Discipling The World - Practical Christian Discipleship

Heal The Sick , Share Jesus Christ , Church Growth with Bible Scriptures from Book of ACTS
Rating: 4.6 out of 5 (41 ratings)
2,120 students
Discipling The World - Practical Christian Discipleship
Rating: 4.6 out of 5 (41 ratings)
2,120 students
Better Understanding of The Bible
Get Equipped With Practical Examples How Servants of God Can Heal Others
Grow Christian Faith
Apply Simple Practical Examples To Make Disciples


  • Open Mind To Learn
  • No Experience or Bible Knowledge Needed Just A Heart To Learn

Need Help To Make Disciples In Your Church?

Love Jesus But Wish You Can Do More For Jesus?

Hi, my name is Alvin Phang and I am here to help you be equip and trained with practical examples and biblical teachings from the Bible to help you grow your walk as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Who this course is for:
  • Christians
  • Pastors & Leaders
  • Evangelists
  • Anyone Who Loves Jesus Christ
  • Anyone Who Want To Know Who God is
Course content
3 sections • 6 lectures • 2h 34m total length
  • Luke 10 - Reaping The Harvest
  • Healing The Sick - Practical & Bible Lesson
  • The Gospel - Understand The Full Gospel from The Bible
  • Sharing Gospel Example With Cups and Water
  • Bonus - More Content @ GatherFaith.com

Business Coach & Evangelist For Jesus Christ
Alvin Phang
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About Alvin Phang:

Passionate for Jesus Christ since 2011, Alvin hold a degree in Theology from ACTS Bible School in Singapore ( AGBC ) and has a passion to help people find God's will in their life.

He currently has over 6000+ Followers On Twitter , 20,000+ Readers On His Blog & 4500 followers on Facebook, He has been training thousands of people all around the world on how to run their own online business and coaching them since 2006.

He had ran various successful kinds of online business and taught thousands of students all around the world. 

Students whom had learn from Alvin had gathered more than $300,000 in revenue just from learning from one of his courses.

He owns a active blog call GatherSuccess which has more than 22,000 readers coaching people all around the world just like you about how to be successful in life.