionality
2 questions

Improve your website communication by creating flexible contact form inside selected web page. And to have a live preview in mobile screen size (320 x 480 px).

Last but not least, to test out the contract form to check whether submitted information can be captured without email marketing integration.

"Flexible Contact Form" and Finalize Website Efficacy
+ Export & Import Template with Elementor
1 lecture 09:33

Learn one of the greatest features provided by Elementor Plugin, which is to export and import page templates among different website (WordPress). Allow you to reuse the template's built-in design onto another website without having to start from scratch.

And you will also able to download the Course Page Templates that I've designed throughout the course:

  1. Home Page

  2. Professional Sub Page

  3. Social Sub Page

Course page template files (json format) will be available at the "downloadable materials" section!

Once you've downloaded the page templates, please follow my instructions (as explained in this tutorial) to import and use them directly onto your website. Just change the contents (or images) and your website is ready to go

Preview 09:33
+ [BOOSTER] Create Another Home Page: More Design Skills & Free Template
7 lectures 01:19:09

Learn how to customize background particle effects and animations with add-on plugin "Essential Addons for Elementor"

Customize EAE Particle Background Design

Use two (2) new elements which are:

  1. EA Creative Button

  2. Premium Image Separator

to furnish web page main header. Watch the video as I will explain to you how to use these elements to enhance your website presentation!

Moreover, I will provide you guys some GIF icons so you can display them as image separator. Plus, you will be able to download the responsive page template ( which I use it in this tutorial ) that has these elements and other fancy stuff! Free downloads will be available at the "downloadable materials".

Create Main Header with EA Creative Button & Premium Image Separator

A very nice section to have it onto your website, consists of header, description and divider, and a very nice video image located in between columns. A nice effect and illustration that make your website looks professional! Elements used:

  1. Header

  2. Text Editor

  3. Divider

  4. Video

Create A Very Cool Section - Image / Video in Between Columns

Learn other method and trick to build a blog / article / work / product list section with elements such as:

  1. EA Post Grid

  2. Image Box

Preview 07:55

Q & A section is a very important section to have it onto home page or other web pages like sales page & landing page. I will show you how to exhibit this little yet significant section with new element:

  1. EA Advanced Accordion

Create Q & A Section

Create an advanced and detailed contact form that help you to get as many information as possible from visitors. The Elementor Plugin & Add-On Plugins have perfect integration with the Another Plugin "Contact Form 7", so you can easily insert the contact form and customize it based on alignment, spacing, colour presentation and typography.

Create Advanced Contact Form

After showing you all the relevant tutorials on building this particular brand new home page, I'm giving out this home page to you as Elementor template. Download, import, modify the page template, and published onto your website in just minutes!

Preview 06:58