Credit Card Debt: Rid Out Of Credit Card Debt Trap

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Learn to find out the Gap of personal financial Management
Learn the checkpoints to monitor your expenses
Learn to Identify the One Habits to break
Learn to know the One decision will change your Financial Status
Learn to handle and protect from financial crisis situations
Learn the what you should avoid
Learn to know, How to do self-assessment
Learn to create an Ideal Alert to not get in to Debt trap,
Learn to know what you should encourage yourself
Learn the Technique of NW Strategy
Learn the Technique of MN Strategy
Debt Free Quadrant to life Happy Life
The formula to Follow and lifetime Realization
The One Formula make you realization of current status
The formula to reach Financial Freedom
Methods to eliminate Debts quick


  • A basic understanding and Open mindset to learn new things


The majority of people’s problem is to manage the debt, the DEBT one word give immense pressure physiologically on relationship, workplace, personal health, and other many phases.

Basically a piece of Plastic card, A credit card issued by a bank or financial company that allows cardholders to borrow funds with which to pay for goods and services with merchants that accept cards for payment.

Credit card invention a great idea and superior support to the peoples, who are learn to manage the credit card very discipline... And the same Credit Card is squeezing the Happiness of peoples, who do not use discipline.

Lucas Lenin is a Coach and Mentor on personal financial to reach financial freedom, an Entrepreneur in various business segments... He has experience in Corporate 18+ years and conducting Training, Coaching. Few years back he had landed in Credit Card debt and came out of Debt trap. The course content is designed very simple and practical way to understand and implement in your life. He has created wealth and Asset worth of $350,000 in 2 Years after came out of debt trap.

Thousands of Students Learning and Applying the same technique and Method, which helped them to come out of debt trap.

Welcome you and All the Best to Debt Free Happiest Life Style….

Who this course is for:

  • Credit Card Users
  • The ideal person, who desire to change personal financial status
  • The person who are looking to come out of debt trap
  • The person who is looking to create wealth
  • The person who is looking to learn that How to manage credit card properly

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Entrepreneur, Coach, Trainer
Lucas Lenin
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Lucas Lenin is an Entrepreneur, a Life Coach and an experienced professional in training people to reach the state of Financial Freedom and he has experience more than 18 years in corporate various industries like Automotive, Printing & Packaging, Lubricants, Electronics & etc. He has various businesses like E-Learning, Retails, Agriculture, Logistics, Real Estate & Digital Marketing.

He teaches how to rid out of Debt trap. He has developed Quadrant to Live Debt Free Happiest Life style. His students named him as Wealth Magnet, being he is attracting wealth like Magnet. And He has developed community with all the students named as Ingenious Thrive, also his mission to cultivate 1 Million Happiest Human from Debt free Lifestyle.

His passion is learning and Coaching, over the period of 18 Years corporate tenure, conducted 500+ training and helped thousands of people to develop their knowledge in core field.

He has struggled with debts initial 15 Year, after he designed a Debt Free Quadrant, which helps to protect from Debt anymore and the 5 Steps systems and strategies are helped to multifold the money and develop wealth. He has created assets worth of $350,000 in 2 years; all the assets are money machine.

Lucas Lenin welcomes you to Learn More; Achieve More and Live Debt free Happiest Life style.