How we diversified into real-estate for our retirement
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Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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How we diversified into real-estate for our retirement

Find out if you have what it takes to become a single-family home landlord. Review and adjust your retirement outlook.
4.0 (6 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
355 students enrolled
Created by Markus Mueller
Last updated 8/2016
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What you'll learn
  • Improve your diversification strategy for your retirement with real-estate.
  • Know if investing into single-family-homes is for you or not.
  • Understand the mindset of a real-estate investor.
  • Choose the right team members for your real-estate business.
  • All you need is an interest to find out if investing in real-estate is for you and a smart phone with internet connection.

This is a global course about diversification into real-estate for your retirement.

  • Are you concerned about the performance of your retirement account?
  • Do you have what it takes to become a landlord?
  • Do you like to understand how to invest in single-family-homes?

You found the right course if you answered yes, to any of the questions above.

This course has four parts and can be done within just one hour.

First, we will review what is so special about real-estate and why it is still one of the best ways to invest in any country. We will then discuss how we changed our mindset and how we overcame the fears that keep many of our friends and colleagues from directly investing in real estate. In the third section, we will discuss that investing in real-estate is a business and should be treated as such, and finally, we will briefly touch on how to buy and operate a rental property while still working full-time.

This is a course related to personal finance and will help you to understand why most wealth has been made or is held in real-estate.

Who this course is for:
  • This course is perfect for anyone concerned about the performance of their retirement account and who is actively looking for an alternative investment that works. The content is also applicable for most countries.
  • This "mindset course" will only touch on how to purchase and operate an income property. Details about both topics will be covered in other courses.
Course content
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+ Why real-estate is one of the best investments options for your retirement
9 lectures 22:40

Overview of the course "How we successfully diversified into real-estate for our retirement."

  1. What is so special about real-estate?
  2. How we changed our mindset
  3. Investing in real-estate is a business
  4. How to buy and operate a single-family home as a rental property?
  • Find out if you have what it takes to become a landlord
  • All you need is a smart phone or computer with internet connection
  • Course speaks to an international audience

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Disclaimer. In this course, I’m pointing out how I used existing tax laws and other regulations for my personal investments.

Please contact your own attorney and CPA before you make any investments decisions!


Advantages of investing into real-estate.

Real-estate never loses its intrinsic value, is easy to understand, and  moves much slower compared to other investments. 

It is part of the five basic human survival needs which is the reason that most governments will support your real-estate investment with tax breaks.

Why Real-Estate?

ROI stands for "Return on Investment" . Calculation of ROI = (Net Profit / Cost of Investment) x 100 

Learn how my landlord made about 14.3% ROI every year without much effort. This is a great example how powerful investing in real-estate really is.

How my landlord achieved at least a 14.3% ROI

Term "accredited investor" explained. Learn the definition from the website of the US. Securities and Exchange commission ( and what it means for you as an investors.

Keep in mind that you can invest in many real-estate deals without being a accredited investor.

Accredited Investor and private placement groups

How does real-estate compares with bonds, stocks, mutual funds, options, futures, precious metals (like gold, silver, platinum), and oil and gas?

Find a comparison of one of our retirement accounts based on mutual funds with five of our single-family homes.

Besides a better ROI (Return on Investment) we have total control over our real-estate investments!

How does Real-Estate Compares with Other Investments?

What does "The PI-Group" stand for? (Pristine Investments). Do you like the topic of investing into real-estate and you want to get significant discounts for other courses? Just become a PI-Group member. You  qualify if you:

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Top 5 students will be chosen based on your level of PI-Group support each month (quality and quantity).

What does PI-Group stand for?

Learn the most common ways to invest in real-estate:

  • Investing alone (or with your spouse) into single-family homes or other types of real-estate
  • Investing with a partner (use a detailed operating agreement with your attorney)
  • REITs (it is pronounced 'Reed')
  • - REIT from TIAA-CREF's (QREARX)
  • - Private Investment Group (must be an accredited investor)

Ways to Invest into Real-Estate

Passive income strategy of a serious real-estate investor compared with the standard top-down strategy of your typical financial advisor (mutual-fund based retirement account).

Passive Income Based on Real-Estate
The importance of real-estate
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The easiest way to invest into real-estate.
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+ The mindset of a real-estate investor
5 lectures 11:40

Overview of the mindset section. These lessons will help you find out if investing into real-estate is for you or not.

The Mindset Overview

Test your mindset. 

  1. Will you operate a property that you already own (inherited or older house that you move out of)?
  2. Will you go through the first 90% of effort to find a good rental property?

It is all about the numbers. Is that you?

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Did you know that the landlord business comes with a bad reputation in the US? Learn about my observations over the last years with highly educated business professionals that do not want to invest into real-estate.

I observed that most successful real-estate investors have cultural roots in certain countries.

The Reputation

Investing in real-estate appears to be fairly complex. Learn how your team will support you all the way.

Investing in real-estate is very doable, even with a full time job!

How difficult is it to invest in real-estate?

My average performing group of five houses easily outperformed our mutual fund.

Listen to my story how I learned my lesson after we lost $40,000 on a house that I did not research properly. I compare this loss with the gains of all my other houses and explain how I did not pay any capital gain taxes by using a 1031 tax deferred exchange strategy.

Is it really worth it?
Your Mindset
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Your reputation
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+ Investing in Real-Estate is a Business
8 lectures 14:39

Overview of the business side. There are two main aspects.

  • - The operational side of each individual rental property
  • - The business side of your entire real-estate portfolio
Investing in Real-Estate is a Business

Learn how important it is to put all titles of your rental properties into your real-estate investment entity.

  • - Asset protection!!!
  • - Will avoid "piercing the corporate veil"!
  • - Entity can survive all owners... and more
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In the US, there are three ways:

  1. Do it yourself
  2. Online
  3. Attorney

I briefly discuss which kind of entity I use and in which states I filed them. I give some tips what you should do first and how to deal with the tax side.

How to Establish an Entity

Do not commingle funds! 

Use a business checking account. Learn what to do first and which banks to use. I close with tips about online research.

Open a Separate Business Checking Account

How to find a good CPA and Bookkeeper. Basics about what to ask them during the interview.

CPA and Bookkeeper

A good realtor is worth his weight in gold. He will be able to explain all signing documents and is very well connected in the community. Learn how expensive a good realtor is.

The Realtor

I talk about the difference between a recommended mortgage broker and someone you find online. Tips about which lending product is best, how they work, and how to keep an eye on your tax return to get a loan.

The Mortgage Broker

Meet the champion of your team (after closing). Get a good understanding of what you will need to do:

  • - without a property manager
  • - with a property manager

Learn some more key advantages of working with a property manager.

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Advantages of setting up an entity
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The impact of a good realtor
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+ What do you need to buy and to operate a rental property?
4 lectures 05:05

Overview of the last section. Buying and operating a new rental-property.

What do you need to buy and to operate a rental property?

Basics of the PI-Hourglass.

  • - Loan
  • - Location
  • - PI-Filter
  • - Offers
  • - Closing 

Learn where you can find more details about the PI-Filter.

What are the steps to buy a Rental Property?

How much will a property manager cost? Tips about what you should do if you rent out to a friend

How to Operate a Rental Property?


Please let me know what you liked and what could be improved by leaving a review with a few remarks. Remember that if you become a PI-Group member you can save big on the next course. You also can get it free if you become one of my Top 5 students.

The PI-Hourglass
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