Cryptocurrency Algorithmic Trading + 50 Robots Monthly

Learn how to easily trade automatically with Robots (Expert Advisors) on the lucrative Cryptocurrency market
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Cryptocurrency Algorithmic Trading
How to trade on the Cryptocurrency Market using the MetaTrader 4 platform
Algorithmic trading with live examples
How to manage many trading Robots on different MetaTrader 4 platforms
Important information to understand before selecting a trading broker
What is an Expert Advisor and why do we use them to trade with


  • A PC or Laptop with a reliable Internet connection
  • No programming or trading experience is required
  • Passion to become a successful algo trader
  • Patience to gain steady results over time


Cryptocurrency trading has become much more popular in recent times. Learn how to trade with a portfolio of 50Robots like a pro.

Would you like to learn how to trade on the Crypto market, using automated strategies?

Cryptocurrency trading is definitely the big talking point in recent times, and we are now able to apply Algorithmic trading to this lucrative market.

This course Cryptocurrency Algorithmic Trading Course will teach you everything you need to know to start algorithmic trading with Robots. And every month we will give you 50 NEW BTCUSD Robots that you can use for your trading. This is our job as professional algorithmic traders, and we are happy to share our years of knowledge and experience with you!

Hello traders! This is Ilan Vardy, an algorithmic traders from EA Crypto Trading. We trade on the Crypto and Forex markets with hundreds of Robots. We create and test them, and we will share with you 50 Robots in this course which you can download as resource files. Moreover,  we continually update and improve them as market conditions change.

Crypto trading for beginners is so much easier nowadays because online trading platforms allow retail traders to use robots. Unfortunately,  very few beginner traders know about this type of trading, and most jump blindly into the market trying manual trading, driven by emotions and desire to profit. Over 95% of people lose their capital in the first month. By taking this course, I will show you what you need to do, step by step so you can learn the skills required before placing any trades.

Why 50 Robots and not just one?

Every robot is an automated trading strategy. And every experienced trader knows that each strategy has profitable and unprofitable periods as market conditions change. But when 1 or 2 strategies get into an unprofitable phase. The others compensate for it. This is called risk-diversification. So having a portfolio of different strategies is a great way to actively participate on the world stage. And the easiest, and most robust way to do it is with Robots - not manual trading.

We will teach you how to use the trading platform MetaTrader, which is best for algorithmic trading. It is completely free and you will see how easy it is to download and install on your computer at home.

There is no risk to you because you will learn how to test these 50 Robots on a virtual account so you will not be risking real money. However, I will show you how to identify the best strategies, and when you're ready, you can transfer these to a real account

What will you learn in this Cryptocurrency Algorithmic Trading Course?

  • How to start trading from scratch using professional online tools

  • What is Historical Data

  • What is a backtest

  • How to easily create your own trading robots using EA Studio

  • How to install the Robots on MetaTrader and test them

  • How to identify the best performing robots, and move them to a 2nd account

Our Cryptocurrency Algorithmic Trading Course teaches you how to create strategies and automate them without the need for any programming or coding knowledge or skills.. You will learn how to use the strategy builder EA Studio which is a professional tool for creating thousands of robots, quickly and easily. There is a 15-days trial period which you may use to practice, and I'll show you how to create a free trial account in seconds.

The course curriculum includes Full HD videos, attached PDFs, resource files, and practical activities that will help you improve your trading skills while learning. Trading is a serious business, and this is why we have shared our years of experience to give you the right skills to get started after completing this course.

You'll also have a portfolio of 50 New Robots every month, which will make this course your Number 1 resource for new strategies that were created in current market conditions, for current market conditions, and are updated as market conditions change.

So by the end of this Cryptocurrency Algorithmic Trading Course, you'll have a thorough understanding of:

  • What is Historical data and why is it so important

  • The impact of choosing the right trading broker

  • Strategy builders and how to use one

  • Trading with many strategies as Robots to build a portfolio

  • Risk diversification and small drawdowns while trading

So don't waste any more time with manual trading -  We will teach you how to trade with Robots, and you'll see how easy it is

Once you complete this course, you'll understand why over 80% of institutional traders use Algorithmic Trading.

Enroll now, and I will see you in class!

Ilan Vardy

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to trade Cryptocurrencies, using trading robots
  • Beginner and experienced Crypto traders
  • People who are looking for addtional monthly income
  • Traders who want to improve their trading skills


Trader and Mentor at EA Forex Academy
Ilan Vardy
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After founding and running a successful technology company at the age of 24, I sold the business after 15 years, and looked for a new adventure. I came across Forex Trading, and subsequently Algorithmic trading and completed a number of courses. After a while, showing interest and potential, I was approached by Petko Alexandrov from the Academy to join the team. The result: I am now a full time trader, mentor and instructor and am excited to teach and mentor new students, focusing on the challenges I experienced when I started. My niche is assisting new traders by teaching in a unique style, covering topics that others don't, and making things clearly and easily understandable. My ultimate goal to ensure all of my students succeed, while enjoying the process of learning and applying the knowledge they learn

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