How to Develop Self-Confidence Strength

Discover the 5 Hidden Secrets to Changing Any Belief with Master Affirmations
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How To Destroy Your Limited Beliefs
How To Improve Your Thoughts, Feelings & Actions
How To Master the Art of Affirmations
How To Build a new Belief in Your Mind Within the Wink of an Eye!
How To Transform Any Goal into a Reality
How To Manifest with Motivation!


  • The willingness to learn the Secrets to Success
  • Focused attention to understand each part of the video course
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Confidence is built upon an experience of success. When we first begin any undertaking, we have little confidence, because we have not learned from experience that we can actually succeed. Even a small success can be used as a stepping stone to a greater one!


it could be anything or everything you've imagined, but there will always be ONE thing that doesn't allow your dream to manifest...a BELIEF.

Guess what?!

its NOT your fault. AT ALL. You were innocent when your mind got programmed to believe in ideas, but now since you are AWARE, its your responsibility to DELETE the negative beliefs that are holding you back. The most powerful way to change a belief is with Affirmations.


Normal Affirmations Don't Always work. WHY?  Because...

#1  School & Society Never Taught How To Use The Power of Spoken Word 

#2  Most people don't even know how to control their Self-Talk

#3 Most People Are Not aware of the Master Strategies and proven ancient techniques

I Found The Secret!

Its Yours, You Can Have It..

In this course you are going to learn the 5 Hidden Secrets to Master the Art of Affirmations:

  1. Attitude of Emotion

  2. Physical State

  3. Eye Contact

  4. State of Tense

  5. Repetition Time

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Early Childhood Education Researcher
Muhammad Ali
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A natural-born speaker recognized on Amazon as an Author, on red carpets as an Actor, is appreciated globally as an educational Advisor serving the principles of village schools to being entrusted to empower the children of Arabian Royal Families.

Muhammad Ali comes from a humble beginning of being bullied throughout his private and public schooling in North America and the Middle East.

After graduating from the American International School of Jeddah in 2016, he was accepted on scholarship by Sir Wilfred Laurier and then was invited by the world-renowned educational reformist, John Dewey to continue his research of rejuvenating the Global Educational System in Vermont, USA. In 2019, Muhammad Ali moved to Malaysia to complete his formal education at Management & Science University by specializing in Early Childhood Education.

Coming from a family lineage of extraordinary achievements in service to humanity, Muhammad Ali believes it is his birthright to empower students to fall in love with the feeling of learning through any means possible. During the Misk Global Forum in 2017, Muhammad Ali gave a speech about “How to Transform Your Education into your own form of Entertainment” on the stage of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Muhammad Ali is an educational consultant, royal advisor, and keynote speaker willing to offer his time to mentor students of all ages, ethnicities, religions, genders, and sexual orientations.

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