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General information about Crypto digital coins
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Understanding Crypto Coins on money evolution scale
Buying and selling crypto
Trading or investing crypto
Crypto wallets
Crypto mining


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I have putted together some basic information about digital crypto currencies.

If you are new in this field and want to learn the basic of crypto, like for example what is an ICO, or alt coin or even what is mining, than this course is for you.

Lessons that you will find in the course:

1. Evolution of money: How the money have evolved since the beginning of currencies in the today form. Here it is very important to understand that acceptance of new form of money is not easy, and since BTC has only 12 years from its creation, there is still a long way to fully acceptance.

2. Altcoins and ICO: Definition of alternative coins to BTC and Initial Coin Offering.

3. Crypto Wallets: In this lesson you will learn where and how to store your digital coins, and about the concept of crypto wallet

4. Sending and receiving process: Here you will learn how sending and receiving crypto coin works.

5. Buying and trading crypto coins: WHere and how you can buy crypto coins

6. Crypto mining: What is the mining proces of digital coins.

Thank you so much for your interest in my course.

Enjoy the ATT free course on crypto currencies.

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I have took contact with stock market 14 years ago in my first year of college. I had no clue of what i as doing, but it was like an exam for one year and i was supposed to invest and make some profit.

One year later, i took some courses for Forex market and i was shocked that i was not able to understand anything, but after 3 months it was a little clear about all those Head & Shoulders, double bottom and tops so i have started to trade real money....made profit like 30% in 2 weeks and than lost all in 2 days.... No one was teaching about trading psychology  or mindset.

After a break i have start searching for wonder indicators, holly grail in trading, trading gurus etc for the next probably 4 years.

My contact with MP is only 2 years but this changed my trading perspective sins this approach is made by professional traders at prop firms, institutions, banks...etc...

I have started developing indicators since I was not able to find complex indicators for MT4 similar with those from futures trading platforms.

This is how i have started advancedtradingtools company.

My Moto: Never stop learning, never stop growing !

Good luck to you all !