Let's Build A Chat Client Using Ethereum!

Program & Deploy Your Own Messaging Application
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6,734 students
How to program a fully functioning messaging platform on the Ethereum network
How to code smart contracts using the Solidity programming language
How to interface your smart contracts to JavaScript
Understand the roles of Web3 and MetaMask in Ethereum programming
What Truffle and Ganache are and how they can make Ethereum programming easier
How to setup an Ethereum developers desktop from scratch
How to upload your dApp to a live Ethereum network


  • A basic understanding of JavaScript and HTML/CSS DOM model
  • Be comfortable with the shell prompt and simple scripts


How does Ethereum work
What is a smart contract anyways
Truffle is an Ethereum framework and not a glorified mushroom?

As a crypto enthusiast maybe you've asked yourself these questions before. And perhaps the most important question of all: what the heck can this be used for? We will tackle all these question in this masterclass. The best way to learn any skill is to get your hands dirty. So that's exactly what we will do. We will start from scratch, with a fresh OS install and we will end by deploying our application to a live Ethereum network. Along the way we will code in HTML, JavaScript and Solidity. We'll see how the Web3 framework connects our frontend to the Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) and how MetaMask is our portal to the EVM. We will see how the Truffle framework makes our lives easier and we will gain a deep understanding of the interaction of all these components. 

So buckle up and lets build an Ethereum messenger!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone that wants to learn how to program smart contracts
  • Anyone wanting to make an Ethereum dApp from scratch
  • Bitcoin and cryptocurrency enthusiasts

Course content

1 section13 lectures2h 19m total length
  • Introduction
  • Setting up our developer desktop
  • Making our project scaffolding
  • Begin coding our homepage
  • Incorporating Web3 & MetaMask
  • Writing our first smart contract
  • Finishing up our smart contract
  • Writing functions for user registration
  • Putting finishing touches on our homepage
  • Send messages in JavaScript
  • Receive messages in JavaScript
  • Deploying to Rinkeby
  • Final thoughts & next steps


Ali Yazdan
  • 4.5 Instructor Rating
  • 51 Reviews
  • 6,734 Students
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Hi there! 

I am a founder and CEO of SVApps, a software development firm based out of San Francisco California, and the makers of Crypto Masterclass, an educational platform for cryptocurrency. I have been heavily involved with blockchain technology since 2013. Most recently I have concentrated on smart contract development with Ethereum. With years of corporate software development and consulting experience I am happy to share my knowledge on programming aspects of cryptocurrency with you today. 

Join the blockchain revolution, invest in your future, and come along as we learn the in and outs of Ethereum programming!