CRUD C#.Net with Entity Framework

Create Windows App CRUD C#.Net with Entity Framework
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The student will learn how to create a Asynchronous CRUD system in C# with EF6


  • Windows based computer


This course you will learn how  to make a  CRUD system using c# Desktop Windows App.

The requirements of this course is a basic experience in c# and understanding a basic databases. 

I use visual studio 2017 but you can use 2012-2015. 

Next Step -> I will create a tutorials creating a real world applications using entity framework core and will use the code first approach so you can easily apply what you will learn from this course.

**** UPDATES *****

I included videos that converts the CRUD system into asynchronous process.

I use VS 2019 but you can also use, VS 2012, 2015 or 2017 version.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner to Intermediate

Course content

2 sections12 lectures1h 22m total length
  • EF CRUD - Create Project
  • EF CRUD - Model and Migrations
  • EF CRUD - Seed Data
  • EF CRUD - Fetch data into dataGridview
  • EF CRUD - Create, Update & Delete
  • EF CRUD - Finalizing the project


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