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The basic course of Cryptocurrency Academy by CoinsPaid answers these and many other fundamental questions.
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Cryptocurrency and Its Evolution
Blockchain: Basic Technology
Cryptocurrencies and Digital Assets
Cryptocurrency Wallets
Smart Contracts
Legal Restrictions on Cryptocurrencies


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What are blockchain and cryptocurrencies? What types of cryptocurrencies exist, how do they work, and how to use them? Are cryptocurrencies legal to use? The basic course of Cryptocurrency Academy by CoinsPaid answers these and many other fundamental questions that are sure to arise when getting acquainted with crypto.

The educational course involves a thorough study of six lessons, with the basic information presented in a video format and expanded in links to CoinsPaid Media’s Academy materials.

The materials help you learn the history of cryptocurrencies and the key stages of technology development underlying them. The information presented forms an idea about the main trends in crypto market development. But the main thing is that the first lesson of the course answers the question: “What is cryptocurrency?”

Blockchain is the fundamental technology for cryptocurrencies. That’s why it’s crucial to understand how this technology works and have a general idea about consensus algorithms, primarily about Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake. The second lesson is a great help in getting to grips with this topic.

Learning the materials isn’t enough. You need to consolidate your knowledge and check how well you’ve mastered it. A small test with questions about the material you’ve studied will help with this.

Thirty questions to check your attentiveness, intelligence, and logical thinking, which will help to evaluate your knowledge of the cryptocurrency industry once you finish learning CoinsPaid’s educational course.

Who this course is for:

  • Enthusiasts with no knowledge or basic knowledge of cryptocurrencies
  • Those who keep up with digital technology


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CoinsPaid Media is a forward-thinking company focusing on the future and opening up opportunities involving the world of cryptocurrencies. Our team of professionals shares their in-depth knowledge by contributing to the course directly. Their aim is to educate and benefit our readers by giving them the tools to go out and conquer the world. CoinsPaid Media focuses on the concept of accelerating ecosystem integration with business solutions, revolutionizing the way that customers and companies alike carry out their day-to-day business procedures. Our community is constantly growing. As the old adage goes, “two heads are better than one.” Well at CoinsPaid Media, we’ve got a whole community, which is constantly growing.

You’ll definitely find yourself in the right hands - exactly what you need to kick start your crypto journey!

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