Digital Marketing Using Social Media, SEO and Google AdWords
4.6 (44 ratings)
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Digital Marketing Using Social Media, SEO and Google AdWords

Learn digital marketing including SEO, Facebook marketing, Google Adwords PPC advertising, and social media strategies
4.6 (44 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
1,676 students enrolled
Created by Dan Grijzenhout
Last updated 1/2018
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What you'll learn
  • Students will learn a number of strategies for getting found online including SEO, pay per click advertising, and posting to social media sites.
  • A desire to learn how to market your business on the Internet is the only course prerequisite.

The Internet is huge and trying to stand out among millions upon millions of advertisements to get yourself or your business found is a daunting task. You can't possibly figure out every way available on the Internet today to reach people and get them thinking about you, your website, your business and your products and services. But there are certain places you start. You start with the giants who have built incredible Internet assets geared specifically to helping you get found.  These are places everyone goes to that uses a computer, a phone, a tablet or other digital device. You go to Google - the largest search engine in the world.  You go to YouTube - the second largest search engine in the world and a home for most of the world's Internet published videos. You go to Amazon to advertise your products and most importantly as an advertiser, your books and e-books.  And you go to the most successful social media and social gathering sites out there starting with Facebook and followed by Instagram (owned by Facebook), LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and others. 

These sites will help you get found out there by many if you know how to use the tools they have created for you to use to get found. With Google, that means Google Search, Google AdWords Search Engine Marketing, My Google, Google Plus, Google Play and YouTube; with Amazon, it means KDP Select, Kindle, Create Space and Good Reads; With Facebook, it means Facebook Business Pages and Instagram; and these are followed by the other prominent social and people connection sites.  These are the giants and here is where this course starts.

I will teach you in this course how to use the tools, applications and services of these giants to help you get found online by people you want to have find you. People that may be inclined to buy what you are selling if they knew you were there. So if this is your objective, then step into this course and let me teach you from all that I have learned over many years of working and learning on the Internet and helping many businesses and corporations found as a professional consultant. I want to share what I have learned with you and I want to see you succeed in growing your business online.  

I look forward to seeing you in this course.

Best wishes, 

Dan Grijzenhout - Course Creator

Who this course is for:
  • Target students include business owners, digital marketers, online advertisers, authors, consultants and entrepreneurs in general.
Course content
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+ Course Overview and the World of Digital Marketing Today
4 lectures 22:37

The Internet is huge and trying to stand out among millions upon millions of advertisements to get yourself or your business found is a daunting task. You can't possibly figure out every way available on the Internet today to reach people and get them thinking about you, your website, your business and your products and services. But there are certain places you start. That is what this course is about. to help you get found on the Internet - both by organic means and pay per click means with the objective of growing your presence and/or business successfully online.

Preview 03:34

In recent times, a number of large companies that were advertising on YouTube pulled away from Google and many content creators who had monetized their videos were hurt revenue-wise as a result. This was just one incident of several in recent times that have occurred that has let the entire digital marketing industry become more aware than ever that they need to provide quality advertising locations for ad placements when they provide services. This video lecture discusses this in greater detail and paints the picture for what the future of digital marketing for clients will look like.

Preview 04:45

We as online marketers have a responsibility to present statistics correctly, as they were intended without mis-representing statistical information to those we are trying to market to - whether intentionally or accidentally.  This lecture discusses this in more depth using some recent examples to make the point. Worth a look...

Preview 07:41

We all sell.  You do it, I do it, we all do it. In today's world we are inundated with people and companies selling to us on a daily basis. So as a marketer, how do you cut through the sheer volume of marketing content that people receive to actually build relationships and ultimately sales?  Watch this video for some insights into this common issue today.

The Reality of Online Marketing Today
14 lectures 01:23:30

The information provided is as close to "mandatory" to get done as it is possible to be if you want to organically get to the first page of the Google search engine for keyword phrases you have selected and made important for others to be able to find your site.  So go through this section and implement what you learn.  Best wishes, - Dan

The Best SEO Tips Introduction

In January, 2017, Google announced several major new requirements for websites to be allowed to be found organically through the Google search engine.  This video lecture discusses those new organic search webpage/website qualifying requirements.  If you don't meet these requirements, you will not be able to be found organically through them.

Preview 07:07

As we are starting off this course with a discussion on the Google Quality Score and its impacts on SEM and how good site SEO plays a part in securing a high Quality Score, I've included this lecture to give the student some strategies they can employ to help their websites improve their scores.

The Art of Search Engine Optimization

This lecture provides a checklist of ideas to pursue to increase the organic traffic to your website.

A Checklist for Getting Organic Traffic

This lecture discusses the volumes of responses that search engine queries generate within Google and steps you need to take to keep improving your site SEO so you can get closer and closer to coveted first page rankings.

SEO and Internet Search Volumes

There is a strategy that many organizations use to strengthen their website presence in the eyes of the Google Search Engine.  This lecture describes what they do and how it works to improve your SEO rankings over time. Be sure not to miss this lecture.

Strengthening Internal Website Links - Hub an Spoke Methodology

This lecture was put into this course to raise your awareness as to how search engines are seeing you and judging your site.  It discusses how you you can become aware of issues on your site and, more specifically, what needs to be fixed on your site so it passes inspection with the search engine - it becomes "Righteous" in their eyes...

Getting You Website Righteous With Google Search

This lecture shows the viewer step by step how to create a video sitemap for submission to the Google Search Engine.

Creating Video Sitemaps for Enhanced Google Organic Searches

Many these days are doing keyword research and analysis in the hopes of ranking better organically on the Google and other search engines.  But are you implementing the results of your research correctly?  many are not.  This lecture tells you what many are doing wrong and it describes step by step what you need to do to implement the results of your keyword analysis in the right ways.

Keyword Searching and Google SEO - Are You Implementing This Correctly?

As in the above lecture, this lecture shows you how to get your webpages registered-indexed into the Bing-Yahoo search engine.

Yahoo-Bing Sitemap Webpage Indexing

The baseline webpage registration - indexing work is now behind you.  This lecture completes the technical work you need to do to get your website ranking work within search engines.  It discusses in detail, how to build your webpages in such a way so they will rank well by the "spiders/crawlers" sent out by the search engine entities once you requested that your pages be "Crawled".  Do not miss viewing this lecture!  Your work above will not do you much good if you neglect to do this work as well.  Get it done and you can make money organically.  Don't get it done, and you won't - it's as simple as that.

Get Found Organically - Spiders, Crawlers and Indexing

This lecture lists a number of good analytical/statistical sites that will help to give you a good idea of how often, where, when and how your online assets are being viewed and explored by information searchers. 

Using Analytics for SEO

This lecture describes how Internet top performers go about selecting business niches - plural - and how they built multiple income streams from this work. SEO plays some key parts in this - so be sure to view this video.

Finding Your Website Niche and Chasing SEO

There are two ways to get your website found on the Internet.  The first is where you spend money to try get people to look at your site in the hopes of getting them to purchase from you.  The second is to let people know how to reach you when they are already out there searching so they can purchase the types of things you sell.  if they find you in the second scenario, there is a good chance they will buy from you.  Which type of people do you want to see on your site the most - those that are looking for you already or those that you try to entice to your site through promotions and gifts?

Why It is Important to Optimize Your Website for SEO
+ Professionally Using Google AdWords for Pay Per Click Marketing
15 lectures 01:23:41

This lecture provides an introduction to the Google AdWords application. It describes how the application works in overview and the value it has to advertisers and business owners trying to grow their ventures online.

Preview 04:25

This Glossary of Terms will provide the student with an improved understanding of what terms mean as they run across them when using Google AdWords. I've put some effort in describing these terms to levels that can help the new Google AdWords user both understand and use the related features and tools they will find within this application suite.

Google AdWords Terminology - Glossary of Key Terms

This video lecture walks the student through the various menus found within the Google AdWords product suite and it provides a number of insights on how to navigate through these menu options to get maximum value out of the product.

Google AdWords - Access, Menus, and Navigation

One of the key components to minimizing your paid advertising costs per ad and to improving the placements of your ads within Google search engine results is a composite weighting factor of your website's "Quality Score" as viewed in the eyes of Google.  It definitely takes some SEO work on the website owner's part to show a good Quality Score to Google.  This video lecture explains this in more detail.

Why is Google SEO a Necessary Component of Google SEM

This video lecture is the heart and soul of learning how to make optimized targeted ads that place well within the Google search engine, how to achieve greater conversion percentages and how to improve placement when search engine results pages are rendered.  This is definitely a "Must View" lecture in this series.

Google AdWords - Quality Scores, Ad Rankings and Placements

Want to get even more out of Google AdWords? Here are some applications - some owned by Google and some not - that you can link Google AdWords to so as to share information between applications.

Google AdWords Linked Accounts

Probably the greatest innovation built into the entire Google AdWords suite of advertising features.  If you are advertising online through Google AdWords, you absolutely have to be using these to stand out above the crowd when search results are rendered and at the same time, be able to keep your advertising costs to a minimum.  You have got to watch this one!

Google Ad Extensions - Improving Your AdWords PPC Results

This video lecture instructs the student on how to setup new campaigns within the Google AdWords system.

Setting Up Google AdWords Campaigns

Google Ad Groups are setup underneath Campaigns. This lecture shows you how to set them up and how to select keywords and keyword phrases for inclusion within Ad Groups to be usable for all ads published within these groups.

Setting Up Google AdWords Ad Groups

This lecture instructs on the steps required to create a Google AdWords ad. It walks you through the types of ads you can create and through a step by step example of actually setting up an ad within an Ad Group within a Campaign.

Create Google AdWords Ads

Use negative keywords in your created advertisements to lower your advertising costs while still targeting the viewers you want to.  Use these to weed out people who you would spend money advertising to that you know are very unlikely to purchase something from you.  using them will save you money and improve your CTR and conversion rates.

Using Negative Keywords to Tighten Targeting

This video lecture walks the student though the steps of creating video advertisements starting from published YouTube videos and ending up in Google AdWords to be processed and activated.

Creating Video Ad Promotions Within Google AdWords

This tool is critical in designing good advertisements and keywords so your ads can be found by online searchers.  Many use the front part of this tool to get ideas but go no farther than that and they miss out on a lot of benefit as a result. This lecture teaches you how to use this tool properly and completely so that your ads will place well against the competition.

Using The Keyword Planner and Forecasting Tool

This is the right spot for you to see how your current running ad is performing, whether or not you have built you new ad so that it will appear on page one of a search and lastly, its a great place to get intelligence on those advertisers you will be competing against.  Be sure to watch this video to learn how you can use this tool for competitive advantage - especially, as some competitors may be using this tool to compete better against you!

Google AdWords - Previews and Diagnostics Tool

Use this instruction video with the Assignment created at the end of this section.

Google AdWords Sitelink Assignment Instructions
For this assignment, I'd like you to create your Google AdWords account and at an account level, create at least four sitelink ad extensions. These sitelink ad extensions should target different quality landing pages on your website that align well with the textual content in the ads you create.
Create Google AdWords Sitelink Extensions
3 questions
+ Unleash the Organic Power of Facebook - Business Marketing Strategies
9 lectures 38:14

This video lecture summarizes the tips studied throughout this course.  It overviews the useful online marketing strategies and tips learned to help the student keep in mind the lessons learned so they can use Facebook  effectively to improve sales and traffic to their websites through the use of the provided features and capabilities. These tips will help the student to build more traffic and build greater brand awareness to their business.

Online Marketing - Leveraging the Organic Power of Facebook

Walks you through the steps in creating a business page on Facebook and discusses some strategies to setting them up.

Setting Up Your Facebook Business Page

Walks the student through setting up the Notes, Services and Shop tabs on a Facebook page.

Setting Up Your Facebook Tabs

Although not mandatory to setup, this one is a good idea for most businesses as it gives you an opportunity to "Showcase" services you are willing to provide to others viewing your business page.  Not only can it get you Freelance work, but it is another avenue for getting people to go to your business website where you can sell products to them and capture their e-mail addresses.

Creating Services on Facebook

This is an important lecture to watch.  It discusses how to setup products you wish to sell on Facebook and strategies to employ in their setup.

Creating Your Facebook Shop and First Product

This is one of my favorite Facebook strategies.  Facebook has a very polished user interface for creating notes and it is a great way to build in links from these notes back to your websites and places you sell from.  Not to mention, you build trust with your potential customers by providing them with this additional content and notes are easy to share as posts on other business pages that you have "Liked as a Business Page".  Use notes to post to Facebook groups you have joined as well. - and remember to use hashtags!

Drive Traffic to Your Website Using Facebook Notes

One of the key strategies to employ in this entire course.  A must for getting the word out about your business page and a must for getting in front of your target markets on Facebook.  Don't miss this lecture!

Creating Like as Your Page Backlinks

A great way to get organic traffic to both your Facebook Business Page and to your web or blog site is to join and post to "targeted" Facebook Groups.  This lecture shows you how to get this done.

Posting to Groups on Facebook

Facebook loves sharing videos that you upload directly.  Get some on your business page if you can - both to help promote your business and products and to get others aware of your page as Facebook shares it.  And don't forget to use Hashtags!

Uploading Your First Promotional Video
+ Building Successful Online Sales Funnels
15 lectures 01:18:49

This lecture in addition to teaching the basic concepts of the sales funnel business model, also teaches the realities of how they are physically deployed to generate revenues online today. The conceptual model is simple, but today's physical implementations of it online due to the opportunities or "focal points" you now have available to you to sell on the Internet, distort the conceptual model somewhat. Watch the lecture to fully understand the new business paradigms that are causing new opportunities and changes to the sales funnel model on deployment.

Introduction to Sales Funnels

Another method of building prospects at the top of your sales funnel is through creating a free or cheap online course that will attract people. This can become your Lead page give-away gift and it can ultimately also be a revenue generating source for your business as well. Watch this lecture to see how this strategy can benefit you.

Using an Online Training Course to Obtain Prospects

Everyone is marketing products and content on YouTube these days. Here is a strategy that will allow you to both capture leads for your messaging platform and auto-responder programs and at the same time, get you Udemy students that you can market to as well from within the Udemy platform.

Using YouTube to Obtain Contacts in Udemy

This lecture describes the various aspects contained within a messaging platform that you would build for your business and what their purposes would be. This includes sending e-mails, tracking opens and other relating message distribution statistics, managing messaging campaigns, and companies that should be looked at if you are looking to build in a messaging platform for your business.

Using E-Mail as Part of Your Business

This lecture lists a number of automated business e-mails/messages that you should create and make part of your auto-responder system.

Online Messages You Should Create

Auto-Responders are critical for a successful business. Without them, you just won't have enough time in the day to get out the full range of correspondence you should be issuing to customers and potential customers so as to keep them happy and comfortable with their relationship with you. Auto-responders will help to ensure that correspondence gets out when it should and that your followers are regularly hearing from you so as to keep you in mind - which helps you to eventually sell products and services to them. Don't miss this one!

The Art of Using Auto-Responders

This is a very important lecture to get through. It provides the viewer with a large list of methods by which you can rapidly grow your e-mail subscribers. There are many ways to get subscribers online to become potential customers of your business and this lecture discusses some very good strategies in this regard that you can employ.

Building E-Mail Subscriber Lists

This is a very important lecture to get through. It provides the viewer with a large list of methods by which you can rapidly grow your e-mail subscribers. There are many ways to get subscribers online to become potential customers of your business and this lecture discusses some very good strategies in this regard that you can employ.

Using Audio Podcasts as a Lead Generation Tool

Customer retention is what it is all about. Learn how even you as a home based business can implement solid Customer Relationship Management techniques and strategies to maximize the retention of your viewers and followers so that when they are ready to buy something, they will still be there waiting to buy from you!

CRM and Your Home Based Business

Webinars are a great way to bring people together and to generate sales of your products and services. View this video to learn which vendors provide the best Webinar products and also to get ideas as to how to find and attract participants to webinars you want to run.

Using Webinars to Generate Sales

This lecture first asks the question "Is paying for traffic the right move for your business? It discusses this at some length giving you thoughts to ponder as you decide whether or not to spend money on website and blog site promotion. Then, the lecture moves on to discuss good options for you under the assumption that this is an important thing to do in your situation. The lecture is important to view for both reasons. One to help you decide on whether or not to do it, and secondly, if doing it, how to spend your money wisely.

Paying for Website and Blog Traffic

Many have heard about using Lead Capture pages to obtain e-mail subscribers. This lecture goes beyond that to provide actual tips and strategies for their effective use.

Using Lead Capture Points as Part of Your Sales Funnel

Publishing articles that you write online can have several benefits to you. First, it gains you recognition and exposure as a writer. Then, as your articles get distributed and posted by news and other agencies online, it gets you back links to your web and/or blog site. As people read your articles, they may even contact you to do some contract work for them as well. Lastly and not to be forgotten, you can use your written articles as a springboard to writing a book or E-book. This gives you even more back links, further improves your credibility as an author and provides you with another revenue source online.

Thoughts on Publishing Articles

A good way to stabilize your baseline monthly income is through the use of a subscription model. This is also a great way to gain long-term customers and increase monthly online incomes. View this lecture to see if this strategy could work for your business as well.

The Subscription Opportunity

This lecture describes things you can do to keep your customer close to you after the sale in the hope that they will purchase from you again or become evangelists for the the products and services you sell - to bring even more customers your way.

Once They Have Purchased, What Do We Do?
+ Advertising at Other Social Media Sites
15 lectures 01:07:09

This lecture provides a useful checklist of book promotion ideas.  Go through the list and make use of the ideas in it - they will help your product or book sell!

Online Marketing Overview - A Checklist of Ideas

YouTube in and of itself does not earn you any money - they do not send you any payments at all as you put content on their platform. However, indirectly, you can make a lot of money online because of this content. This lecture discusses where and how YouTube videos can actually lead you to receive significant online incomes.

YouTube Content Creation - Where do You Make the Money?

YouTube has become a great and economical advertising tool for corporations through to an individual's home business. Not using YouTube to do some of your advertising is often a large mistake - there are lots of worse ways to spend your advertising dollar!

Advertising on YouTube

This short video contains a tip that will, with very little effort on your part, start earning you additional income from your online business - so be sure to check it out.

Amazon Affiliate Revenue Earning Tip

You have started putting content out on YouTube now you are trying to get people interested in seeing it. This lecture provides you with a number of hints and tricks that you can utilize to get your content found and viewed.

Tips to Increasing Your YouTube Video Views

This lecture provides the viewer with my top 10 list of "Affiliate Marketing Bulletin Board" websites/partners.  I  also briefly discuss why each has made my top 10 list.

My Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Website Bulletin Boards

This lecture discusses book sizing and where certain lengths do best.  For example, e-book optimized lengths, when to split a book into two or three segments due to excessive lengths, how long it should be to be printed as a physical book, etc.

An Overview to Publishing Online

This lecture provides the viewer with a list of strategies that one can use to promote one's published book or E-book online. You have now written your book. This list of strategies will show you how to get the word out!

Promoting Your Book or Self-Published Book Online

Starting an online course through an entity such as Udemy will help an author promote a book.  This lecture shows you how this can be a good way to gain additional interest in a published book.

Using Social Media to Market a Book

This lecture discusses the ways Amazon assists you in promoting your book online and the types of promotions you can run on their system to help promote your books - from paid promotions through to FREE promotions.

Amazon Book Promotion Overview

CreateSpace is Amazon's "Print on Demand" company.  This lecture shows the student how to get a book uploaded and published on CreateSpace so physical copies can be made and sold to customers.

Publishing a Book on Create Space

This is an independent website to the Amazon empire but it is the largest "everything Kindle" site on the Internet.  Primarily a series of forums that you can post to, it is an absolutely great place for an author to remain active and promote a book.  Be sure to view this lecture - it is worth money to you.

How to Use KBoards to Promote a Book or E-Book Published on Amazon

This lecture provides a drill-down on Goodreads and the benefits it can bring to an author when trying to promote a book.  By the way, Goodreads is owned by Amazon - so you don't want to overlook use of this marketing platform for your book.

How to Use GoodReads to Promote a Book

Get Pinterest working for you - use it to build out awareness for your brand and to market your products, sending people directly to your website to make purchases. Learn how to integrate "Rich Pins" into your website to stand out on Pinterest and build even greater traffic flows to your site. Watch this video to learn how to do it.

Building Brand Awareness With Pinterest
Bonus Lecture: Congratulations and More Course Discounts for You