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Dispel the myths behind creativity
Learn about critical thinking vs creative thinking
Explore creative thinking process
Understand the concept of Human brain-lateralisation and creativity
Explore the key traits of creative people
Learn how to foster creative culture
Know about brain training exercises


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Do you doubt that "I am not creative". Well, guess what? creativity is not an inherent talent or adopted by born, rather it is a skill that anyone can master at any age. All it takes to learn what creativity actually is, qualities to become a creative person and flexing your creative muscles. Welcome to one of the best courses of creative thinking. Based on rigorous research, scientific evidence and applied to many leaders - this course can offer you amazing insight on how to unleash your creative version. Diving deep into the neurological science, scholarly opinions and real world examples this course has lot to offer. There are practical case studies, brain training exercises and lots of other insights that will guide you to learn and become more creative. The course is curated by HotCubator which is a think tank in Data, Research and Entrepreneurship. HotCubator has been training corporate leaders, involved in rigorous academic research and supported number of creative ventures in Australia and abroad. The people behind HotCubator are award-winning academics, scientists and veteran leaders whose work have appeared in global publications. Join this course and unlock the hidden talent inside you!!! And remember, the first step to creative pursuit is NOW, rather than waiting for the perfect moment which never exists!!!

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Dr. Sayem Hossain
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Hi there,

Thanks for landing on my courses. I am a humble hustler who loves to spread knowledge driven by intrinsic motivation! Being a life long learner, I strive to learn and help others to learn new craft and skills. 

With a career spanning over 17 years in higher education, private and more recently in public sector - I gathered experience in a wide range of areas eg. Business Development, Strategy, Research and Evaluation. As an academic, I have widely taught courses on Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Creativity, Marketing and the list goes on (except Rocket Science). When I get bored with my 9 to 5 job, I like to impart my knowledge and inspire people through various media. I took a humble step with my own consultancy business HotCubator which now serves both national and international clients in various projects in Educational Curriculum development, Evaluation and skill development.

I hope to create value through developing useful courses and insightful knowledge. So every course that you buy, all the money is donated to charitable causes (education for under privileged, women empowerment) in South-east Asian countries.

Feel free to drop me two lines if you ever want to join my mission or have any queries.

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