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French and world cuisine
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réaliser une fiche technique
historique rapide de la gastronomie
rôle des différents outils de la gastronomie
principaux personnages de la gastronomie française


  • savoir lire , écrire
  • être attentif et à l'écoute


You will be able to explore the world of French and world gastronomy through this course and know how to manage a cooking brigade. A history of the kitchen, the main actors of the transformations of this sector you will be taught, you will become a real cordon bleu .

The world of cuisine and gastronomy is a very vast world , through this course you will nevertheless have the solid foundations to improve your personal development to are full potential as we know well today even in the world of bodybuilding or in the world of the company the rule of 80/20 , 80% effort is required with 20% self control to achieve the best possible results.

In Everyday life, it is not always easy to refocus on the foods that are essential to our good development because it is easier for us to succumb to processed foods, energy drinks, substitutes that are not beneficial to the natural body of the human body.

In this course and the references of the essential books both historical , current and modern , you will have all the luggage necessary for the balanced development of your personal development.

This course is presented by a student in catering .

Who this course is for:

  • cuisinier débutant
  • amateur de cuisine


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