Land That Interview: Steps To Creating The Appropriate CV

How and where to identify vital facts to update your CV and improve your chances to get the job interview of your dream
Learn how to 'Read the Mind' of the Recruiters
Learn the No. 1 Question every Recruiter or Employer MUST answer while going through your CV
How to Improve the odds in your favour of being shortlisted for an Interview
How to Develop a system for creating "The Appropriate CV"
How to Productively question what you already know about CVs
Fast and Smart way to Tailor your CV
Identify the most important document to consider while applying for a job


  • An open and curious mind.
  • The willingness to take a chance and try something different.
  • Have handy a copy of your CV


Have you become frustrated at how often you are asked to update your CV? change this; take that out; make this bold; paragraph that; the list is endless.

Do you believe you have a good CV, but applied to a number of vacancies without a positive outcome?

In reality the average recruiter has three piles for every CV they go through during the recruitment process and they are:

1. The Bin (You don't want your CV ending up here because next stop is the Shredder)

2. The Under-Consideration (promising but could likely get overlooked as the process unfolds), or

3. The Shortlist-for-Interview

Where your CV ends up determines if you would be invited to the next stage of the recruitment process or not.

This course is designed to take you back to the basics and provide you with a set of adaptable insights that will guide you to identify, understand and apply the clues and resources that are already at your disposal to improve the odds of your CV ending up on the "Shortlist-for-Interview" pile most of the time.

It will require some critical analysis, but the results will be very liberating for you and those you choose to support.

Who this course is for:

  • Students and recent Graduates
  • Job Seekers
  • Career Changers

Course content

14 sections14 lectures1h 4m total length
  • Introduction


Author, Trainer and Paspektives Coach
Emmanuel Utomi
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Emmanuel is a qualified Behavioural Analyst and Professional Life Skills Coach with human capacity development experience spanning over three decades. He has served in various leadership capacities and has been involved in transformational training for Corporate, Youth and Faith-based organisations around the world. He is a dynamic trainer who has the rare ability to share and impart knowledge in a journey-like unforgettable experience.

He has invested thousands of hours helping individuals and organisations by offering street-smart no-holds-barred approach to support and helping you identify, understand and overcome possible internal and external constraints while maximising your opportunities. He uses his unique experience to refocus and guide individuals and teams with un-mined potentials into energetic and determined ones.

As the CEO of Paspektives Limited, he will challenge you to develop the habit of questioning your beliefs and inspire you to develop a progressive and solution-based mind-set.