Development of surfaces from conception to inception.

Engineering Drawing-Inroduction to Development of surfaces .
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   Development of Surfaces of solids : It plays very important Role in Engineering so its importance,applications and Step wise solution of problems are discuss in this course.

In industrial world, an engineer is frequently confronted with problems where the development of surfaces of an object has to be made to help him to go ahead with the design and manufacturing processes. For example, in sheet metal work, it plays a vital role, thus enabling a mechanic to cut proper size of the plate from the development and then to fold at proper places to form the desired objects, namely, boilers, boxes, buckets, packing boxes, chimneys, hoppers, air-conditioning ducts etc.“The development of surface of an object means the unrolling and unfolding of all surfaces of the object on a plane.”“If the surface of a solid is laid out on a plain surface, the shape thus obtained is called the development of that solid.” In other words, the development of a solid is the shape of a plain sheet that by proper folding could be converted into the shape of the concerned solid.

Importance of Development: 

Knowledge of development is very useful in sheet metal work, construction of storage vessels, chemical vessels, boilers, and chimneys. Such vessels are manufactured from plates that are cut according to these developments and then properly bend into desired shaped. The joints are then welded or riveted.

Principle of Development:

Every line on the development should show the true length of the corresponding line on the surface which is developed.

Methods of Development:

(a )Parallel-line development

(b)Radial-line development

(c)Triangulation development

(d)Approximate development

In this course  ,

1)Video no 1:  Introduction to topic and the Instructor .

2)Video no 2:Introduction ,basic concept of development with practical example.

3)Video no 3:2.Problem on development of surfaces-prism

4)Video no 4:3.Problem of cylinder

5)Video no 5:Revision of Development of solids

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1 section5 lectures43m total length
  • Introduction
  • Introduction of Surfaces Of Solids
  • Problem of development of Square Prisam
  • Problem On Cut cylinder
  • Revision of Development


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