DevOps : Docker UI With DockStation, Portainer, Lazy Docker

DevOps, Docker UI For Obsolete beginners with Portainer, LazyDocker, DockStation, & How to run Dockerfile without Docker
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We'll see how we can run Dockerfile with out Docker
How to Manage Docker through UI with 3 different tools
In this course, we'll see 3 tools on 3 environments, so that we can practice easily.
Example : If we've Windows then we can practice DockStation, and if we dont have any personal system then we can use play-with-docker, as this tool does't required any software to install
Portainer on Play-With-Docker
DockStation on Windows
LazyDocker on Centos


  • Knowledge on Docker


  • This course is only for Beginners which gives JUST an introduction to 3 Docker UI tools.

  • If you've any idea on any of these tools, then I wont think this course will hepls for you, as we're covering only basic concepts like (Introduction to the tool, Installation for the tool, Basic commands like how to Run Docker Image, how to see the Images, How to delete the containers, Create Containers, aso will see different UI options that are in each and every tool).

  • I wont say that you will become an expert in these tools, but I'm sure that this course will helps you to to get an basic idea on using of these UI tools.

  • We'll also see how we can run/test/compile Dockerfile without Docker software.

  • Following are the 3 Best UI tools which we're trending in Market and we'll also see these in Three UI tools in Three different Environments, so that we can practice in our convenient tool.

  1. DockStation on Windows

  2. Portainer on Play-With-Docker

  3. LazyDocker on Centos.

  4. How to run a Docker File or How to compile or How to create an Image without Docker software.

Based on Suggestion, if any one needs any Tool, then Defnately I'll try to add those tools as  well in up comming days.

All the best.

Who this course is for:

  • DevOps, Docker users


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