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Introduction into Digital Marketing, Social Media, & SEO. HQ Voice Over. Animated Explainers Making Learning Easy & Fun.
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Enjoy the Complete Introduction into Digital Marketing, Social Media, & SEO for Beginners. HQ Voice Over. Animated Explainers Making Learning Easy & Fun.
Learn the Essentials about Product Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Growth Hacking, YouTube Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing & More.
Learn the Process of Search Engine Optimisation. Start with Keywords Research. Continue with Content Creation. Accomplishing with Link Building Campaign.
Understand Why you Do Not Need Any Coding Skills to Create and Optimise your Website. Learn the Fundamentals about Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager.


  • An Internet Connection. No Previous Knowledge of Digital Marketing is Required at All. Only Determination and a Hunger to Learn. We will Teach you the Rest.


Hi and welcome to our introduction to the basics of Digital Marketing, Social Media, and SEO. Make sure you’re sitting comfortably, as you’re about to get a comprehensive overview of Everything Related to Digital Marketing, Social Media, and SEO.

If you want to be successful online today, you MUST have strong Digital marketing skills as internet business has never been more competitive. In this introduction, we’ll outline the basics of SEO, Digital Marketing and Social Media and break each of these topics down, so you understand the most essential things you need to know. You’ll learn key tips for Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Instagram, Email, and Twitter Marketing, Growth Hacking, and so much more.

After this taster, you’ll be primed to understand the basics of marketing online. We’ll go into much more detail on each topic in later videos, so you’ll be able to master each of the topics we touch on here.

In this Digital Marketing Course for Beginners, we’ve outlined the most crucial pieces of information on the most important topics related to digital marketing, social media, and SEO. This is a core first step on your learning journey as it will help you to quickly lay down the foundations and is a great place to start if you want a career in digital marketing or want to be successful marketing online.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is vital if you have a business or want to sell anything online. Even if you’re just looking to build profile, you need a strong internet presence, if you want people to know you exist. The purpose of Digital Marketing is to raise awareness, connect with people who are interested in what you’re offering, and persuade them to take actions you want. It uses digital forms of communication like the web, smartphones, social media platforms, and search engines, as a medium to reach potential customers.

Just like traditional marketing, digital marketing, is about finding prospective customers and broadcasting your message to them in the right place, in the right tone, and at the right time.

Digital Marketing has one major advantage over traditional marketing as you can use analytics tools to monitor your campaigns in real time, so you can swiftly adjust your approach. Typically, it would cost more and take longer to make these kinds of adjustments, but with Digital Marketing it’s easier to course correct than it would be if you had invested in a print ad.

What is Social Media?

Social Media is an umbrella term to describe online platforms focused on community-based communication, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Platforms like this use content sharing and post interaction, and most of there is content produced being from the users not the owners of the platform. Social media also includes curation sites such as wikis, as well as professional networking platforms like LinkedIn.

Due to the massive reach of Social Media, good social media marketing skills are now essential for anyone looking to attract the maximum number of customers online.

What is SEO?

SEO, or Search engine optimization, is the science of attracting specific types of traffic to a website using a search engine. To master SEO, you need to create high-value content with high authority backlinks and include keywords in that content that your ideal customers search for.

SEO is never a one size fits all solution, to be successful, you must take a bespoke approach. That means you need to optimise your site for the type of search engine you want it to rank highly on, like Google, Amazon, or Bing. SEO typically focuses on scoring highly organic search results, not paid or sponsored traffic, but you can also use it in paid ads, to maximise their reach.

As search engines attempt to give the most suitable answer to each person’s search query, you must ensure a search engine views your site as the most appropriate match.

Every search engine uses a different algorithm to determine what the best result to a search query is. This will include a combination of different factors, including the quality of your content and backlinks, how many visitors your site has, and your website’s speed and uptime.

Modern SEO is complex, and mastering it takes more than just getting the right meta tags. It includes understanding how rich snippets, video, and featured snippets work to enhance your rankings as well as the importance of voice search and Video SEO. If you want to be successful using Google Search, you also need to understand how Google Rank Brain scores your website and must optimise your site to score highly on Google’s algorithm.

Local SEO is also becoming more critical, and you will need to learn the basics of this, especially since nearly half of all Google searches now have a local intent. Near Me searches have grown even faster, exploding at a rate of 150% more than local searches alone.

Mastering SEO also includes understanding Technical SEO, which focuses on priming your website for crawling and indexing by search engines. It’s important you don’t neglect this aspect, as without it search engines will find it much more difficult to access, crawl, and index your website. As a result, you will rank much lower. The reason this process is referred to as “Technical SEO” is because it has nothing to do with promoting your website and or the type of SEO you include in your content.

We really hope you will love learning all about Digital Marketing!

Ing. Tomas Moravek & Team,

Internet Efficiency Awarded Digital Marketing Expert

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Tom is driven by a passion to to help people live better lives and achieve their potential, and he strives to offer access to acquiring the valuable skills needed in our digital age. His lifetime mission is to deliver the ultimate in educational value to his students - so they can upskill and unlock new opportunities, wherever they are in the world.

"I have been enjoying the course. It's very straight forward and clear. I love the step by step processes in your Digital Marketing Course. I now have a job in a digital marketing company. I'm working as a copywriter and account manager for a team of developers and graphic designers. I'm currently working for Puerto Rico's Swimming Federation, writing 2 blog posts and 16 social media posts every month, and get extra income as the account manager. Thank you so much for the knowledge and help throughout the course. You have been very helpful in my path to great success." Gabriel

"Hey Tom, I am very happy to purchase your course. I have generated leads at only 6 rs per lead with the help of strategy shared by you and by optimising my business manager to be ready for apple restrictions in your Udemy course. I have a facebook and instagram page since last 1 and a half years for my music academy business. Before buying your course, My cost per lead used to be 35 to 50 rs per lead through my conventional targeting. But after I studied under you, I ran conversion ads for leads by targeting custom audience of people who engaged on my facebook and instagram page and 1% lookalike audience of these custom audiences in India and it worked like a magic. 6 rs per lead is very very cheap and I am saving lot of money. Thank you so much. Lots of love." Harshad

"Hi Tom. This is so unbelievable lesson that I always wanted to catch. In this video I have found a lot of my previous mistakes in doing FB ads. The big mistake was the budget optimisation (lost some money before). Here I have found some info about it and improved it in my auction. Thanks for this course. It was good. You are a good teacher. I can recommend you to my friends." Assylkhan

"This is the only course you need. For Real, Tomas is delivering so much value, it's almost criminal. I have followed a lot of Facebook ads courses. None of them made me feel confident like this one. Thank you again for this course. There is so much value, much more than in others that costs 997€." Thomas

"Tomas is passionate about Facebook advertising and he knows his stuff. Watch carefully, he is sharing exactly what works for him. He answers questions and goes above and beyond what you would expect from a teacher. I'm 10 videos into the course and I have my first client. I simply shared a little bit of the knowledge that Tomas shared and the client ASKED ME to help him with his marketing." Rory

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"AWESOME COURSE! When I started this course I did it only to promote the products I sell on Amazon. But I started to really like marketing thanks to Tomas. So now, one month later, I signed my first client last week for 800$/month that I will handle social media marketing for. And a meeting with potential second client booked! Did not expect that when starting this course, but it is truly awesome." Jesper

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My experience as a copywriter and my years spent working in the field of sales and marketing have given me a unique insight into consumer psychology and branding.

Using my skillset and wealth of knowledge, I aim to share what I know with students, so they can improve the persuasiveness of their content, connect with more customers, and hone their branding to encourage a wider customer reach.

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