Guaranteed, Discover Your Natural Talents & Best Job Titles
3.3 (7 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Guaranteed, Discover Your Natural Talents & Best Job Titles

Discover how to find job titles that match your Natural Talents, Gifts and Abilities so you can finally enjoy working.
3.3 (7 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
2,062 students enrolled
Created by David Reynolds
Last updated 7/2017
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What you'll learn
  • To express with confidence your Natural Talents and Abilities
  • Have confidence when expressing your Abilities without sounding like you're bragging or making something up.
  • Use your newly discovered descriptions about yourself on Applications, in Interviews, and fine-tune your Speeches.
  • Participation is Required. This is not just a listen and learn class. If you don't have 1-3 weeks to just listen to yourself and take notes from ideas that come to you, you're probably too busy to benefit from this class for now.
  • You'll need to understand a Talent is not a Skill. We will be searching for your interests that come Naturally, not skills learned in a class or thru teaching.
  • If you have Microsoft Excel for Windows, or something that can run that, I offer a tool I created as a Bonus with this course. This is NOT A REQUIREMENT, but only helps speed up your process once you have developed a list near the end of the teaching.

You Have Probably Been Asking At Least One Of The Following Questions:

  • What are my Talents?
  • How do I discover my Gifts and Abilities?
  • Do I even have any Talents or Gifts?
  • What is the process of discovering my Talents?

I have good news for you!

No Tests, No Quiz's, You Can't Fail.

It's customized around you, not forcing You to fit into a mold.

It's based on your input, not preset categories.

Won't try to put a label on you, or fit you into a box.

You're not too old to finally learn them, and everyone has a Talent, so let's discover yours.

How many people go to college and don't select a major because they don't have focus, they're still wondering. That's 2 years of wandering thru life, spending lots of money because they tell you to not focus yet, (just spend thousands of dollars here for 2 years) until you know what you know what you want to do.

In life, you have already applied your Talents and Abilities whether you know it or not. But can you put your talent into words? Can you describe what you are best at in 1-2 sentences, instantly, right now? If not, you are probably still guessing at what your Natural Talents are.

If you can confidently describe what your Natural Talents are without stumbling or guessing, then this method is not for you. But if you've wondered what your Natural Gifts are, then keep reading.

This method is designed to help you discover your Natural Talents and Abilities, 'Put them into Words' so that you can go forward with focus to apply your gifts in your career and life. Not just to know what they are, but to open doors and also help others with your Natural Talents and Gifts.

As You are doing this, You will become an Artist, a Sculptor you will be painting, sculpting, forming the Real You. The image will not be blurry like its been in the past, You will 'Finally' know, and be able to put Your Own Label on What Your Talent is. I Guarantee it!

I was tired of searching for what my purpose was, tired of going in circles, what I should focus on. I had many abilities, but where should I direct my energy. If I could find what I was meant to do, what role I could be the best at, then I could build on that instead of only searching for it, starting something only to get distracted when the next shiny object, or the next latest sales pitch caught my emotional buying trigger.

I wanted to be able to repeat this process if needed, and I hate coming up with an answer, and not be able to prove it. So if I lay a foundation that is solid, and present it in simple, baby-steps so that anyone can follow it and get quality results, then I've done well. And that's what I found out after going through this long, time consuming process, was develop a method that's repeatable, reliable, and easy.

I was so happy with the results on what I discovered about my Natural Talents, that I wanted to make it available so that anyone could learn their Natural Talents and Gifts. It worked for me, so I made this step-by-step process that you can follow and Discover Your Natural Talents, Gifts, and Abilities also.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who is still wondering 'What is my purpose in life?'
  • Anyone asking 'How to discover my talent'
  • If you're wondering if you even have a Talent or Purpose
  • You probably won't benefit from this course if you already know what you're best at and are already doing it.
Course content
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+ You Have 10 Seconds To Describe Your Natural Gifts and Talents, Go For It!
4 lectures 18:38

The two work hand in hand. Without knowing what your most Natural Talents are, you're going to be guessing at finding a job that you'll enjoy day after day.

Preview 02:05

From start to end, here is what you will be doing, no spectators, participation is required, and worth every minute.

Preview 05:57
What helps you determine if the course is for you?
Preview 01:35

You need to be prepared to give your best 10 second description of what your Natural Talents and Gifts are instantly. Can you do it Right Now without saying "uh", "you know", looking around trying to find the right words?

Preview 09:01
+ Finding The Right Clues To Form The Best Solution Is Worth The Time Spent.
3 lectures 09:50

Rushing through this process and collecting the wrong clues will send you on the wrong path of discovery. Focus on what your Real Talents are, not what your current job is, or training. Talent isn't taught, its inside you. Let's discover it by looking for the Right clues.

Preview 03:31

Sometimes its hard to tell when your Natural Talents, Abilities and Gifts are in action. Here are some examples that might help.

Preview 02:11

A child's puzzle only has a few pieces, adult's puzzle's can contain several hundred. The information about yourself that you're collecting now will form a puzzle and picture of You. The more you collect, the stronger and more accurate your description will be. How long have you been searching for focus in life? A little more time here collecting information about yourself will put all the guess work to an end.

Preview 04:08

Depends on who you're going to be speaking to.

How Much Information Do I Have To Collect?
2 questions
+ You Have To Express 'Why' Your Talents Are Beneficial, Not Just You're Abilities
2 lectures 02:49

Including 'Why' you're good at something is as important if not more, than as 'What' you did. There are several way to solve a goal. You can learn additional way to describe your Talents by focusing on 'Why' you do something.

Preview 02:13

Quizzes are to make you think, to make sure you stay awake in class, and analyze how you are progressing. So, are you progressing? Consider the following questions.

Pop Quiz Time

Other than leaving a question on the face of who you're talking to, you need to complete the sentence.

Why Its Important To Have A 'Why' With Your 'What'.
1 question
+ Don't Rush This Step, Collect As Much As Possible About Your Interests.
3 lectures 08:00

Don't rush this step. It's critical to have enough descriptions that describe things that you do and enjoy. You need to have around 30-50 different pieces to have the best success at this. Pieces will include 1 word, 2 words, phrases, complete sentences.... anything will help right now. We can discard later what won't fit, but for right now, just collect things that seem related to what you enjoy doing.

Collecting All The Pieces Of The Puzzle Together To Form The Right Picture

Forming a Template using your own words so your descriptions will sound natural.

Forming A Template To Create Your Best Instant Elevator Speech

Without some form of a guide, you may end up including a lot of 'uh', 'you know', and looking around for a better description of yourself, and sounding phony.

Why Form A Template For My Description, I Know How To Talk?
2 questions

For the purposes of this class, its important to group common sentence structures together so that your final sentences will have a Natural flow.

How To Tell The Difference Between A 'What', 'How', and 'Why' grouping.
+ Creating A New Image Of Yourself That You Couldn't Describe Before.
2 lectures 11:10

Sentences are just groups of thoughts and ideas. Now we'll start grouping your pieces together with other related terms so that you can form stronger sentences that describe you best.

Using Your Template To Organize Word Fragments Into Usable Groups.

Forming your own customized, strongest elevator speeches by picking and choosing the most related, natural descriptions from your own words. Practicing your speeches will strengthen your ability to instantly express your gifts.

Forming And Molding Your Own Words Into Your Best Elevator Speeches
+ Getting More Results In Less Time. Introduction To My Talent Combiner Tool.
5 lectures 15:23

If your Excel Button will not work, you may need to turn on your Excel Macros. Follow the instructions here to Enable them.

Enabling Your Worksheet For Macros

Turbo charge your efforts when combining your descriptions, learn the basics of my free excel tool.

How The Natural Talent Combiner Tool Compares With The Manual Way.

This tool will save you time, confusion, and ommissions. If you've done your homework, you should have a fairly large supply of descriptions you need to combine. This will work over, and over, you can make minor or major changes to your entries, and run again.

The Power And Advantage Of Using My Excel Tool

Why leave any Talent combinations missed? Using this tool is fast, complete, and fun.

Learn How To Combine Your Natural Talents Faster and Find Every Combination.
Final Exam Time
+ Finding The Job or Career That Matches Your Talents and Abilities
5 lectures 46:09

Your own words will help you find the right job.

Starting Your Job Search Using Your Own Words

Learn How To Search and Collecting Jobs In The Right Category

Now You Can Find Jobs You Never Knew Existed, These Are The Best Matches.

By organizing your results into common groups, you wont overlook the obvious.

Organizing The Results Into A Easy Find Process

You've now gotten closer than ever before, now you can focus on what category of that group matches you even closer. You've come a long way to get here. You would never have gotten this close unless you had taken time to dig within. Now you can relax knowing you reached a level many never will get to.

Finding The Job Title Match, and Looking Within That Focus

Was this course beneficial to you?

Factors In Reviewing a Course
+ Download and Tips Area
3 lectures 17:10
Download Your Talent Tool Combiner Here

Too little info, Too much, what will you do now? I've upgraded the free tool to crunch more data now. Tips to show even more ways the tool can be used.

Bonus #1: Student Examples & Tips

If you don't have the time to Do It Yourself, consider this, a Done For You option.

Bonus To Make This Easier