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Everything you need to know about 1st/3rd angle projection system & its symbol.
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Why Angle of projections needed?
Deep Insights on 1st,3rd angle projection method.
Mystery behind 2nd, 4th angle projection.
Clear cut understanding on 1st,3rd angle projection symbol.
Tricks to Identify angle of projection without having the projection symbol ( Practical example )


  • Must be interested in Mechanical/Automobile/Instrumentation/Production engineering.


Usually, we see engineers facing a lot of challenges in understanding the "Angle of projection method & its symbols".

It's quite obvious because learning these basic concepts / Technics needs a practical approach along with deep insights into it. Getting such an understanding from textbooks is a little challenging.

Not just students, even 5+ years experienced engineers also don't know the exact know-how of "Angle of Projections".

For every engineer working in the industry "Understanding the Angle of projection" is a must, because this concept is the basis of all the engineering drawings. If you are not able to understand the concept totally, then you won't be able to read & understand engineering drawing. Which anyhow will result in inefficient engineers.

We don't want our engineers to suffer from the same things, again and again, so we are making Industry insights courses to enable engineers to experience the real-time happening of the industries.

Here we have made the "Angle of projection" coursework with all minute details, which can give you a solid base on which you can proceed with Design software, drawing reading.

To make this course engaging we have made short videos with a mix of Green screen, Screen recording, music, to allow you to digest content efficiently. & Mainly we have kept this coursework "Free of cost" so that every engineer should get benefited from this without thinking of a Single Rupee.

Now it's your time to show dedication & invest your prestigious time in this.

Good luck from our side.

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Who this course is for:

  • Mechanical engineer ( Students / Freshers / Working engineers. )
  • Automobile engineer ( Students / Freshers / Working engineers. )


DeScien | Empowering engineers
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You Need the Experience to Get a Job. But you also need a Job to get the Experience.

Right naa...!

Nowadays everyone asks for "Some king of experience". So the question comes "How to get a job without having experience???

It's simple- Do some application-oriented Project work.

The next question comes - Who will give the industry / application-oriented project work to freshers/students.

This is the real-time conversation we always have with the freshers & nowadays a lot with engineering students.

During this journey we came across Articles videos mentioning 80-90% of engineers are not capable to be employed. But after deep understanding, we realized the major cause is- there's no structured & organized way of delivering Industrial information / Technique/expert experience.

Interacting with students & working professionals made us understand their problems & we realized that there is a lot more opportunity in bringing a 360-degree change in the training methodology. We strongly believe that education and technology if combined together can do wonders in a country like India.

As an engineer, you have always focused on doing certifications, but in the current scenario, everyone holds the Degree with 100s of certificates. Everyone holds the certificate but no one knows how to make use of it.

The actual real-time learning you get only and only when you are inside the industry & doing some work/ activities. But we have to agree that industries have their work to do, targets to match, clients/users to fulfill. They don't have the time & money to invest in allowing large-size engineering students to come & explore the industry. Frankly, it's not possible.

The only way out to explore & experience industrial real-time learning is by bringing the industrial work/content outside the industry so that everyone can access it.

Thas what we DeScien focused on - Allowing engineers to experience the industry without being a part of it.

We came up with Structured industrial content & application-based learning via an E-learning platform dedicated to mechanical engineers to make them better ready for Industry.

Let enjoy the best way of learning.

If you feel you can add value to our platform, Then we heartily welcome you to sail the boat together taking it to the next level.