Creating your First Android Application from Scratch

A complete tour on how to create and publish an Android Application and Game in less than a few hours!
Rating: 4.1 out of 5 (140 ratings)
7,802 students
Creating your First Android Application from Scratch
Rating: 4.1 out of 5 (140 ratings)
7,802 students
Develop a basic Android Application and Game
Understand how to publish an Android app/game to the Amazon AppStore
Understand how to generate revenue from app downloads and advertisements


  • You should understand how to carry out fundamental tasks on a computer (e.g accessing a web browser, downloading files etc.)
  • An Amazon AppStore Developer Account, but don't worry. We'll cover it in this course.

This course will be heavily updated in 2018 with new additions and improvements. If you become a student you will be entitled to lifetime updates to this course.

Become an Android App and Game Developer in less than an hour

In this course you will will learn how to: Create a Basic Android Application and a full Android Game. You will then learn how to publish both the app and the game to the Amazon AppStore for Android Store. We'll also give you step by step instructions on how to create an Amazon AppStore account and we'll also teach you how to enable ads in order to generate revenue for your app/game. 

We will give you a video tutorial for each of the learning objectives above. We will also include a free document which will teach you how to publish to the Google Play Store so your fully covered.

This course contains around 35 minutes of content and should take you around an hour to complete. Over time we'll be adding even more lectures and content to this course so you can continue to evolve your learning. 

Who this course is for:
  • This Android course is meant for absolute beginners with no prior experience - so come and learn!
Course content
6 sections • 21 lectures • 36m total length
  • Introduction and Overview of Course
  • 1st Quiz - What are we doing in this course?
    2 questions
  • Creating AppsGeyser account
  • Creating a News App
  • Creating your Amazon AppStore Developer Account
  • Adding your app to the Amazon AppStore Developer Dashboard
  • Uploading APK and Binary Files to the Developer Portal
  • Uploading Images and Multimedia Files to the Developer Portal
  • Adding an Attractive Description to your App
  • Setting a Price for your App
  • Setting a Content Rating for your App
  • Submitting your App for Content Approval
  • View your App Live on the Amazon AppStore
  • Introduction to Android Game Development
  • Downloading the Unity Web Player
  • Creating a new game in AppsGeyser
  • Enabling Ads in your Game
  • Publish your game to the Amazon AppStore for Android
  • Enabling Push Notifications
  • Registering for MailChimp
  • NEW: Enable Amazon Associates in your app
  • Conclusion of the Course
  • Test Your Knowledge
    5 questions

Software Developer and Designer
Aneal Bening (Game Site Developer)
  • 4.1 Instructor Rating
  • 140 Reviews
  • 7,802 Students
  • 1 Course

I am an enthusiastic software developer. I am familiar with Amazon WebServices, Microsoft Azure and Google Firebase and I have successfully created applications using the cloud. I have my own small game development website with over 7000 registered users. I have also created several applications for Windows 10 and Android which use both Amazon WebServices and Microsoft Azure. I am more than happy to share my skills with the millions of eager students ready to learn.