Discover Your Life Purpose NOW

The 7-Step Guide to Fully Activate Your Potential and Live a More Meaningful Life
Get clarity around your Life Purpose
Know how to build a unique future vision aligned with your deepest beliefs.
Find what you are naturally good at
Make decisions in alignment with your inner core.
Learn what makes you tick and thrive
Get your drive and energy back in daily life
Understanding your unique contribution to the world.
Confidently take the first steps to build your legacy


  • An Open Mind and Commitment


This course will guide you through a simple and straightforward 7-step self-discovery guide that enables you to get from being stuck to living your purpose and live a more meaningful life. By following the simple steps in this course you will instantly find drive, energy and enrichment back into daily life.

This course will guide you through:

· Simple Self-Discovery Techniques

· Powerful Decision-making tools to live out your unique purpose

· Roadmap to Enriched Living

· Actions & Practical exercises

· Workbook for Self-Reflection

This is an easy to follow curriculum with 3 to 7 minute videos for bite-sized knowledge that you can choose to watch at your own pace and time.

What’s in it for you

Once you have finished the course, you will have all the tools and insights you need to start living out what truly matters to you. As a result, you will finally experience what it is to be fully aligned with yourself and take the first steps to build your legacy. I invite you to step into the great feeling that comes when doing that: getting back tons of energy, waking up with a smile on your face, doing new things and building a legacy that you are proud of. Every. Single. Day.

Who this course is for:

  • You are looking to find your purpose
  • You know there is more potential in you than you are currently using
  • Knowing this is nagging you.
  • You have always dreamt about something that’s bigger than you.
  • You don't know where to start
  • You want to go from feeling stuck to get more meaning and enrichment in your life.

Course content

8 sections11 lectures42m total length
  • Introduction to Discover Your Life Purpose NOW


Personal Leadership Expert | Mentor for Building Your Legacy
Jochem Doolaard
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Hi, I’m Jochem Doolaard. As a personal leadership expert, I guide purpose-driven professionals and entrepreneurs to get from being stuck in the hamster wheel to live out what truly matters to them.

After working in corporate for 8 years, I made the transition from being stuck in the hamster wheel to living my purpose as an entrepreneur, working with ambitious people who want to make the same shift like I did.

I believe it is important to dare to live your purpose and express your talents, because I know that doing so will get you tons of energy, you wake up with a smile on your face, you do new things and you build a legacy that you are proud of, and I invite you to step into that greatness. Every. Single. Day.

During my mentoring, masterminds and networking events I focus on connecting purpose-driven professionals and entrepreneurs, to inspire each other, exchange ideas, co-create and build value together.

Want to know more about living out your true potential? Follow me on the Dreambuildrs podcast. In every episode, we feature inspiring purpose-driven professionals who share their transformational stories about building their legacy.

Apart from listening to the podcast, you’re warmly invited to connect with me on LinkedIn or Facebook.

Talk soon!