Creativity - The Enhanced Creative Version Of Yourself

Learn how to efficiently and effectively become more creative in work, school and your everyday life
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In this course, you will learn the principles that will regenerate the inner creative side of you
You will understand the fundamentals of creativity and how you can use tools and ways to enhance your creativity in work, school and your everyday life
You will be able to structure information differently, think differently, analyze, solve and execute differently as you will recreate the enhanced creative version of yourself
Furthermore, you will learn essential principles behind creativity, productivity, learning and information structuring that will make your progress an impactful one


  • A will to apply the principles learned in this course


In a world where digital innovation is limiting our brain's horizon, creativity can be a tool of competitive dominance.

In this course, you will learn ways and tools that can help you regroup your creative self. We are all born creative, and now is the time to restore the inner creative self.

Through the principles you will learn, through applying these principles, and through proper repetition, you will take yourself up to a whole new level.

You will become more creative in school, in work and in your everyday life

Who this course is for:

  • People who want to recreate their inner creative self and take their creativity to a whole new level

Course content

4 sections21 lectures1h 56m total length
  • IMPORTANT TO READ BEFORE YOU START - How To Get The Best Out Of This Course
  • An Introductory Approach To Mind Mapping
  • The 5 Essentials Structural Systems
  • Your Brain Is PLASTIC!
  • How To Use 100% Of Your Brain Capacity


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