Fundamentals Of Cryptoeconomics: Guide To The Token Economy
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Fundamentals Of Cryptoeconomics: Guide To The Token Economy

Become Proficient With The Economic Model Of Cryptoeconomics & The New Token Economy, Which Powers All Cryptocurrencies!
4.5 (17 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
55 students enrolled
Last updated 5/2020
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What you'll learn
  • You’ll become a proficient member of the token economy, understanding how tokens are powered beyond the technology. We will help you pinpoint where the value lies with tokens.
  • Targeted towards those who are familiar with cryptocurrencies, and now want to take their understanding further ensuring they’re fully aware of how the token economy gains value.

If you’re aware of Bitcoin, you’ll know this digital asset has created a new economy!

At the time of writing this the new economy is collectively worth above $200 Billion...

Which is a mere dent in the all time high value, which was once at approximately $800 Billion!

In this course we’re going to help you understand this whole new ecosystem of token economics.

Having helped 100,000+ students achieve their cryptocurrency learning goals, you'll be getting the best experience

Should you have any questions as we plough through the lectures, please don’t hesitate to ask...

However before you do so, there’s a ‘FAQs’ document at the end of this course which you can refer to whenever.

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I look forward to guiding you through this course, helping you to become proficient on the topic of cryptoeconomics.

Lets bring cryptoeconomics to the forefront as an economic model!

Who this course is for:
  • This course is perfect for anyone who is already aware of cryptocurrencies, and the token economy at a wider scale. We will be dissecting it all for you, hence providing real clarity.
Course content
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+ Course Introduction
3 lectures 02:41

First and foremost, welcome to this course!

I just want to welcome you into the course, as your instructor before we dive into the world of cryptoeconomics. You can be sure you’re getting the best learning experience here, having helped over 100,000 other students achieve their cryptocurrency & blockchain learning goals.

My goal with this course is to really help you understand how this whole new ecosystem of token economics has arisen, bringing cryptoecominics to the forefront as an economic model.

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One more thing before we move onto the next section!

Having helped over 100,000 students I found what most people crave is community. Moreover a safe community where questions can be asked, and a generous answer is given.

This is the reason I started my own group on Facebook, only for those in my courses. No others can join. No promoters, no trolls, just real conversation. How a community should be!

Join Our Community
+ Fundamentals Of Economics
3 lectures 09:44

Welcome to this lecture in the course where I want to introduce you to the term ‘economics’. It’s something I’m sure you’ve come across before, but due to it being such a fundamental building block of cryptoeconomics it’s something we must touch upon.

As defined by Wikipedia; ‘economics is the social science that studies the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services.’

Diving deeper than that now, economics is more often than not split into two camps.

Preview 03:26

As we’re covering the fundamentals of economics in this section we have to discuss what money is, because this section of the course would simply not be complete otherwise.

When many initially ask themselves the question; ‘What Is Money?’ it confuses them. Reason being even to this day, we really don’t have a unified definition of money. That in itself is extremely bizarre, considering it is half of every trade we participate in day to day.

What Is Money?

Let's move onto discussing what value is, more specifically economic value. It’s something that doesn’t need to be over complicated, regardless of how easy it is to overcomplicate.

To really define economic value in the most simplest way, it’s whatever you’re willing to give up to get something else. It could be the case you’re giving up time to get what you desire.

On top of that, economic value is also correlated in many ways to the value that a marketplace in question places upon an item. Whether it would be a vehicle, or window frame.

What Is Value?
Fundamentals Of Economics
3 questions
+ Cryptoeconomic Theory
3 lectures 15:25

Welcome to this lecture in the course where I want to introduce you to the term cryptoeconomics, and help you to understand what it means before diving further.

If you weren’t already aware the term cryptoeconomics is a mashup of the words cryptography, and economics. Hence I provided you a foundational introduction to economics previously, because as we move forward you’ll see just how it plays a part.

Preview 04:20

Now you have a primer understanding of cryptoeconomics, let me move on in this lecture and introduce the blockchain, or perhaps better phrased blockchain technology as a whole.

As has been previously mentioned in this course already, Bitcoin was the catalyst to bring cryptoeconomics and blockchain technology to the forefront. As Bitcoin become more popular, so did the actual revolutionary technology behind it along with a new economic theory.

The Blockchain Economy

In this lecture we’re going to be discussing the cryptoeconomics of  bitcoin.

Bitcoin is no doubt the most successful example of cryptoeconomics in play so far, it was in fact the anonymous founder of bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto that crafted this cryptoeconomic ecosystem back in 2009 by combining economic incentives with peer to peer systems.

Bitcoin includes all the fundamentals required in order to have a successfully functioning cryptoeconomic ecosystem, these are the following...

The Cryptoeconomics Of Bitcoin
Cryptoeconomic Theory
3 questions
+ Technical Aspects Of Cryptoeconomics
3 lectures 14:34

Welcome to this part of the course where we’re going to dive deeper into the technicalities of cryptoeconomics, helping you understand the inner workings of this word - cryptoeconomics.

At its core game theory in general studies how people make decisions in various situations, and something to note with game theory is that it’s based on only mathematics. Due to it being based on mathematics, it has can be applied in any situation where people must compete with each other. You can see how this would benefit blockchain projects!

Preview 03:03

In this lecture on the topic of cryptography I want to share three methods of cryptography with you, over just explaining what the term actually means. This way you’ll gain further depth as to what the word actually means, allowing you to witness its connection in cryptoeconomics.

Before I do just that, many assume cryptography is just used to enable private communication through encryption. But that is only one of the four pillars of cryptography, the four pillars which make up cryptography are; encryption, authentication, integrity, and non-repudiation.

Let’s now go forth to discuss three methods of cryptography which are actively used in the cryptocurrency ecosystem...


Network effects are inherently apart of cryptocurrencies, and cryptoeconomics in general. Therefore in this lecture we’ll be discussing how network effects play apart in this ecosystem.

As described by Wikipedia, a network effect is the following:

“It is the positive effect described in economics and business that an additional user of a good or service has on the value of that product to others. When a network effect is present, the value of a product or service increases according to the number of others using it.”

Network Effects
Technical Aspects Of Cryptoeconomics
3 questions
+ Cryptoeconomic Protocols
3 lectures 08:03

Welcome to this section in the course where we’re going to be briefly learning more about the protocols at play in cryptoeconomics, powering the core of the ecosystem.

In this lecture we’ll be starting with perhaps the most popular, proof of work. The goal with proof of work is to deter attacks to a centralised system, such as DDoS attacks (otherwise known as denial of service attacks).

Preview 02:51

Lets now switch over and talk about POS, otherwise known as Proof Of Stake.

This form of protocol is different to POW (Proof Of Work), as users are required to have a stake in the form of owning cryptocurrencies within that specific project and/or ecosystem.

Proof Of Stake

In this lecture I’m going to briefly discuss another protocol which has come along, however this protocol isn’t as common as proof of work or proof of stake hence many struggle to wrap their heads around this. Let's take a look at this algorithm briefly in this lecture.

Delegated Byzantine Fault Intolerance
Cryptoeconomic Protocols
3 questions
+ Token Economics Demystified
4 lectures 14:55

As we move onto this section I want to start discussing more about the token economy with you, as it’s the layer which sits perfectly upon cryptoeconomics in this ecosystem. Albeit, they are different not the same just so you’re aware.

Token economics concerns itself with essentially the economy of tokens in this ecosystem, so cryptocurrencies, initial coin offerings, security token offerings and so on.

Preview 05:36

Welcome to this lecture in the course where we’re going to be diving into the sales model undertaken by the majority of projects when it comes to selling their tokens. We’ll be discussing the most common methods these projects have used, as well as examples.

Token Sales Models

Valuing cryptoassets is a tricky topic! In a traditional market it’s far easier as there are costs, revenues, profits, losses and so much more. But how is it managed in the cryptomarkets? Well in this lecture I’m going to share my thoughts with you, as to the three fundamentals which can help you place value upon cryptoassets.

Valuing Cryptoassets

In this lecture we’re going to be discussing what utility tokens, and security tokens are as well as the differences between them. As the differences between them are very important!

Utility Token VS Security Token
Token Economics Demystified
3 questions
+ Congratulations
2 lectures 02:53

We’ve now guided you through the process of understanding everything about cryptoeconomics without becoming overwhelmed. Helping you to get involved in this ecosystem even further as a knowledgeable individual, understanding the inner workings.

We’re thrilled to have helped you achieve the goal of this course!

You've Completed Your Cryptoeconomic Dive

Our goal in this course was to give you a ground-level up introduction to cryptoeconomics, helping you to understand how this ecosystem works beyond cryptocurrencies. But what actually makes these cryptocurrencies work the way they do.

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