Data Visualization with Python and Power BI

Learn to create BI reports and Charts with Python Matplotlib and Seaborn
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You will learn to create various visualization charts in Power BI
You will also learn to create advanced charts by writing python code using seaborn and matplotlib
You will learn to create Line chart, Scatterplot, and Violin chart
You will also learn to create Strip plot, box plot and Lmplot chart


  • Before taking this course you must have power bi and python installed on you computer.


Python is one of the most popular and advanced programming language used in various domains such as machine learning and data science. Python helps you reduce the lines of code into as short as possible while keeping it in a readable format so that anyone can easily understand the implication of python code. In this course you will learn about some of the libraries in python and some methods used to create data visualization charts and data science projects. Here, you will learn about creating data visualization charts using python and Power BI business intelligence software. Power BI is an advanced software used for wide range of application areas such as Data Science, Machine Learning, Enterprise Resource Planning, Data Analysis and much more. And it makes the process of data cleaning, modelling and visualization very interactive and easy.

Although we could create various kinds of charts in Power Bi even without writing a single line of code. But there are various complex problems in data science that can be solved with the help of python libraries such as matplotlib and seaborn. Here in this course you will learn to create some of the advanced charts in power bi by writing python programs to create data visualizations for driving insights and finding outliers that may not be done by using default charts, one such example could be Violin chart. By creating a Violin chart you could easily spot the distribution range or concentration of values based on a certain category. This chart would make it intuitive to spot any segregation of values, and uniformity of distribution. It would be very difficult to represent such insights using any other default charts. Moreover, you would be learning many of such advanced custom charts in power bi that can be created by writing python codes.

The skills you learn in this course can be used in various domains related to data science and data analytics to business intelligence and machine learning.

In this course, you will be learning following concepts and visualization charts using python libraries such as pandas, matplotlib and seaborn-

  • Installing python packages and defining path

  • Creating a Line chart with matplotlib

  • Putting labels and creating dashed scatterplot

  • Violin chart with seaborn

  • More on Violin chart

  • Stripplot

  • Boxplot

  • Lmplot or align plot

Moreover, you will also learn to create other visualization charts in power bi and other concepts such as creating slicer filters and map chart-

  • Ribbon Chart

  • Table and Matrix

  • Drill Down Table and Matrix

  • Donut Ring chart

  • Simple Map and modes

  • Slicer- Basics

  • Slicers- Date Slicer

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is curious to learn Data Science and Data Visualization
  • Students, Developers and professionals interested in learning Power BI and python
  • Interested to create custom charts using matplotlib and seaborn in python

Course content

5 sections19 lectures1h 21m total length
  • Introduction
  • Resource files


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