Depression : Learn, understand and protect yourself

Learn about depression as a clinical disease, and how it influence your mental health.
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- learn the distinction between a period of sadness and a depression as a clinical disease
- Learn about all depression symptoms
- know about different types of depression and their origins
- learn how science explain depression by neurotransmitters and hormonal imbalance
- Understand why women are more touched than men
- learn the difference between baby blue and postpartum depression
- learn about the treatment
- learn how to look well after your mental health and to prevent depression


  • - having a computer or a smartphone
  • - A disear to spend a bit more time than the quick "symptom list" types of online resources usually provide , so you can understand well


Depression is an important dangerous disease that is frequent in nowadays. According to the world health organisation, the statistics had shown in 2017 that more than 264 millions peoples around the world are touched by depression , and that those numbers are supposed to increas due to many stressful factors and events we're living in nowadays.

In this course i'm explaining to you in a simple way:

* How to make a difference between a little periode of sadeness (that is so normal to live as a human beings) and a depression as a disease , 

* Different types of depression, where i'm explaining to you how this depresion can occur

* How the hormonal fluctuations in women's lives influence their moods and may lead them to the depression

* The difference between a simple baby blues and a postpartum depression

* What we do as a doctors in front of patients who suffer from depression

* And finally how to prevent depression by taking care of your mental health

Who this course is for:

  • -Anyone interested in learning more about the nature and the symptoms of clinical depression and related disorders.
  • -This includes people directly affected by depression, and their family and friends.
  • -And others who deal with depression, including employers, human resources staff, and healthcare personnel.

Course content

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  • How our mood change ?


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When i was little, i was so lucky to have a good doctor (pediatrician) who used to take care of me whenever i was sick or had a vaccine, i was always fascinated by her kindness and how she knows things very well , she had inspired me from my childhood and had gave me the desire to look and to be as she was when i grow up . I had fought for that dream from the primary scholl till i had joined the faculty of medicine and pharmacy of Rabat in the last few years , and here i am one year away from my graduation to be officially a medical doctor . but however , i had never forgot my willness for teaching and sharing with people my knowledge, especially about the medical world.