Deep Travel: Have Adventures No Guidebook Can Tell You About
4.5 (34 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Deep Travel: Have Adventures No Guidebook Can Tell You About

Travel safely and confidently in foreign countries. Go beyond mainstream tourism & have life-changing travel experiences
4.5 (34 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
319 students enrolled
Created by Dave Fox
Last updated 11/2019
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What you'll learn
  • Thrive in foreign environments and embrace the joy of culture shock.
  • Gently stretch the limits of your culture shock boundaries, moving deeper and deeper into big adventures.
  • Make authentic connections with local residents in the places you visit – even when there are thick language and cultural barriers.
  • Choose alternative forms of accommodations, transportation, dining, etc., that bring you more closely in touch with local experiences.
  • Go beyond the limits of mainstream tourism to find unique travel experiences no guidebook could ever tell you about.
  • Read people and situations when traveling to determine whether they are safe.
  • Come home your trips with phenomenal stories to tell.
  • (And along the way, you'll hear lots of fun travel tales that illustrate the lessons in this course.)
  • A fascination for travel and a desire to connect with people in the places you visit.
  • The desire to experience travel beyond generic guidebook suggestions and have rich, meaningful connections in the places you visit.

Have life-changing travel adventures no guidebook can tell you about. Dive DEEP into foreign cultures and enjoy authentic, rich connections with the people who live in the places you visit.

Taught by a professional travel writer, world explorer, and former Rick Steves tour guide   ~   Dave Fox has been featured for his knowledge of foreign cultures on the History Channel, Channel NewsAsia, National Public Radio in the United States, and ABC Radio in Australia. 

Have you ever known somebody who goes on vacation and comes home with larger-than-life tales to tell – every single time? Have you ever wondered why some people have incredible adventures when they travel, while others have a good time but never seem to go beyond the generic tourist experience? Have you ever wished you could be one of the people who has all the incredible adventures – an intrepid explorer who plunges deep into local cultures, connects with fascinating people, transcends cultural differences, and comes home with wild stories? 

~  This course teaches you how to make that happen ... even if you're an introvert!  ~

Huge, crazy, life-changing travel experiences don't happen by accident. Yes, there's an element of chance involved as to when they occur, but they happen far more frequently to people who travel with a certain mindset, a special attitude, a willingness to venture beyond the usual guidebook recommendations and dive deep into local life. 

To some people, that might sound scary, but if you follow the tips in this course, it won't be. You'll discover how to slowly, gently stretch the boundaries of your cultural comfort zones, tiptoeing lightly at first until you gain the confidence to plunge deeper into the enthralling world of culture shock. 

You'll discover how to...

  • Travel with the mindset necessary to transcend mainstream tourism and dive deep into unfamiliar places.
  • Explore the challenges (and thrills) of culture shock, and flow with those challenges so that traveling in a foreign environment doesn't feel intimidating. 
  • Connect with people who live in the places you visit – in authentic ways that are far more sincere and intimate than any scripted tour company activity. 
  • Make yourself approachable as a traveler, so you meet new friends and gain invitations into people's lives.
  • Meet people safely, reading their attitude and body language, and developing a sense of when it's okay to trust a stranger or a potential new friend. 

This course also includes an interview with Beth Whitman, author of Wanderlust and Lipstick: The Essential Guide for Women Traveling Solo, about travel safety concerns specific to women.

Dave Fox is a professional travel writer and bestselling author ... and he's one of those people who has deep, rich encounters with the local culture whenever and wherever he travels. For years, Dave has been exploring the world, seeking out unique, sometimes wacky adventures, and teaching aspiring travel writers how to craft amazing tales. 

Now, in this course for non-writers and writers alike, he explains his techniques for plunging deep into foreign environments, immersing himself confidently in cultures he doesn't understand, and connecting with the people who live in the places he writes about. 

And hey, Dave believes learning should be entertaining ... so his lessons aren't just full of useful tips for connecting with people in the places you visit. He also weaves lively personal anecdotes into each lesson to illustrate what he teaches! He offers tales from his journeys on five continents as he reveals how he connects with people wherever he goes.

Whether you're an experienced explorer seeking a deeper level of excitement in your travels, or a new adventurer planning your first trip abroad, you'll discover how to transcend mainstream tourism, break free from guidebook "must see" checklists, and connect with local cultures in authentic ways that most travelers wish they could do, but don't know how to.

If you've read this far, that probably means you love to travel. You're curious about the world and you want to have the biggest, boldest travel experiences you possibly can. The skills you learn here will enrich your life with extraordinary adventures as you discover how to connect in any culture with people who are different from you. 

Most tourists just skim the surface of the places they visit. If you want to dive deep and come home with big tales to tell, join us in this three hour workshop – and get ready to travel like you never have before!


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Who this course is for:
  • Beginning travelers who want to maximize their adventures on their first trip abroad.
  • Experienced travelers who want to feel comfortable traveling in more culturally challenging destinations.
  • Anyone who wants to go beyond mainstream tourism to have richer cultural adventures and deeper contact with people who live in the places they visit.
Course content
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+ Introduction
2 lectures 09:00

Have you ever had a friend who goes on vacations and comes back larger-than-life stories to tell about their adventures? Have you ever wondered why those kinds of things seem to happen to some people and not others? Here's a hint: It's not because some people are lucky.

Experiencing deep connections with local cultures, finding the sorts of experiences you'll never read about in any guidebook, comes from having a certain type of traveler's mindset, a desire to go beyond mainstream tourism in search of authentic connections with local cultures. 

The good news is even if you're shy, even if you don't consider yourself an adventurous person, that mindset is something you can develop. Welcome to our course on Deep Travel. Unfasten your seatbelt, prepare yourself for a wild ride, and get ready to travel like you've never traveled before!

Preview 05:37

Different people travel for different reasons. Some go in search of history. Others explore with their tastebuds. Then there are those who set out in search of great art, natural wonders, or to gain a better understanding of world cultures. But there's one universal reason why everyone who explores the globe loves to travel. Understanding that reason will motivate you to plunge deeper into your journeys than ever before. 

Preview 03:23
+ The Joy of Culture Shock
3 lectures 16:52

The term "culture shock" tends to have a negative connotation but there's a positive side to it as well. The excitement and sense of wonder we feel when we've just arrived in an unfamiliar place can be invigorating. In this lesson, we explore the full scope of emotions that comes with culture shock, and we begin reframing the way we look at it.

Preview 05:13

If you haven't gone jogging in a long time, you don't begin with a marathon. Culture shock is like a muscle that anyone can develop over time. Here's how to do that.

How to Develop Your Culture Shock Muscle – Away and at Home

Arriving in a foreign place is a bit like jumping into an icy lake. The initial splash can be a shock to your system, but after a little while you get used to the water. Still, even experienced travelers often experience some anxiety when they first set foot on unfamilar turf. Now, we look at how to manage and minimize that anxiety.

Icy Lake Syndrome: Manage Traveler's Anxiety on the Splashdown Into a New Place
+ Transcending Generic Tourism: Deep and Authentic Connections with Local Cultures
7 lectures 59:41

I never intended to go on vacation in Vietnam. I ended up going due to a scheduling problem. This is the story of how a decision to cross the street changed my life forever ... and why you should take a few more walks. 

To Get to the Other Side: How Crossing the Road Changed My Life

Most guidebooks and travel websites gloss over the most amazing thing you can do when you travel. 

The Thing Guidebooks Never Tell You About How to Explore Foreign Cultures

There's a saying that "luck is what happens to those who show up." In this lesson, we examine how you can choose to put yourself in the right place at the right time to vastly improve your chances of connecting with local people and having transformative travel experiences. 

How to Show Up in the Right Place at the Right Time

Want to have deep connections with people in places where you're a stranger? The vibe you give off tells them whether or not they want to come talk to you. 

The Fine Art of Being Approachable

Growing up, we were taught never to talk to strangers. When we were children, that was good advice. But as adults, we have a more highly developed sense of when things are safe and when we should move along. 

In spite of that, starting conversations with people can feel challenging even when we're in our own familiar cultures – but when we travel, a simple, well-placed question can open up invitations into local events, people's homes, and even lifelong friendships. And it doesn't have to be scary or difficult – even if you consider yourself a shy person. In this lesson, we explore freakishly simple ways to meet new people and change our lives. I share some of my most successful and easy techniques for drawing people into conversations ... and making them want to draw you into their world.

Now that You're an Adult, It's Okay to Talk to Strangers! (Even if You're Shy!)

From planting trees on Borneo to being an English tutor for a day in Laos, I share some of my favorite international volunteering experiences. I explain how to find these opportunities – and why seeking them out can bring you strong connections with local communities. 

I also talk about some of my wildest homestay experiences. In Nepal, I waded through three icy streams to reach an isolated community where I became a temporary family member. And you won't believe what happened when the matriarch of an indigenous hilltribe family in rural Vietnam received a wrong-number phone call at dinner one night. Homestays aren't as comfortable as four-star hotels, and that's why I love them. There's not a fluffy pillow or room service menu in the world that can compete with these experiences. 

Two Guaranteed Ways to Connect with People who Live in the Places You Travel

Language is one of the biggest barriers travelers encounter – but not for the reasons most people think. It's always good to learn at least a few phrases of the local language when traveling, but even if you're totally monolingual, there are simple things you can do to vastly improve your communications skills across a linguistic divide.

Hurdling the Language Barrier (Even if You Only Speak One Language)
+ Rethinking Logistics: Minor Changes in How You Travel Create Bigger Experiences
6 lectures 45:57

Food is a universal connector. And while a splurgy restaurant can be fun when traveling, if you want to dive deep into the local culture, there are more exciting ways to dine. We explore options for cooking classes, market visits, and even dining in people's homes. 

Plus: Street food. Your doctor tells you not to do it. I share my thoughts, as well as tips on how to discover truly local restaurants you won't find in any guidebook or on any website. 

How to Discover REALLY Local Dining Experiences that Aren't in Any Guidebook

Budget airlines have changed the way we travel, but are they watering down our experiences? Learn why old-school ways of getting around will transport you far deeper into the local culture than a trip through the clouds ... and join me on a crazy local transportation adventure in Laos. 

Choose Your Transportation Carefully. Efficiency Can Spoil Adventure.

Yes, you read that correctly! Find out how my wife and I scored a private house with a swimming pool in a little French village and paid just 90 US dollars – for an entire month! We became temporary members of the local community for less than the cost of a nice dinner for two in Paris.

I also explain why hostels are misunderstood. And I talk about one of my top priorities when choosing an AirBNB apartment rental – something most people never think about that brings me in closer contact with the places I explore. 

Budget Rooms = Big Thrills! Plus: Virtually FREE Housesitting Around the Globe

You've heard my lecture on why I love budget accommodations, but hey, I get it. Different people have different travel styles and sometimes you just want to splurge. (I even do it myself sometimes!) 

There's a misconception that staying in upscale places will limit your contact with the real culture in the places you visit. With the right attitude, it doesn't have to. The challenge, however, is that some fancy hotels like to hold you captive. In this lesson, learn the tricks some fancy resorts use to keep you eating at their restaurants – and why you shouldn't listen to them! Discover how to break free and see the real world even if you do want that fluffy pillow under your head at night. And if you're going on a cruise, learn how to create your own adventures much more enticing than any organized shore excursion. 

How to Have Down-to-Earth Cultural Thrills—Even on a Cruise or in a Swanky Hotel

Private tour guides can give you access to experiences you could never find on your own, and in some countries, they're surprisingly affordable, even for budget travelers. But many guides need to be nudged off of their tired itineraries. In this lesson, learn how and why you should untrain your tour guide. 

Private Tour Guides: How to Untrain Them (And Why You Should Do That)

You want extraordinary cultural experiences but you also like the convenience of an organized tour? You can have both, but you need to be proactive both before and during your journey.

How to Connect with the Local Culture Even if You're on a Group Tour
+ Travel Safety: Minimizing Risks When You Plunge Into Unfamiliar Environments
5 lectures 50:14

In this course on how to dive deep into unfamiliar places, safety is our biggest concern. Trusting strangers and taking risks can lead to extraordinary experiences ... or extraordinary trouble. In this introduction to our section on travel safety, I tell three stories from three countries about times when I've taken those risks. I explains how things got scary on two of those occasions, and why I still trusted a stranger enough on the third occasion to wander down a blind alley and into one of my most wonderful encounters ever. 

Introduction to Travel Safety: Lessons from Nepal, Greece, and Portugal

In my lifetime of international travel, I've developed a strong intuition about when things are safe and they aren't – and that intuition has served me well. I have traveled across five continents and never been in a serious physical altercation. I explain my techniques for reading people and situations to determine whether things are safe, and I share my tips for talking my way out of potentially dodgy encounters before they become confrontational.  

Travel Safety: How to Read People and Minimize Your Risks

My pal, Beth Whitman, author of Wanderlust and Lipstick: The Essential Guide for Women Traveling Solo, joins me via Skype to talk about travel safety concerns specific to women. 

(But men: Don't skip this one! Beth's got great advice and encouragement for everybody!)

Women's Travel Safety Issues: An Interview with Beth Whitman

Is the world really as dangerous as we hear? Often, the answer to that question is no. Learn how misconceptions and prejudices can lead to a false sense of danger – and also how to dig beneath the horror stories to find out if a place is really safe to visit or not. 

Final Thoughts on Travel Safety: Perceptions vs. Reality

You've heard the story. Now, check out the free concert! See how an impoverished Nepali street vendor, a blinding rainstorm, and a sketchy looking alley in Nepal led me through a labyrinth, into a magical musical experience. 

Bonus Video: Chatting With a Street Vendor Got Me a Private Concert in Nepal
+ Social and Anti-Social Media: Be in the Moment & Stay Centered in Where You Are
3 lectures 18:55

Sometimes you have to disconnect in order to connect ... and vice versa!

Social Media & Anti-Social Media: How the Internet Connects & Divides Travelers

When done right, taking pictures of people you encounter can help you connect with the local culture. When done wrong, it can have the opposite effect. In this lesson, we explore the art of photographing strangers: How do you use your camera (or phone) as a tool for meeting other people and learning about their culture? (And what happens when you use it the wrong way?)

Photographing People: Is Your Camera a Bridge or a Wall?

Okay ... so if you're going to go have all of these amazing experiences, you've got to remember your stories! A lot of things happen when we travel that we won't recall later from photography alone. The solution is a well-written travel journal. But how do you find time to write when there's so much else to do in the middle of an incredible adventure? 

In this bonus lesson from my travel journaling course on Udemy, I reveal my most important tip for how to write about your travel experiences – quickly – so that journaling doesn't gobble up all of your precious time.

Bonus Lecture from My Travel Journaling Course: Speed Journaling
+ Go Have Crazy Adventures! - Dave's Three Rules for Maximizing Travel Happiness
2 lectures 10:57

Yes ... this is weird ... which is why it works. 

Bonus Lecture: My Secret, Cuddly Weapon for Connecting with People When I Travel

My top three tips for how to have extraordinary travel adventures – and how to contact me for workshops, cross-cultural coaching, or just to say hello. 

My Three Rules for How to Have Huge Travel Adventures—And Other Ways I Can Help