Data Science with Analogies, Algorithms and Solved Problems

Machine learning, Data Mining, Data Science, Deep Learning, Data analysis, Data analytics, Python, Visualization
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Truly understand what Algorithms, Big Data, Machine Learning, and Data Science is.
To understand how these different domains are distinct and how they collaborate as well.
To really understand where these concepts are used using real life analogies.
To understand the different algorithms and their working.
To learn how these algorithms are applied to solve various problems.


  • Basic mathematics and computer skills.


Interested to know about the field of Machine Learning?

Then this course is for you! This course has been designed such that we can share our knowledge and help you learn complex theory, algorithms and coding libraries in a simple way.

We will walk you into the World of Machine Learning. With every tutorial you will develop new skills and improve your understanding of this field. While preparing this course special care is taken that the concepts are presented in fun and exciting way but at the same time, we dive deep into machine learning.

Here is a list of few of the topics we will be learning:

• Difference between Data Mining and Deep Learning

• Data and 5 Vs of Big Data

• Types of Attributes

• Outliers

• Supervised learning, Unsupervised learning, Reinforcement learning

• Python Libraries


• K - means Clustering Algorithm

• Bayesian Algorithm, ID3 Algorithm

• Simple Linear Regression

• Anaconda

• Visualization

Who this course is for:

  • People/Researchers interested in machine learning
  • Technologists who are curious about how deep learning really works
  • Any student willing to begin a career in machine learning
  • People who want to brush up their basics.


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Ajay Dhruv, Ph.D.
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▪︎ 10+ years of experience in academics and the corporate industry. Educating students across USA, North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia & Africa.

▪︎ Proficiency in statistical machine learning, deep learning, hyperparameter tuning, regularization & optimization.

▪︎ Other skills include usability engineering, empirical software engineering, project management, web development(HTML5, Drupal, Joomla & WordPress), IT infrastructures, CRM and ERP software’s.

▪︎ Educating 38,000+ learners on Udemy.

▪︎ Presence across 30+ media coverages internationally.

▪︎ Author of an International Book Chapter on Data Science.

▪︎ Former - Corporate trainer for BMW, Samsung, Danone and Momentum.

▪︎ Member of course design at international universities. Technical reviewer for IEEE & Springer conferences.

▪︎ 20+ research articles, 15+ international licenses & certifications to my credit.

▪︎ Proud recipient of "Bayer Scholarship" in pursuit of academic & career excellence.

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Neha Mayekar
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I work as a Software Engineer at Capgemini, India. I am passionate about my work. I have an experience of 2 years with 1 year in research. I have published two technical papers based on Machine learning. Besides academics I like to utilise my time in creative hobbies such as photography, painting. 

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Shreya Pattewar
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Persuing engineering in the field of Information Technology from Vidyalankar Institute of Technology, Mumbai, India. I have technical paper published in international conference. Along with academics, I like to explore new things and gain knowledge of various technologies. I am an enthusiastic student. I love to be surrounded by technological innovations.

Pursuing IT Engineering from VIT Mumbai, India
Shubham Patil
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Pursuing engineering in the field of Information Technology at Vidyalankar Institute of Technology, Mumbai, India. I am an enthusiastic student. Along with academics I like to try new things and do some extra curricular activities. I have a conference paper published in an international conference. Also using Udemy as a platform to share my knowledge.

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