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Short (all levels) yoga routines that will stretch you out and reduce tension in ~5 minutes each
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Reduce tension, neck & shoulder pain, back aches, and eye strain
Decrease stress & anxiety
Improve posture & spine health
Increase circulation to hands, wrists, hips & legs
Improve overall health with short work breaks to stretch out
Leave work behind with a Yoga Routine to unwind AFTER work.


  • No experience necessary! These simple yoga videos are great for all levels!
  • Modifications offered for all levels


Reduce stress, pain & tension and increase productivity with short yoga breaks throughout your day for guided yet discreet stretches that you can do at or next to your desk:

DESK YOGA FOR WRISTS: If you spend a lot of time writing, typing or drawing give this desk yoga for wrists routine a go with gentle stretches to increase blood flow to your forearms, wrists & fingers.

DESK YOGA FOR NECK & SHOULDERS: Try this short desk yoga for neck & shoulders routine to reduce tension and stress in your neck & shoulders from long hours at your desk. 

DESK YOGA FOR POSTURE: Reduce back pain, improve spine health and manage a healthy posture with this simple desk yoga for posture routine at your desk. 

DESK YOGA FOR HIPS & BACK: This short desk yoga for hips is a wonderful & gentle way to increase circulation & improve the flexibility in your hip flexors, hamstrings, glutes, piriformis, low back and legs. All areas of your body that can get tight and sore from sitting for long periods of time.

DESK YOGA MENTAL GROUNDING EXERCISE: Includes a little intuitive yoga to loosen up for the first minute then I'll guide you through a short guided meditation to reduce stress, tension & anxiety. Ideal for the beginning and end of your day. 

15 MINUTE YOGA TO UNWIND AFTER WORK: Leave work behind and unwind with gentle yet effective yoga stretches that will undo a day of sitting. Great in the afternoon, immediately after work or as a bedtime yoga practice. 



Who this course is for:

  • Anybody who wants to reduce tension, pain, stress & anxiety associated with long hours working at a desk.


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Modern day Yoga & lifestyle videos made for the modern day yogi. 

New to yoga? No worries! Sarah Beth's style caters to all levels with modifications and encouraging cues built in. Her teachings are clear and precise so you can get on your mat, do yoga, and go on with your day. Intermediate yogi? Great! SarahBethYoga has plenty of Level 2 and advanced videos to challenge you and get you even stronger and deeper in your practice.

SarahBethYoga has generated over 15 million views on her YouTube channel, created over 280 yoga videos and is one of the top yoga instructors on Youtube. She recently launched a membership site with an exclusive app and engages with followers on facebook & instagram. Follow SarahBethYoga for daily practice reminders, motivation and inspiration to strengthen your yoga practice on & off the mat. 

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