Develop Enterprise Web Apps using Neutrinos Platform Part 1

This course will provided web application development guidelines and methodologies using Neutrinos Platform
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How to Develop Full Stack Web applications using Neutrinos Platform


  • Be able to develop Angular Web applications
  • Be able to develop MEAN stack applications
  • Be able to program in HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Be able to use Angular Material


Neutrinos Platform is a Gartner Endorsed Multi Experience Enterprise Application Development Platform which allows developers to create web / mobile applications at the 50% of coding effort. The entire neutrinos platform course is divided into 3 parts.

In Part 1 Course  developers learn

1. How to create enterprise grade web applications using easy & intuitive Drag & Drop UI to build full stack applications.

2. How to use the platforms integrated development environment to configure, and build full stack applications.

3. How to deploy Web applications to GCP or any other deployment environments

4. How to use Studio Components to build user interfaces

5. How to use build environments to configure development, production and staging builds

6. How to use Data Models

7. How to use Styles, Global Styling, In House Styling,

8. Best Practices to follow across all the capabilities of the platform

9. Capabilities of the Platform and Benefits

In Part 2 Course developers learn

1. How to build the web application developed for mobile using Cordova environment.

2. How to accelerate digital innovation at the speed of low code

3. How to use visual service modelling, solution accelerators with prebuilt components, single click deployment, by creating, iterating and launching applications in lesser times as compared to traditional methods.

4. How to build Client Side Services using visual modelling to connect front end to back end

In Part 3 Course developers learn

1. How to use the platform to Design & Build APIs using Server Service Designer

2. How to provided Identity Server Management for Authentication, Authorization for application users

3. How to Integrate Gmail, Active Directory, AWS and Azure Cloud environments

4. How to integrate easily with Rest APIs, Cloud, iBPM

5. How to use this application platform for easy service design, multi channel or multi platform app development and apt for multi-cloud


Who this course is for:

  • Freshers or Interns on boarded to work with Neutrinos Platform

Course content

5 sections14 lectures1h 55m total length
  • Certification Details
  • Introduction


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Imparting Neutrinos Platform Training and Mentoring to develop Enterprise Grade Web Applications. Formulating appropriate Application Development courses using Neutrinos Platform, inculcating best practices of using Neutrinos Platform to develop web applications. Enable developers to use Neutrinos Platform by learning and utilizing all the features of the platform to the best capacity