Deep Learning with PyTorch for Beginners - Part 1

PyTorch Basics & Linear Regression
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Introduction to Machine Learning and Deep Learning
PyTorch Basics: Tensors & Gradients
Linear Regression with PyTorch
Working with Image Data in PyTorch
Image Classification using Convolutional Neural Networks
Residual Networks, Data Augmentation and Regularization Techniques
Generative Adverserial Networks


  • Basic Linear Algebra (matrix multiplication)
  • Basic Python Programming
  • Basic Calculus (Derivatives)


“Deep Learning with PyTorch for Beginners is a series of courses covering various topics like the basics of Deep Learning, building neural networks with PyTorch, CNNs, RNNs, NLP, GANs, etc. This course is Part 1 of 5.

Topics Covered:

1. Introduction to Machine Learning & Deep Learning
2. Introduction on how to use Jovian platform
3. Introduction to PyTorch: Tensors & Gradients
4. Interoperability with Numpy
5. Linear Regression with PyTorch
    - System setup
    - Training data
    - Linear Regression from scratch
    - Loss function
    - Compute gradients
    - Adjust weights and biases using gradient descent
    - Train for multiple epochs
    - Linear Regression using PyTorch built-ins
    - Dataset and DataLoader
    - Using nn.Linear 
    - Loss Function
    - Optimizer
    - Train the model
    - Commit and update the notebook
7. Sharing Jupyter notebooks online with Jovian

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Python developers curious about Deep Learning and PyTorch

Course content

1 section5 lectures1h 33m total length
  • Introduction and Reference Material
  • PyTorch Basics and Linear Regression
  • Further Reading
  • Introduction to Kaggle
  • Introduction to the Boston Housing Competition


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