Create Your Own Hedge Fund: Trade Stocks Like A Fund Manager
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Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
7,428 students enrolled

Create Your Own Hedge Fund: Trade Stocks Like A Fund Manager

Learn How To Trade Mean-Reversion Setups And Properly Leverage Your Account For Big Returns
4.1 (596 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
7,428 students enrolled
Created by Frank Bunn
Last updated 6/2019
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What you'll learn
  • Trade A Low-Risk, High-Probability Mean-Reversion Setup
  • Generate 50-100% Annual Returns
  • Create A Simple Quantitative Analysis Model To Target Securities With Massive Upside Potential
  • Properly Manage A Trading Account Using Leveraged Risk
  • Scalp Mean-Reversion Setups For Quick Profit
  • Read And Determine Trends Like A 20-Year Trader
  • Achieve Consistent Profitability
  • This course teaches the student how to tactically trade mean-reversion reversals with the primary trend. Basic chart and technical analysis experience is required
  • Students should have a basic understanding of technical analysis and technical tools
  • Proper charting and market scanning tools are required. A complete overview of necessary components is covered in Lecture 2 and Lecture 3
  • Success is achieved the fastest when students are able to quick-scan the market For both FUNDAMENTAL and TECHNICAL criteria as suggested by the method. Students should consider having access to an analysis platform that is capable of scanning large security databases for the most effective process. However, this is not necessary to learn the trading method. Instructor available for suggestions
  • The course details a specific layout and scanning strategy using the TC2000 analysis platform. This is not necessary to learn the method and master the setup. The course discloses all the logic necessary for configuring a layout on any platform that has the required tools
  • Delayed (15-20 minute) quotes/charts are acceptable for daily (24-hour) and weekly intervals. Real-time quotes/charts are required for shorter (intra-day) intervals. Instructor available for suggestions
  • Scan script logic included for TC2000 and THINKORSWIM (TOS) platforms. Logic may be adapted to any analysis platform that has proper tools and a securities database
  • A brokerage account is not required in order to learn how to trade profitably. A simulator may be used and is suggested to achieve consistency
  • Students who achieve consistency will need a brokerage account to place trades. A minimum 2,500 USD margin account is suggested for equities (a lower balance is acceptable for Forex accounts). Instructor available for recommendations
  • A 25,000 USD minimum account balance (SEC Pattern Day Trader Rule) will be required for U.S. accounts engaged in short-interval (day) trading

Would You Spend An Extra 20 Minutes A Week To Retire With A Million Dollars?

Welcome To CREATE YOUR OWN HEDGE FUND. Learn How To Trade The SlingShot Mean-Reversion Setup And Properly Leverage Your Account For 100% Annual Gains.

This course will forever change the way you look at the financial markets.

Knowing how to trade is not enough. You must know what to trade, how to manage it and how to stay positioned in the BIG MOVES with enough leverage to make a difference.

I will show you how to harness the awesome power of the 17 trillion dollar U.S economy and the massive institutional accumulation of growth companies.

The age of the individual investor is long gone. The markets are dominated by big institutions: banks, billion-dollar hedge funds and program trading. This course details exactly what you need to know in order to take advantage of the market - how to detect the institutional 'footprint' which leads to enormous price appreciation.

The secret lies in targeting securities with very unique fundamental attributes for massive potential appreciation.

Every year there are securities which appreciate 100%, 200%, 300% or more, sometimes within just a few weeks or months.

At any one time only about 5% of all securities even meet the minimum criteria for doubling or tripling.

Without the knowledge of this key fundamental criteria, traders and investors have little chance of being in the big winners with enough life-changing leverage to make a difference.

Have you ever wondered how the big hedge funds make such impressive returns?

Learn all about mean-reversion and how to use it to take control of your financial future:

  • How to trade the SlingShot setup: the best low-risk, high-probability mean-reversion strategy

  • Target specific price-action patterns to tactically set up trades and control risk

  • Learn the 3 management objectives which enable you to take total control of the trade

This course details how to set up your trading desk with all the tools you need to simplify your investments and double your returns:

  • Configuring chart layouts for maximum efficiency

  • How to quickly and easily incorporate a quantitative analysis model right at your fingertips

  • How to scan, analyze and manage your trades and portfolio in just 20 minutes a week

And when you finish the last lecture, you will be able to incorporate a hedge fund trading system and sound account management tactics into a simple, effective method for wealth-creation.

If you are a trader struggling to make consistent profits or an investor frustrated by poor returns with no way to manage risk, then this course is for you.

Who this course is for:
  • This is a comprehensive strategy for creating a powerful techno-fundamental filter to find securities making the fastest gains. The ideal student should be interested in technical (price-action) analysis
  • The ideal student should be willing to commit to creating a simple analysis procedure and testing the system to ensure they are consistently profitable prior to taking real trades
  • Momentum investors and traders interested in quickly finding the stocks and markets most likely to produce double and triple-digit returns should enroll in this course
  • Forex traders in search of a method for locating the lowest-risk entries in the strongest trends on any time interval will find this to be an invaluable reference
  • Traders and investors who use Investors Business Daily tools and stock tables will discover a low-risk, high-probability technical solution to accompany IBD's fundamental rankings
  • Experienced investors looking for a qualified technical strategy for risk control to use with existing fundamental analysis models are ideal students for this course
  • This course is ideal for options traders who wish to control risk and leverage large directional moves as well as generate income
Course content
Expand all 24 lectures 02:10:06
+ Course Introduction
3 lectures 26:59


Learn The Course Objective And Everything You Need To Know To Get Started

  • 100% Per Year Is Possible

  • Who Is Your Instructor?

  • Who Should Take This Course?

  • What Is Statistical Arbitrage

  • Mean-Reversion Strategy

  • Creating Your Own Hedge Fund

  • What You Will Learn

  • What To Expect After Training

  • Course Objective

Preview 07:45


Compile And Configure The Necessary Chart And Analysis Tools To Complete The Training And Implement The Strategy

  • Required Chart Tools
  • Chart Program Capability
  • Trading Desk Setup
  • Instructor Suggestions
Chart Tool Requirements


Complete 'How-To' Training For Creating Your Own Hedge Fund On The TC2000 Analysis Platform

  • Simplifying The Layout
  • Required Chart Tools
  • Indicator Parameter Setup
  • Watch List Configuration
SCREENCAST: Chart Tool Requirements
+ Price-Action And Trend Analysis
2 lectures 10:41


Learn How To Properly Analyze Price Chart Intervals For Trade Setup, Risk Control And Trade Management

  • The Price-Action Pullback Rule
  • Pivot Point Definition
  • Price-Action Reversals
Price-Action Primer


Learn How To Recognize The Proper Trend Context For The SlingShot Mean-Reversion Trade Setup

  • Primary Trend Definition
  • Secondary Trend Definition
  • Trend Determination
  • Up-Trend And Up-Counter-Trend Determination
  • Down-Trend And Down-Counter-Trend Determination
  • Sorting Trends For Probability
Determining The Trend
+ The SlingShot Trade Setup
5 lectures 28:28


Learn The Logic And Procedure For Setting Up Trades Using The SlingShot Mean-Reversion Strategy

  • Establishing The Mean
  • Establishing Mean-Reversion
  • Establishing Support For Price
  • The Window Of Opportunity
  • Completing Trend Analysis
  • The Arbitrage Explained
  • Arbitrage And Randomness
  • The Slingshot Arbitrage
  • Exploiting The Window Of Opportunity
  • SlingShot Reversals
  • The SlingShot Setup
  • Price-Action Specificity
  • SlingShot Setup Logic
The SlingShot Trade Setup


Learn How To Properly Control Risk And Set Up Price-Action Entries With The SlingShot Mean-Reversion Strategy

  • Basic Price-Action Setup LONG
  • Basic Price-Action Setup SHORT
  • Setup Risk Analysis LONG
  • Setup Risk Analysis SHORT
SlingShot Setup And Risk Control


Learn What To Expect And Precisely How To Manage Your SlingShot Setup Trades For Maximum Profit

  • Management Objective 1
  • Moving To Break-Even
  • Management Objective 2
  • Establishing Contraction Stops
  • Management Objective 3
SlingShot Setup Trade Management


Learn HOW And WHEN To Scalp The SlingShot Setup For Quick Profits And Higher Turnover

  • Management Objective 1
  • When To Scalp SlingShot Setups
  • How To Scalp SlingShot Setups
  • Scalping SlingShot Setup Examples
  • A Word About Scalping
Scalping SlingShot Setups


Advanced Price-Action Tactics For Sorting And Selecting The Lowest-Risk, Highest-Probability Slingshot Setups

  • Price-Action Tactic Categories
  • Price-Action Qualifiers
  • The Staircase Pattern
  • Price-Action Pullbacks
  • Trend-Line Structure
  • Double Price-Action Reversals
  • Low Pivot-Level Reversals
  • Price-Action Reversal Patterns
  • Effectively Sorting QUALIFIERS And REVERSALS
Advanced Price-Action Tactics For SLINGSHOT Setups
+ How To Sit In The Big Winners
3 lectures 27:19


Learn The Characteristics Of Non-Correlated Momentum Securities And How To Effectively Sort And Analyze Them For The Biggest Gains

  • The Quantitative Model
  • Non-Correlated Momentum
  • What Is Float?
  • What Is Low Float?
  • The Key Metric: Float Turnover
  • FVQ: Float/Volume Quotient
  • The Pareto Principle
  • The Secret Sauce: High Multiples
  • Exchange Listing
  • Technical Attributes
  • Quantitative Analysis Attributes
  • A High-Momentum Quantitative Analysis Model
  • Thoughts About Momentum
A High-Momentum Quantitative Analysis Model


Learn How To Sit In The Long-Term Trend For Massive Gains Using Market Dynamics And Objective Technical Tools

  • What Is The Gray Area
  • Management Objective 2
  • A Truth, A Goal And A Rule
  • A Simple Objective
  • 3 Ways To Eliminate Risk
  • Price Rejection
  • Price Acceptance
  • Management Objective 3
  • Technical Tool Checklist
  • Weekly Price-Action Trends
  • Monthly Price-Action Trends
  • Managing The Gray Area
  • Thoughts From A Famous Speculator
The GRAY Area


Learn How To Effectively Scan And Analyze Base-Breakouts To Master The SlingShot Setup

  • Base-Breakout (Mid-Consolidation) CONTEXT
  • The Nature Of Base-Breakouts
  • How Properly Analyze And Sort Base-Consolidations
  • Proper Trade Management And Targeting
Effectively Analyzing And Sorting BASE-BREAKOUTS
+ Setting Up Your Trading Desk
4 lectures 27:11


Learn How To Create A Simple, Effective And Easy To Use Desktop Layout With TC2000 Technical Analysis Platform

  • Desktop Layout Objective
  • TC2000 PCF Scripts - Scanning For The Window Of Opportunity
  • TC2000 PCF Scripts - Price-Action

Please refer to the RESOURCE SECTION for COPY+PASTE PCF scripts

Setting Up Your Trading Desk


Complete 'How-To' Training For Setting Up Your Trading Desk On The TC2000 Analysis Platform

  • Proper Technical Tool Double-Check
  • Implementing TC2000 PCF Formulas
  • Configuring Watch Lists
  • Configuring Portfolio Tracker Watch Lists
  • Configuring The High-Momentum Quantitative Analysis Sort
  • Building And Implementing EasyScans For The Window Of Opportunity
  • A Sample Scan
  • Amending EasyScans To Include Specific Price-Action
  • Open Position Tracker Review
  • Scanning For Daily Setups
  • Scanning For Weekly Setups
  • Accessing KEY STATISTICS In Yahoo! Finance
SCREENCAST: Setting Up Your Trading Desk


Learn How To Effectively Manage A Portfolio Of Multiple Positions With Leverage To Maximize Gains

  • Account Management Focus
  • All About Margin - Definition
  • All About Margin - Disclaimer
  • All About Margin - Benefits
  • Managing Leveraged Risk
  • Management Metrics
  • Position + Leverage Management
Account Management


Instructor Details Current Account Positions To Further Demonstrate Account Management And Setup Technique

  • Open Daily Positions
  • Open Weekly Position
  • A Review Of The High-Momentum Quantitative Analysis Model
  • A Daily Example - Technicals And Fundamentals
  • A Weekly Example - Technicals And Fundamentals
Preview 06:12
+ Putting It All Together - A Recent Sample And Course Conclusion
1 lecture 03:56


Course Objective Review And How To Achieve Consistency

  • Just 20 Minutes A Week
  • Good Things Take Time
  • How You WILL Do It
  • 50-100% Per Year Is Possible
  • Creating Your Own Hedge Fund
  • What To Expect After Integration
  • Go Ahead! - Now It Is Up To You
  • Want To Trade For Consistent Profit?
Conclusion: Create Your Own Hedge Fund In 20 Minutes A Week
Mastering Course Concepts
15 questions
+ Create Your Own Hedge Fund RESOURCES
5 lectures 05:16

PORTFOLIO TRACKER Spreadsheet For Use With Account Management

TC2000 Scan And Script Logic (Copy+Paste for quick implementation)
TC2000 Scan And Script Logic (COPY+PASTE)

Thinkorswim (TOS) Scan And Script Logic (Copy+Paste for quick implementation)

  • Please refer to lecture context for specifics about variables and script notes.
  • The procedure for TOS script implementation is detailed in the following lecture.
Thinkorswim (TOS) Scan Scripts (COPY+PASTE)
Follow This Procedure To Implement The TOS ThinkScript On Your Desktop
Thinkorswim (TOS) Procedure For Script Implementation

Tools For Implementing The Strategy On The MetaTrader 4 Platform

  • MACD Configuration For Exponential Moving Average (EMA) SIGNAL-LINE (2 files)
(Content Courtesy Of FRANCISCO GONZALEZ VELASCO, 2015)
MetaTrader 4 TOOLS
1 lecture 00:14
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