Data Science Bootcamp with Power BI and Python

Data Visualization | Data Analysis | Data Preparation | Data Cleaning | Python custom charts
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You would be able to create various kinds of Visualization charts in Power BI
You would be able to create Bar, Line, Pie, Ring, Treemap, Table and Matrix
You could create Advanced custom charts by writing python code for Line chart, Scatterplot and Violin chart
You could create slicer filters and custom measure
You could perform Data Preparation and Cleaning using Power Query Editor
You could perform Split, Merge, Prefix, Suffix, Extract and other functions


  • You should have either a trial or full version of Tableau Desktop or Tableau Online


Welcome to this course on Data Science bootcamp with Microsoft Power BI and Python. In this course, you will learn various concepts with hands on examples where you will learn to create powerful BI reports and analytics dashboard. You will learn right from creating data visualization charts in Power BI with and without using python programs. You will learn to create various kinds of charts such as Bar, Pie, Ring, Treemap and more that are available as default charts in Power BI. Moreover you will also learn to create advanced custom charts by writing python programs such as line, scatterplot and violin chart. After that, you will also learn to create slicer filters for categories and date based on which you can filter the data that is visually displayed on the chart. This feature helps in focused decision making based on decided parameter such as region, category or date.

After learning lessons on Data Visualization, you will learn Data Cleaning and Data Preparation by using Power Query Editor. Here, you will learn to perform various kinds of operations on rows, columns or individual cells of the dataset. You will learn to create new custom column or field in a table based on a certain condition such as conditional column, and you will also learn to create index column. You will learn to perform row operations such as row deletion. For columns, you would learn to perform Split, Merge, Extract and other operations in Power Query editor.

You could use the skills learned in this course for various domains such as Data Science, Business Intelligence, Data Analysis, Data Preparation and Data Visualization.

Topics discussed under Data Visualization and Analytics with Python and Power BI-

  • Bar chart

  • Line chart

  • Pie chart

  • Ring chart

  • Treemap chart

  • Table and Matrix

  • Drill down

  • Install python libraries

  • Create line chart with matplotlib

  • Putting labels and creating a dashed line chart

  • Violin chart with seaborn

  • Slicer Filter

  • Date Slicer

  • Creating a calculated measure

  • Using live web data

Topics covered under Data preparation with Power Query-

  • Row deletion and column Split

  • Replace column values

  • Column Merge

  • Adding Suffix and Prefix

  • Add and transform column

  • Extract function

  • Adding conditional and Index column

  • Date function in power query

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone curious to learn Data Science with Power BI
  • People interested to learn Data Visualization and Data Preparation using Python and Power BI
  • IT professionals and Students interested to build their career around this domain

Course content

6 sections25 lectures1h 58m total length
  • Introduction
  • Resource files


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