Custom Wordpress Blog Theme Using Elementor With NO Coding

Start blogging by building your own blog theme without any coding - Create your blog using Elementor theme builder
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How to start your blogging journey by creating a custom WordPress theme for your blog.
How to create WordPress Blogs using Elementor blog theme builder
How to use various widgets of Elementor blog theme builder.
How to use Elementor pro theme builder plugin to create custom wordpress blogs in 2018
How to recreate any blog using Elementor blog theme builder plugin


  • You should know how to use internet
  • You should know basic understanding of how Wordpress works
  • You should know the basics of Elementor plugin.


How to create a blog using Elementor theme builder and start your bogging journey.

If you are planning to start your blog then Elementor blog theme builder is the best theme builder plugin available.

You can now start your blogging journey with a completely custom design and Elementor theme builder can

help you make your custom blog theme and without any coding knowledge.

You can now make your own custom theme for your blog or may be for your clients. So now to create a theme to sell or to create a blog theme for your next client, you don't have to be a programmer. You can create almost any type of WordPress blog theme and sell it to your clients.

Here is what you will be learning in this course:

1) Introduction to custom blog designing course.

Let me tell you who I am and what you will be learning in this course of custom WordPress blog theme designing course.

2) How is this course different?

In this session, I will help you understand how this course is different from all the other courses available.

3) Why Choose Elementor With WordPress?

In this session, we will understand why you should use Elementor for your WordPress projects and how this will change the way you design your next WordPress project.

4) How I choose my domain / Brand name?

In this session, we will understand the importance of choosing a right brand / domain name and how to find you brand name in a much easier way.

5) Choosing a right hosting company?

In this session, I will share my experience with most of the hosting companies and how you should choose your Wordpress blog hosting company to create your own blog or for your client projects.

6) How to set up your Hosting?

In this session we will understand how to host/buy your domain from the hosting company you choose.

7) How to Install WordPress on Server?

In this session, I will walk you through the process of installing WordPress on your hosting server. You will know how easy it is to install and manage WordPress on any hosting server.

8) Adding base theme and Elementor theme builder plugin.

In this session we will understand what theme we should use as a base to our WordPress blog and how we will be using that with Elementor blog theme builder to make our own custom blog theme.

9) What makes a WordPress theme?

In this session, we will understand what exactly we need to create to make a full WordPress theme. We will understand what all files / parts we will need to design to make full WordPress theme.

10) Understanding Elementor layouts and structure

In this session, I will help you understand how Elementor theme structure works and how exactly Elementor building blocks work.

# Customization part -1

11) How to create custom blog footer?

In this session, we will understand how to create a custom footer for our blog which we can design from scratch or use ready made templates.

12) Create Blog Archive Page - Part -1

13) Create Blog Archive Page - Part -2

In this two-part session, we will understand how we will create the blog archive page where we will be listing all our blog posts in different categories and different type of archives.

14) Create 404 Error Page

Here we will design our 404 Error page which is an important page to guide your visitors to land on correct pages if they land on any wrong / non existing page on the WordPress blog.

15) Create custom blog page layout

Here we will design the most important page of our blog which is the single blog page layout which will have your post/content of the blog.

#How I designed My Own Blog

16) Find Your inspiration blog theme.

17) Creating my blog theme header

18) Creating my blog theme home page

19) Creating my blog theme footer

20) Designing my single post page

21) Designing my blog archive page

In the above sessions, I will walk you thought the process how I designed my own bog and how you can do that too by taking inspiration from some theme marketplace websites. We will select different elements from different themes on these marketplaces and will make our own.

Who this course is for:

  • Aspiring bloggers who wish to start their blogging journey and wish to create a custom theme without any coding knowledge.
  • Elementor Custom Blog Building Training is for you if you wish to learn how to create a custom blog yourself without coding
  • A non-tech person and wish to create WordPress Blog for your clients using Elementor
  • If you wish to learn the latest and fastest growing WordPress Blog Theme builder ie Elementor


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