Cucumber, Selenium & Java -Develop a Framework in 2.5 Hours!

Learn Selenium WebDriver & Cucumber (BDD) from Scratch! - All the way to Developing Compact and Small Framework
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Students will learn Cucumber BDD from a beginner’s level all the way to a fairly advanced level using Selenium WebDriver and Java.
Ability to develop small robust Cucumber Framework(s).


  • You should have some basic knowledge of Selenium WebDriver & some basic knowledge of Java.



  •  Are you an automation tester who wants to add Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) / Cucumber to your Resume? 
  • Are you someone who has often heard of the phrases Cucumber or BDD… but has the slightest idea what these technologies are? 
  • If you look at the majority of ‘QA Automation Testing Role(s)’ advertised online, most of them will require you to have knowledge and experience in BDD / Cucumber. 
  • Conduct some self-research of your own and you will discover that Cucumber (BDD) is in very high demand in today’s market place! 


  • Cucumber (BDD) simplifies the requirement capturing process. Requirements can be captured, broken down and simplified effortlessly; making the captured requirements readable to anyone within the organisation and in turn providing the required details and backbone to develop accurate test cases also known as ‘Feature Files’.
  • Cucumber (BDD) simplifies the process of developing automation test scripts! Students enrolled within this course will see why! 
  • Students will learn Cucumber BDD from a beginner’s level all the way to obtaining the knowledge to develop a small compact Cucumber BDD framework(s) of their own.
  • Cucumber is one of the BDD frameworks which is in very high demand Search online for many automation testing roles and you will likely see BDD, Cucumber as a mandatory requirement!


  • You will have the ability to shadow the learning process every step of the way.
  • This course is structured in a way which will enable anyone with basic knowledge of Java and Selenium WebDriver to create basic to advanced Cucumber test(s) and even gain the ability to develop small compact Cucumber framework(s) from scratch.
  • If you have basic knowledge of Java and Selenium WebDriver and wish to further enhance your skills within Cucumber (BDD) and add another skill to your Resume then this course is for you!


  • Gain a greater understating of Selenium WebDriver & JAVA.
  • Gradually learn and understand Cucumber (BDD) from a basic level all the way to an advanced level.
  • What is Gherkin? How can we use Gherkin?
  • Understand what exactly are Feature File(s) & how to create Feature File(s).
  • Understand what are Step Definition Classe(s) & how to create Step Definition Classe(s).
  • Learn how to generate Advanced Report(s) using a RunnerClass.
  • Java JDK and Apache Maven setup.
  • Become familiar with Eclipse.
  • Setup Eclipse the correct way.
  • Select and install important add-ons within Eclipse.
  • Learn Maven.
  • Learn the importance of the Maven POM File.
  • Understand the M2 directory.
  • How to simplify the update process (Dependencies) of your project.
  • Understand Chromedriver, Geckodriver…

Who this course is for:

  • Automation Engineer(s)
  • Software Development Engineer(s) in Test.
  • QA Engineer(s) / QA Analyst(s) / Manual Tester(s) wanting to learn Automation Testing; BDD / Cucumber.
  • Anyone wanting to understand and learn the concepts of Cucumber BDD and Selenium WebDriver.
  • Anyone wanting to learn the skills required to develop a Small and Simple Cucumber (BDD) framework(s).
  • Automation or Manual Testers wanting to add another skill to their Resume (CV)!

Course content

9 sections41 lectures2h 21m total length
  • Introduction


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