Digishock 1.0 Basics: Technology Expert Course (2021)

Experience World-Changing Technologies at your Fingertips in 2021
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14,495 students
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Learn how to create an operating system without code in 2021
Learn how to create branded apps without technical effort
Learn how to create an own Alexa-based voice-based assistant
Learn how to convert design to code in 5 minutes


  • None. There is no pre-requisite for the course
  • A few cloud-based technology tools are taught in the course. Some may be free. Some may be paid. You can leverage whichever one you need according to your requirement.


Digishock 1.0  is the ultimate technology course in 2021 to make you a technology expert today. This is the first beginner's part course of getting involved with Machine Learning and the unique technologies associated with the field. Most of my students have been waiting for me to launch this course.

In this brilliant course created by myself - Digital Marketing Legend "Srinidhi Ranganathan" and my co-instructor "Vindhya", you will learn about the various world-changing tools used to create an Alternate Operating system or what we call as - a Virtual Operating (Virtual OS) system, for that matter. You will also learn to operate your PC with voice, get introduced to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered virtual voice assistant for your PC, and master the process of installing android/IOS for your PC and Mac - for the first time ever. It will be like a dream come true.

The most useful tool for non-coders is revealed in this course and it serves to be one of the best tools of this course. You will be able to write lakhs of lines of code in minutes by using the most powerful upcoming tool. We call it the "TOOL OF THE YEAR". It leverages a unique drag-and-drop visual builder that helps you prototype and creates an MVP up to 6.5 times faster than any AI coding software that is available.

You will also learn how to convert the design into code with ease and speed. We have taken a lot of time and effort to research these websites or tools that are taught here and we only provide you with the best and most trusted ones, after all. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) is used in each tool which will help in doing things in the most fastest and effective way possible - eliminating a lot of human effort.

No prerequisites or coding knowledge is required to learn this course.

Enroll now and welcome to the future. 

Let's begin. Happy learning.

Who this course is for:

  • Web developers who want to create an operating system without code
  • Marketing enthusiasts who want to learn and achieve new things in their career
  • Programmers who like to experiment with new technologies with the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Newbies who want to create a startup training company and train people with the new ideas taught here
  • Anyone who has a desire to learn mind-blowing technologies

Course content

2 sections11 lectures53m total length
  • Introduction to use an Alternate OS to windows and mac
  • More information about using the Alternate Virtual OS
  • Inside the Virtual OS (Operating System)
  • Virtual assistant usage: Operate your PC with voice
  • Introduction to use an Artificial Intelligence based operating system
  • Write Lakhs of lines of code in a minute: Digi-shock unveiled
  • Convert Design to code in a minute: Ultimate trick


Digital Marketing Legend - The King of Digital Marketing
Srinidhi Ranganathan
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Srinidhi Ranganathan is the Director of Digital Marketing at First Look Digital Marketing Solutions (India's First Artificial Intelligence Powered Digital Marketing company) located in Bangalore, India. He is a Technologist, Digital Marketing Coach, Author, and Video Creation Specialist with over 12+ years of experience and has worked at top companies in India. Having over 6 Lakh students on Udemy - he has facilitated digital marketing analysis and provided state-of-the-art marketing strategy ideas and tactical execution plans for top marketing companies in India including startups, SMB's and MNC's. This includes strategic brainstorming sessions, Artificial Intelligence-powered market analysis, market research related to digital performance, support of various AIDM marketing initiatives for new product and consumer promotional launches, etc.

Srinidhi gained popularity through his unique, practical yet engaging training methodologies he utilizes to teach during the training sessions. Some of his training methods include gamified learning experiences conducted by virtual writing and teaching robots like "Aera 2.0" that prompts behavioral changes in students and bring forth a new kind of fascination among the crowd. These robots are virtual humans having super-intelligence capabilities. They can autonomously train anyone on topics ranging from ABC to Rocket Science, without human intervention.

Srinidhi's passionate fans call him a "Digital Marketing Legend" and he's busy working on creating new virtual and humanoid robots to revolutionize education in India and the world.

He is deemed to be an innovator in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Digital Marketing and is someone who has embraced many ideas and has created various environments in which team members are taught the required AI automation tools and resources to challenge the status quo, push boundaries and achieve super-extensive growth. His courses are a testament to where the future is actually heading.

Artificial Intelligence Digital Marketer
Vindhya AR
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I am an Artificial Intelligence digital marketer. I love teaching and exploring new technologies in marketing which provides ease to the marketers.  I started learning and growing with digital marketing from 2017 and I am passionate about the subject digital marketing powered with Artificial Intelligence, I have done research on various topics and I have been trained under world class trainers.

Passion and Hustle will give you results.