Develop & Improve Your Food and Beverage Business in 1 Hour

Take your food and beverage business management skills up a notch with the right methods and efficient concepts.
Manage a food & beverage company more efficiently
Choose the right consept for a current food and beverage company or people who want to found a new company
Target right customers by enhancing your food and beverage company
Create a more advantageous company against your opponents
Increase profit margin of your company


  • Students should be engaged with “A food and beverage” company


The main goal of our course is to give you, students, memorable, valuable and distinctive information about the food and beverage management. The course that addresses to people who are willing to start a business of food and beverage and the owners of those businesses is going to teach you about from general design of the business to the serving of the dishes, tableclothes and napkins professionally with examples to the smallest detail. You can be assured that you will learn more than the ordinary information about management. If you want to make good use of food and beverage business management which is a big part of service industry by joining this course, you are in the right place. So, what's keeping you? Join the course! You can follow the latest news related to the course on my website.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for people who want to found a new company or the current owners
  • Owners of food and beverage companies
  • People who want to increase the profit margin by targeting the right customers by optimum effort
  • Choosing the right concept for food and beverage companies

Course content

4 sections27 lectures53m total length
  • Introduction


Food and Beverage manager
Ahmet Yılmaz Yüce
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My name is Ahmet yılmaz yüce. I've been improving myself by doing research about food and beverage businesses. I'm myself a graduate of management education.I received tourism and hotel management and business manage education in university. I did 3 years of food and beverage businesses development manager. I'm also a social media expert. I had acquainted in order to make businesses make efficient use of the social media pages. I had developed small scale mobile games and apps.