Depression, Anxiety and Loneliness. Motivation in URDU Hindi

Get rid of Depression, anxiety and loneliness. This course will help you come out of the depression darkness.
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Motivation, Happiness mindsets and how to eliminate depression thoughts.
How to get rid of Helplessness feeling and achieve inner satisfaction.
Confidence regardless of the depression , loneliness and anxiety.
Ability to overcome depression and release stress.


  • none (the lectures are in URDU Language)


This course will provide you real motivation to start a new life with new hope. You will feel confident, motivated and satisfied too. These lectures will guide you to eliminate the negative feelings and to gain maximum pleasures of life around you. You will feel relaxed and your life will be more colourful with a lot of happiness.

In this Course, You Will Learn:

How to get rid of negative thoughts of Depression.

  • How to recover from anxiety, loneliness and depression.

  • How to eliminate the helplessness situation and fears.

  • How to manage the emotions and to feel comfortable.

  • How to stand again in life with Dignity and confidence.

After this course completion: you will be able to stand with Dignity and your life will be normal and as beautiful as you imagine. You will get inner satisfaction and will find a new aim of your life. This course will help you to understand yourself and you will be able to enjoy the pleasures of life. You will be able to understand the aim of your life. You will able to block the negative thoughts and can remove the suicide and harmful thoughts inside you. You will feel a change inside you and will LOVE yourself too.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is designed for anyone who is facing depression, anxiety, loneliness and helplessness.


Personal Motivational Trainer.
Bilal Hafeez
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I am BiLaL. I did Masters in Public Health (from University of Bedfordshire UK).  I am personal motivational trainer.

My message for every sad/depressed person is that " Life is not ended my dear; Start a new life with a new aim & with a new Hope. The doors of life are not closed for you; STAND Again and never look back. NO one will come to help you, You have to stand yourself".

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