Creating a Game Character in Maya and Unity
3.6 (24 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Creating a Game Character in Maya and Unity

Detailed guide to creating games models in Maya and Unity, this course has over 80 videos and hours of content...
3.6 (24 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
419 students enrolled
Created by David Newton
Last updated 3/2017
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What you'll learn
  • Create a good concept
  • Have an understanding of the games creation pipeline
  • Confidently model
  • Understand Texturing
  • Understand Rigging
  • Understand UV Layout
  • Animate and setup animations
  • Export and Importing
  • Get assets into Unity
  • Full understanding of loads of tools in Maya
  • As this is a beginners course you need know nothing
  • It would be handy if you have a working knowledge of Photoshop, Maya and Unity

Summary of this indepth course

With over 80 videos this course tries to cover all the main elements of creating a games model, that can be imported ito your favourite games engine (in this course we import into Unity5), there are hours and hours of training, and I have tried to be as thorough as possible with a clear direction of our goals.

Programmes used

  • Maya 2013
  • Photoshop CS6
  • Unity 5
  • ZBrush (but this is optional and only to demo quicker workflows)

I have been working hard over the last few months to put this together for you guys, this course was created after one of my you tube subscribers asked for it. It ended up being the biggest course I have ever done, I hope you enjoy it!!

Who this course is for:
  • Beginners and Intermediates would benefit from this course
  • Advanced users might be helped on certain aspects
Course content
Expand all 107 lectures 18:48:09
+ Course introduction and reference
5 lectures 49:58

Please download all the project files associated with this course :)

This lesson we will have a look at the course outline

Preview 04:34

Working in my design programme of choice photoshop, we will start to put togther our concept, using reference material gathered.

Please get in touch if you have any problems in this course I am here for you guys, please remember that, and if you love the course I would be gratefull if you left a review :)

Preview 10:39

Continuing to refine our concept.

The Concept

Once we havea our concept sketch we will start to add colour and tone.

Colour Up

Our concept is completed but we now need to think about how we are going to model it, breaking your character up into sections make life a bit easier to visualise.

Concept Break out
+ Modelling In Maya
97 lectures 17:10:43

In this lesson we will set Maya up, in preparation for modelling.

Setting up Maya

OK so lets start building our base mesh.

Modelling our Body

We take a look at the Image Planes, and then using extrusion we develop our body.

Setting up Image planes and the base mesh.

We will now show you how to manually set up image planes.

Manual Image planes

We will now start to further refine the base mesh, paying attention to the geomentry as we go.

Refining the base mesh

Modelling our base mesh arms.

Adding Arms

Modelling hands can be tricky I try to use a simple approach to build on.

Adding Hands

We will now use a bevelling technique to start to refine our face.

Creating the Face and Bevels
Creating the Face and Bevels - Part 2

Further facial refinements and the crown added.

Defining Face and Crown
Defining Face and Crown - Part 2

Quick bit of modelling for the hair, we will use a animation tool called the lattice deformer to make changes quickly.

Making changes to the head with the lattice deformer

In this section there is about 5 seconds of footage missing at the very beginning pointed out by Robert Tighe (cheers for that!).

It easy to fix by now you should have a good knowledge of the box modelling techniques, all you need to do is select the tio edges of the head and extude them use the scale tool to mertge them in and finally merge the vertexes as you have done before :)

Any problems let me know!!!

Cheers David

Making changes to the head with the lattice deformer - Part 2

In this video we have extruded the hair using the head, however dont worry about this video as we will tackle the hair later this was just a test later, its a good idea to watch this video as we reuse the lattice deformer.

Making changes to the head with the lattice deformer - Part 3

Lets now focus our attention on the Leg and Shin Guards.

Creating the Leg and Shin Guards

please note in this lesson I have extruded the shin pieces already you have done this lots of times already so should not find it difficult, just select the face and extruded out. Depending on your model you might not want this it's personal choice.

Creating the Leg and Shin Guards - Part 2

We must now refine the boots.

Finishing the Boots

Lets create nice folds in the pants.

Adding the Trouser Folds
Adding the Trouser Folds - Part 2

On to creating our belt.

Adding the Trouser Belt

Two lectures here covering the armour detailing

Now we tackle the Armour
Now we tackle the Armour part 2

FInal armour adjustments.

Armour part 2

Lets try to create nice plate armour for our model.

Creating Chain Mail

Final adjustments can be made quickly with the lattice deformer.

Shape the Armour using Lattice Deformer

Various arm refinements need to be made.

Refining the Arms

Final hand refinements.

Refining the Hands

Here I am going to show you techniques for transfering high res detail to a low res model.

Using Transfer Maps tips and tricks

Second lecture in the course on transfer maps.

Transfer Maps part 2

In this part of the course sit back and see how you can speed your models pipeline up by using ZBrush.

Importing our model to ZBrush quick tips

ZBrush part 2, take a breather!

Using ZBrush with Maya quicker workflows

Its critical to get the head correct, we will spend a bit of time here refining our model.

Back to Maya refining the Head
Back to Maya refining the Head - Part 2

More refinement...

More head refining
More head refining - Part 2

Modelling a basic ear using method we have already used.

Creating a basic ear

Finishing our ear.

Ear part 2

Adding our ear to the head.

Adding our Ear to the Head

OK so we have covered loads of basic modelling techniques by now should be much much faster using Maya, now we move on to a new phase we need to basically flatten our UV in order to lay textures over the top.

Prepare our model for UV Unwrapping

Quick dip back to ZBrush to show you how we can easily modify the head geo.
Sit back and watch

Quick dip back to ZBrush tips and tricks

This part of the course is all about UVs

Prepare our model for UV Unwrapping part 2

This part of the course is all about UVs

UV Map for Leg and Knee
This part of the course is all about UVs
UV Map for Trousers

Testing our UVs quickly

Testing your UV with Custom Checker Maps

Lets now unwrap the body parts.

UV Unwrap of body
UV Unwrap of body - Part2

More unwrapping, hopefully this full on UV editing is sinking in, as you can see there are lots of different steps in creating a character.

Head UV Unwrap

Hair can be done in various ways, in fact I could create a course just on this subject.

Thinking about the hair

Looking at alphas transparency in Photoshop and Maya

Tips on Hair

Redoing the hair.we will use the head as a base first we extract the faces from the head as a base for our hair.

Modelling the Hair

Hair resculpt.

Resculpting Hair

Adding the final UV for the hair.

Final Hair UVs

Finishing the hair at last!

Final Hair UVs part 2

Remodelling our crown.

Creating the Crown
UV Checking once again using custom Maps

Final UV check.

Finishing UVs

Understanding UV sets and Maps.

Understanding UV sets
Understanding UV sets - Part 2

Back to transfer maps for getting high res detail to a low res model.

Using transfer maps to tranfer high res details
Using transfer maps to tranfer high res details - Part 2

Creating a chain Mail patch.

Creating a Tileable Chainmail patch

Creating a texture pattern from our patch.

Chainmail Pattern
Chainmail Pattern - Part 2

Adding and positioning our chain mail texture quick dip into Normal maps.

Finishing our chain mail

Texturing our arm.

Quick Colour part 1

Quickly colouring our maps.

Quick Colour part 2

Tricks on texturing the face.

Creating the Face Texture

FInalising our texture map.

Speed texturing techniques

Creating normal maps, a handy plugin for Photoshop to create Normal Maps from textures.

Creating Normal Maps

Hair texturing.

Coming back to the hair for final tweaks
Coming back to the hair for final tweaks - Part 2

Creating specular maps are essential to really make your models pop.

How to create a simple specular map

Bump maps are quick and easy to do in Photoshop.

Creating a bump map

The cloak and transparency.

Adding Transparency

Final model cleanup.

Model cleanup

Modelling a Sword - Basically we recap what we have learnt to date.

Lets create a sword
Lets create a sword - Part 2

Setting up animation groups and parenting.

Parenting groups

Rigging our character for animation.

Animation Joints and Smooth Binding

A quick side project to show you about rigging and binding.

Robot rig and bind - A Quick lesson
Set up and scene cleanup

Setup for rigging

Clean Up part 2

The model needed to be put into a T-Pose as the A-Pose was causing weighting problems when smooth bound.

Model adjustments for optimal rig bind
Model adjustments for optimal rig bind - Part 2

Lets set up our basic rig.

Creating a Basic Rig
Creating a Basic Rig - Part 2

Smooth binding our rig to the character.

Binding our Rig to our Geometry - Smooth Bind

Adjusting skin weights.

Adding Skin Weights

Creating IK Handles for controlling our joint system.

Adding IK handles to our rig

IK Overview a quick side lesson on IK Handles.

IK Solvers

Foot set up

Foot setup

Creating controllers for our Character.

Animation Controllers

Adding an aim constraint for our head.

Creating an aim constraint

Our final rig

Our FInal rig

Final foot controller.

Final foot controller

Lets now double check our model.

Double checking model
+ Importing into Unity
5 lectures 47:32

Using Unity 5 we will do a first run.And set up our Games engine.

Unity set up and first run

OK the next few videos show you how to import your model into Unity from Maya.

  • First from the Maya file
Direct import from Maya

Adding an animated Character from Maya

Importing an animated model

Most 3D Programmes can export into FBX format this lesson shows you how to import these to Unity.

And brings us to the end of this course I hope you have gained speed and skill in all aspects of Games Modelling along the way, please give me a favourable review if you have, if not please contact me and let me help before reviewing me badly :)

FBX Import

Lets see if you can answer these questions about the course

End of Course Quiz, Quiz!
5 questions

For those who have finished the course a massive "Well done!" for those still completing the course "Keep it up!" I just want to say thank you for choosing me and my course, it is really appreciated and means that I can produce more great courses for you in the future!

Stay up to date with the latest courses and development as well as offers from us by visiting me at my website.

Feel free contacting me for a particular course to be created I welcome student feedback and that way I know what you want!

I hope you had fun learning with this course and hope to see you at my other courses, please give me a review if you loved the course, if you did not like it also let me know, I take students opinions very seriously!

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All the Best David