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How to improve your design skills and become a much better designer in the shortest time possible
Articulating your design decisions
Speed up design learning
Identify and implement different design principles used


  • Knowing how to use a design program such as Sketch, Figma or adobe XD would be helpful but you can pick up the basics as you go along with the videos.


Learning design is a long journey and everyone is looking for the secret sauce or the magic bullet. Unfortunately, there isn't super secret that will short cut you to design mastery. But, there are certain ways of studying and practicing that will propel your learning and make your a better designer in a shorter time frame.

Learn design dissections. This focused learning technique will show you how to break down a design of your choosing and then use all the things you learn from it to create your own great designs. Find out what decisions the designer made when creating the design, the techniques and principles they implemented while designing it and most importantly, how you can take all of those things and implement them into your own work.

You will learn how to work out what grids have been used, what fonts and type scales have been implemented. Which colour palate the design is using and which design principles have been used and how they have been used.

Once you have completed the design dissection we will recreate the design in Sketch.

This skill will also trickle into other areas of your design like articulating your design decisions to clients and stake holders and much much more.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner and Mid-weight designers will benefit most but any level designer can improve using this course

Course content

5 sections5 lectures45m total length
  • Introduction


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