Define Your Company's Culture: Motivate & Engage Employees

Myth or Truth? People are your greatest asset.
Rating: 4.2 out of 5 (407 ratings)
6,683 students
Define Your Company's Culture: Motivate & Engage Employees
Rating: 4.3 out of 5 (408 ratings)
6,685 students
A Breakthrough Solution to Employee Problems


  • You own or manage your own company s


If I asked you right now, “How's work going?” I'll bet your answer would be, “I'm frustrated with my employees!”  If you’re unhappy and worried about employee performance, chances are you’ve blamed the lack of a quality team on one or more of the following problems...

  • Millennials: The millennial generation is uncommitted, has a poor work ethic, and a lack of focus and direction. 
  • Labor Pool: The people who live in my community are underqualified, uneducated, and are incapable of doing quality work. 
  • Culture: We live in a society where people aren’t committed to their work, are lazy, and don’t take jobs seriously like we used to in the “old days.”

The honest truth is that those answers are easy cop-outs to a much bigger problem.

Who this course is for:
  • Any small business owner that is struggling with retaining their best employees
2 sections • 6 lectures • 33m total length
  • Introduction- Define it
  • Step 1- Attract the right people and chase the others away
  • Step 2- The Exercise
  • Step 3- Culture Creator Tool
  • End- Describe Your Culture

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Who Am I?

I'm Steven Schlagel and I create breakthrough solutions. I've worked with hundred of businesses over 40 years as a trainer, coach, mentor, CPA and attorney. Though that time and experience, I have simplified the secrets of my most successful clients in 7 Timeless Keys to Business Mastery.

What Do I Do?

I teach you what the 7 keys are, how to master each of them, and together we develop a step-by-step plan to take specific action. Stopping there would be a mistake, so I'll go the extra mile with to keep you accountable so that you can have the time, the freedom from worry, and the success that you want.

What's Special About My Work?

With 40 years of real world experience with hundreds of entrepreneurs and small business owners, I know what works and what doesn’t work. I keep things simple and direct, and am personally invested in the success of each person or business I work with.