Develop the Mental Strength of a Warrior For Success in Life
4.3 (282 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Develop the Mental Strength of a Warrior For Success in Life

Mental training skills to develop courage and confidence to live a life of power, purpose and passion!
4.3 (282 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
1,768 students enrolled
Created by Gregg Swanson
Last updated 10/2017
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What you'll learn
  • How to identify limited thinking that holds you back
  • How to use the power of your mind to create better results
  • How to create a warrior mindset to make more money
  • Boost your confidence and courage
  • Increase your talent for persuasion
  • Attract the people and opportunities that you crave
  • Find more time to do what you love with friends and family
  • Gather more recognition, more rewards, and more accolades
  • Wield more power—physically and mentally
  • Students should know or at least be open to the idea that they are responsible for their life.

FEAR is one of the most elemental factors that can either make or break your own success. It can both stop you dead in your tracks and deprive you of your dreams, or you can push through fear to discover the true wealth of success on the other side of it. 

When you look objectively at fear, you’ll quickly notice that it only exists in your mind. It’s only a thought. You can’t hold fear in your hand. You can’t pick it up off the ground. It’s completely invisible and ONLY based on your own thinking and belief systems. Nothing more. 

Everyone has unique fears embedded in their own subconscious minds, including yourself. These fears can suck the vitality and happiness out of your life in a hurry. It can also render you paralyzed when trying to push forward to achieve things you desire. 

Fortunately, since fear is only based in your thinking and beliefs, with the right tools, techniques and guidance…you can defeat your fears once and for all. 

Once you know how to become the MASTER of your fears, not only will you gain amazing control over your subconscious mind (which actually dictates your entire life)…but it’ll also allow you to Develop the Mental Strength of a Warrior to get everything you want out of life. 

The truth is, every solution to every problem or fear you have in life all begins WITHIN you, not outside of you. The golden keys that will unlock all the success and achievements you’ll ever want in life are right there tucked away within yourself. 

And they good news, once you tap into your own powers to obliterate your fears, and gain the mental toughness and strength of a true warrior, your life will TRANSFORM. 

Ask yourself right now…

• Are you sick and tired of letting fear hold you back from the things you want?
• Do you feel like your mental fortitude and strength is severely lacking?
• Does the thought of change terrify you when you think about making the first step?
• Do you find your own thoughts working AGAINST you vs. working FOR you?
• Do you have that “gut feeling” that there is more to life than what you have?

When you look at your life and your own desires, do you…

• Want to create a life with more wealth and money?
• Want to skyrocket your levels of confidence and courage?
• Want to be able to connect better with people on a deeper level?
• Want to find more love, more happiness and have more opportunities?
• Want to achieve more, gain more recognition, get more rewards, etc?
• Want better health, less stress, more love, more sex, more close friends, etc?

When you’re able to develop the mental strength of a warrior, not only will you be able to achieve just about any goal you want in life…you’ll also be able to do it much quicker and with less resistance once fear is taken out of the equation. 

Once you can take full control of your own mind, and achieve mental mastery over your fear and negative, self-defeating thoughts and beliefs…the world will be your canvas. You’ll be able to paint and create the life you want, every single day. 

All you need to make this happen are the right tools and techniques, and that’s exactly what you’ll get in the Develop the Mental Strength of a Warrior For Success In Life course. 

Here’s a quick sneak peek of what you’ll discover inside this course…

• Learn how to develop unstoppable courage that will help you defeat fear
• Discover the real secrets to boost your own confidence and self-esteem
• Find out how to tap into your own internal motivation to get what you want
• Learn how to shield your mind from the negative chatter that pulls you down
• Stop yearning for approval from others and learn how to respect yourself
• How to live a life with vitality, integrity, and influence those around you
• Discover how to respond to life based on this moment only, not your past
• Learn how to take your personal power and achievements to an elite level

You have two choices you can make in your life right now…

Life Choice #1: You can continue down the path in life that lets fear hold you back from your dreams, and makes you feel like you’re missing out on the best things in life.


Life Choice #2: You can discover all the tips, techniques and tools you need to become the master of your own mind and life with the help of the Develop the Mental Strength of a Warrior For Success In Life course. 

You’re only one step away from removing fear from your life, boosting your confidence and self-worth, and FINALLY getting what you always wanted!

BONUS! Enroll in this life-transforming course right now and at the end of the course you'll receive:

  • A copy of the ebook “Develop the Mental Strength of a Warrior” 
  • A copy of "Develop the Mental Strength of a Warrior Workbook"
  •  A copy of the eBook "Self-Mastery" This book is over 300 pages!
  • PLUS 2 powerful meditation audios that will help clear your mind, decrease      stress, and give you the clarity you need to achieve your dreams!

Who this course is for:
  • If you’re a driven and competitive individual this course is for you.
  • This course is especially useful for sales professionals, athletes, entrepreneurs and small business owners.
  • If you're a student of self-improvement and personal growth
  • If you find yourself getting in your own way of success.
Course content
Expand all 95 lectures 03:22:30
+ Introduction
3 lectures 06:40

Personal introduction and overview of program.

Preview 00:32

Introduction to Develop the Mental Strength of a Warrior and curse outline

Preview 03:38

A brief background on Gregg Swanson.

About Gregg Swanson
+ Study Tips
2 lectures 05:59

Overview of the sturdy tips section. 

Study Tips Overview

Here we're going to go over some study tips to help you get the most from this course. 

Study Tips
+ What is a Warrior?
2 lectures 03:26
What is a Warrior Overview

In this lecture you're going to discover the 4 core components of warrior. 

Preview 03:11
+ Change
4 lectures 17:46

Overview of the Change section 

Overview of Change

A Word About Change…

When we think about getting new results, whether it’s in the area of health, fitness, athletics, sales or relationships, what we’re looking for is….  

Change from our current state to more powerful and fulfilling one. 

So…What is Change?

In this lecture we'll explore what change really is, why it's so tough to change, and how to succeed,

What is Change

Our Complacent Zone 
For all of us we have two borders or boundaries that “protect” us from change.

At the bottom is the mental support line.  This is a point that you will go no “lower” then, i.e. you won’t weigh more than this, you won’t make any less than this or you won’t be alone longer than this.

At the upper end is the mental resistance line.  This is the line that “protects” you from venturing too far out of your box….your Complacent Zone.

In this lecture we'll examine what is the Complacent Zone and how it is created. 

The Complacent Zone

Mental Strength Skills

This are specific mental strength skills required to breakthrough the Complacent Zone, In this lecture we're going to look at the essential four mental strength skills required to break out of the Complacent Zone. 

Breaking Through the Complacent Zone
+ Mental Strength Success Principles
2 lectures 09:14

Overview of the Mental Strength Code section

Overview of Mental Strength Code

Mental Strength Principles for Successful Living 

We all need to live by principles.  Principles are required to help provide direction.  In this lecture we're going to examine the Mental Strength Principles for Successful Living 

Preview 08:56
+ War of the Worlds
2 lectures 08:43

Overview of the War of the Worlds section.

War of the Worlds Overview

We live in Two Worlds

The first thing an apprentice of Warrior Mind Strength learns is that you live in two worlds. The shamans, mystics and sages of all time have known this. You live in both the Inner World and the Outer World.

In the lecture we'll define exactly what these worlds are and how they are connected. 

The Two Worlds
+ Universal Laws
4 lectures 15:23

Overview of Everything is Controlled by Laws section. 

Controlled by Laws Overview

We Live By Laws

The law of gravity determines how fast an object will fall to the ground. The planets that are orbiting in the universe are governed by laws. The speed of sound is determined by a law. The speed of light is determined by universal law. E=MC2 is a law. The law of cause and effect states that for every action there is a reaction or similarly, for every cause there is an effect and from every effect there must have been a cause. In this lecture you'll discover the 7 Universal Laws.

7 Universal Laws

The Foundation of Mental Strength – Beliefs 

Your beliefs form your reality, your individual beliefs as well as your cumulative joint beliefs. The intensity of a belief is extremely important as to how much a “hold” it has on you and how easy it is to counter and neutralize. 

This lecture will examine the nature of beliefs. 

The Foundation of Mental Stregth

7 Principles of Warrior Mind Strength

In this lecture you'll understand the 7 Principles of Warrior Mind Strength and how to use them to create a life of power, passion and purpose!

7 Principles of Warrior Mind Strength
+ The Conscious Mind
2 lectures 05:34

Overview of the Conscious Mind section.

Conscious Mind Overview

The Conscious Mind

The beginning of all wisdom is when you realize how much you don’t know. One of Bruce Lee’s teachers said it a different way… empty your cup. If your cup is full, there isn’t room for any more. If you think you “know it,” or have heard it before, your cup is full. What I’m going to request of you is to empty your cup.

There are three intriguing aspects of the conscious mind that you must become aware of as you continuing your training.

The Conscious Mind
+ Negative Thoughts, Beliefs and Ideas
9 lectures 11:48

Overview of the Negative Thoughts, Beliefs and Ideas section.

Negative Thoughts, Beliefs and Ideas Overview

Negative Thoughts, Beliefs and Ideas

One technique for the pupil of Warrior Mind Strength to start to develop their conscious mind is to become aware of and remove…and sometimes destroy the negative thoughts, beliefs and ideas that are circulating around in your mind.

Negative Thoughts, Beliefs and Ideas

Your Mind as a Garden

So what you are going to start to do is to tend to your mind like person tends to their garden, and the weeds of your mind are your negative thoughts, beliefs and ideas. There are four outstanding methods and techniques for refining your mind. 

Your Mind as a Garden

Neutralizing Negative Thoughts

In the following four techniques you will notice that they are completely different and independent ways of dealing with negative thoughts, beliefs and ideas. Some of the techniques are actually contradictory to one another. 

Neutralizing Negative Thoughts

The First Technique is Called “Hack it off!”

This may sound gruesome, but it is effective. The “hack it off” technique is used the moment you realize you’re thinking negative thoughts…the instant you recognize its non-supportive you hack off that thought process. You instantly remove that thought stream from your consciousness. 

Hack it Off

The Second Method is “Identification”

In this method you become an observer. You observe thought then identify it. So what you do is when you experience a disempowering thought you say, “OK…what I’m observing is a negative thought.” 


The Third Technique is “Amplification”

In the amplification technique what you do is that whatever the negativity thought is you amplify or exaggerate it into ridiculousness, and the key is ridiculousness. If you only amplify/exaggerated it you actually make it worse. 


The Fourth Technique is “Counteract”

With this method you counteract the negative with the exact opposite. So whatever that negativity is, you counteract it with the exact opposite. For example, when the thought comes to you that I’m not going to make another sale today, counteracted with the exact opposite, I’m going to make another sale today.


Use the Boxer’s Method

Just like a boxer boxing his opponent, the next time you experience a negative thought, experiment with some combinations. In this case instead of a left jab, right hook and some body shots use the combinations from above. 

The Boxer’s Method
+ Concentration and Contemplation
3 lectures 09:54


Did you know that the average person holds an idea or thought for 6 seconds then moves on to another thought? It’s true! And you wonder why you’re not getting different results. You can’t hold a single thought long enough!



Follow - One - Course - Until - Successful! 



The technique of contemplation is the single best way, I have experienced, for developing your powers of concentration. Not only will it sharpen and strengthen your mind, it will also give you greater insight into what you’re exploring. The practice of contemplation is an integral part of your Warrior Mind Strength training.