Develop my first sound game - (ASD Supported)

Learn do develop sound effect game for android
English [Auto]
In this course, students will acquire the tools and skills that will enable them to develop sound effect games using the Android Studio
Basic development in Java & XML
Basic grafic design
Basic sound editing
Learn the way step by step how to bring up apps/games in google play store


  • A Windows PC, Mac or Linux Computer
  • The computer need to have minimum 8GB RAM and 100GB disk space
  • Knowledge using the browser
  • ZERO programming knowledge required - I'll teach you everything you need to know


You will learn in the course how to develop sound effect games for android and how to upload them to google play.
I will show you step by step all what you will need to know and you will get real example codes will help you in your future projects.

ASD support = I am teaching today few groups of ASD students, adults students and gifted teenagers students and to all I am teaching in the same way. By showing all step by step and by using example codes. (This is my way of teaching)
This course in one of many that I plan to do.

Who this course is for:

  • People that want to learn how to develop apps and games to android devices
  • ASD Students that want to learn how to develop eductional sound games

Course content

6 sections31 lectures5h 19m total length
  • Introduction
  • Examples of other sound effect games/apps
  • Install JDK on your PC
  • Installing Andorid Studio
  • Installing NotePad++


Andorid Development Teacher & Games Developer
Eran Guindi
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Today I am working part job teaching android development for few groups: adults students, students with special needs (ASD) and gifted teenagers students and part time developing my games at iGindis :)

I have more than 20 years experience in IT (Windows\Linux) servers & Developing (Java\XML\PHP\MYSQL\HTML5 etc...). I did many online and mobile projects.