Disappear Stress Forever as easily as possible

Why handle stress when you can disappear it forever with such simplicity
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A simple inner method of disappearing stress
A helpful way of looking at stress and any negative feelings that arise
Examples of the method in action
Some ideas for practicing the method
General mindfulness insights


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A thorough introduction to an inner method of transcending stress and absolutely any feelings that are unwanted. This course will take students through transformative insights and new ways of looking at the way any feeling is handled. Just by listening to the material, inner changes will occur and new options in handling stress will become available. For the best results, an open mind and an objective "I'll try it and see for myself" approach are recommended. This method is one I use and continue to use to disappear any feeling that arises. It is actually a radically different way of being in the world than we are taught or accustomed too. Simple and highly effective. Try it for yourself and see. The course is free.

Who this course is for:

  • Workers wanting a quick and easy way to deal with stress
  • Parents that want to be clear headed and stress-free
  • Students that never want to get stressed again

Course content

15 sections15 lectures1h 55m total length
  • Introduction


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Nick Shibanov
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I am drawn to reminding people that constant joy is possible. That the greatest barrier to overcome is the belief "I can't". The perception of constant happiness as an impossibility is the greatest barrier. Belief can be a barrier to constant joy or it can act as a catalyst. One can be in a state of paradigm protection or paradigm expansion. A growth mindset or a stagnant mindset. For those who have come to be interested in matters of personal growth, transformation, and realisation, I offer my service of subconscious belief change to demonstrate how fast change can be. I make courses, podcasts, and youtube videos to share what I have learnt through my own experiences. The valuable gems of joy that alleviate suffering.