Cyber Security Training for Absolute Beginners

Understand the Cybersecurity Industry. Learn about various Job Roles, Certifications, Salaries & Career Paths
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Understand the Cybersecurity Concepts
Learn how to get your First Job
Learn about various Job roles, Certifications & Career paths
Understand the Top Cybersecurity Skills


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This “Cybersecurity training course for beginners” does not discuss ethical hacking tools or tips. Instead, it focuses on cybersecurity industry and the steps to excel in the Cyber security industry. Learners will understand the entire industry, and they will also learn about the most desirable and sought-after skills.

First of all, it discusses the concept of cybersecurity, and how it is different than ethical hacking and information security. Learners will learn the CIA triad, 2A’s, non-repudiation, and other core concepts; then, it discusses the top 10 cybersecurity job roles, salaries, and the required certifications to get on these positions. Additionally, understand the idea of information protection, and how it goes along with cybersecurity. Also, it covers how physical security incorporates with the cybersecurity strategy and plans.

Apprentices will explore the tools and techniques to analyze cybersecurity job market; they will also learn to position them accordingly. The course discusses the concept of mentoring and networking; it also focuses on the core skills that an individual must possess to grow in this industry.

Finally, the roadmap will be discussed with learners; they will learn how to reshape their cybersecurity careers. Apart from this, this course lets learners connect and share the learning. It’s a win-win for everyone.

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Hi everyone, this is Irfan Shakeel; I am the founder of ehacking, an author, a cybersecurity researcher, and a trainer. I have trained more than 100,000 people worldwide.

You can find me on Youtube, Huffignton Post, Infosec Institute. I have reported vulnerabilities on Google, Dailymotion, etc.

I have been teaching cybersecurity for the last 10 years.