Data Visualization

An insight into Data Visualization Concepts, Display Media, Dashboards and Design Principles.
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Students will understand importance of Data Visualization Tool
Students will get insight of a Data Visualization Tool : Dashboard
Students will get to know Design Principles of Dashboard


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21st Century is characterized by rapid advancements in the field of Information Technology. Data and Information has not only been the integral part of everyone’s life but also almost every industry including science & technology, Education, Health care, e Commerce, Entertainment and many other !! Internet, sensors, machine transactions, surveillance equipment are all the time generating enormous amount of data at all the time. This is termed as Big Data! It has very large volume, great speed of generation and it exhibits large variety !

To sustain in this global data environment, all the industries are redefining their business processes, business strategies and standards to be able to handle Big Data ! This scenario has created new business as well as employment opportunities in almost every industry ! Few of the up rising job titles are Data Engineer, Data Analysts, Data Scientists, Data Architect , data visualization consultant and many other.

Data visualization is an area carrying utmost importance in Business Intelligence. Data visualization techniques generate visual or graphical representation of information and data. The visuals prepared by the data visualization tools helps the business to test and redesign their business strategies , discover the new opportunities in the market place, take more effective and informed business decisions and grow their business !

So if you have got a creative and analytical brain and you love Computer Science, Data Analysis and Statistics then you may have a bright career as a data visualization consultant or engineer !

Who this course is for:

  • Students with interest in career or job role as Data Visualization Expert / Data Consultant
  • Students studying Data Science
  • Students studying Business Intelligence

Course content

1 section5 lectures1h 9m total length
  • Introduction
  • Benefits of Data Visualization
  • Display Media in Data Visualization
  • Dashboard: A Data Visualization Tool
  • Dashboard : Design Principles


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Rupali Kulkarni
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Dr. Rupali Deepak Kulkarni , Ph.D (Computer Science & Engineering.

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Area of Expertise: Databases, Web Technologies, Object Oriented Technologies, Data Science.

Subject Handled: Software Testing and Quality Assurance, Object Oriented Modeling and Design, Data Structures, Database Management System, Adv. Unix Programming, System Programming, Operating System, Java and Adv. Java programming, Numeric Computations, Data Science and Machine Learning etc.

Programming Skillset: Web technologies (CSS, JS, PHP, MySQL, Java, Python), C, C++, Java, Visual Studio tools, Crystal Reports, Data Visualization tools.

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Authored research papers in many International & National journals, conferences and symposiums.

Contributed as author in Springer Book series.