CSS Flexbox | Basic to Advanced with Responsive Project

Learn how to build Web and Mobile Application Interfaces for the modern world!
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Understand everything about FlexBox Basic to Advanced
Write high-quality and reusable CSS code
Create web site designs more effectively
Build a complete website with advanced responsive layouts like ( the holy grail layout - the equal columns layout - the horizontal masonry layout ) and more...


  • Basic HTML & CSS
  • Any Code Editor of your Choice


Flexbox Is the way to layout websites and web applications in the modern world.

In this class, you will learn about all the features and properties of Flexbox and how to use them! We will take a hands-on approach to discovering all the awesome ways to use Flexbox and by the end of the course, you will have a professional understanding of Flexbox and how to use it to layout Websites and Web Applications like modern CSS guru!

Each video includes a link to the lesson's code so you can easily follow and code along without needing anything but a web browser.

To be successful in this class all you need is a basic understanding of CSS and HTML!

The old way of laying out content on the web is in its last days. Learn how to utilize Flexbox to streamline, simplify, and future-proof your Websites and Mobile Applications!

After this course, you'll be able to use Flexbox to...

  • vertically align any element

  • create modern grids

  • take up remaining space

  • add spacing between elements

  • implement complete site layouts

  • and much more!

As a bonus, this course includes a complete Flexbox Cheat Sheet that you can use to recap all you've learned and to refer back to while using Flexbox.

Additionally, I included the code for a Flexbox demo showcase -- which is like an interactive cheat sheet for you to see in the browser that contains every property and every layout example from this tutorial.

Who this course is for:

  • Web designers and developers who want to improve their frontend skills
  • Experienced web developers who want to create websites layouts in a much more easy way


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