Create Slot Machine iPhone APP in 3 hours

Learning by doing is the best policy for education. This course lead you step by step to use Objective-C & Xcode for fun
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459 students
Create Slot Machine iPhone APP in 3 hours
Rating: 0.0 out of 5 (0 ratings)
459 students
By the end of the course, you will be able to use simple components to create a slot machine on iPhone
In this course, you will learn Rows and Components in UIPickerView, Sound Effect, StoryBoard & Code


  • Attention! The instructor speaks CHINESE, but with subtitles in English
  • You can watch the Lecture 1 to try, it's FREE!!
  • Xcode 4.5
  • Mac OS X Lion / Mountain Lion


What is the course about? 

This course is going to lead you to create iPhone APP slot machine by using simple iOS component in 3 hours.

How the learning is structured, and why it's interesting for someone to take?

Learning by doing is the best policy! So this course is designed step by step, you can code just follow the instruction, and get what you want. So even yo don't really understand all syntax for Objective-C, you can still enjoy the process and result by our course.

Kind of materials found in the course

The materials for this course are :

1.Video. High resolution (1280x800) video, you can check the code in video clearly.

2.PDF. Slides, you can view it page by page, actually all steps are here, you can follow it and coding by yourself

How long it will take to complete the course.

Actually the tutorial videos are only 4 lectures, totally around  1 hour. But we think you need time to practice and follow, so roughly you need 3 hour to get all things done.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who interested in Creating Slot Machine on iPhone

Course content

2 sections • 5 lectures • 48m total length
  • Promo Video


Founder at III APP Development Training Center
Ryan Chung
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Ryan Chung, founder at III APP Development Training Center in Taiwan since 2009. This center is focus on mobile app development training, to instruct people how to become a mobile developer. He planed different kind of course map to people who want to get involved in this domain, and organizes a excellent trainer team to deliver series courses. Until now, more than 500 persons are trained in this center.

Before creating this center, he is also an IT instructor for web development, basic computer operation. He believes that learning by doing is the best policy, so he always designs different practices for different students, to fit what they really need.

When he was a student, he is major in computer science for both bachelor and master degree. But he don't want to just go to a software company to become an RD engineer, it's not what he want.
He is love to plan a organized public speech, and try to make complicated thing to simple, after his expression, every one could understand many theories they don't know before.

So, Ryan Chung will continue to create more training courses to public, first step will focus on mobile app training, then expend to programming theories,...,etc.

Let's enjoy the fun of learning, thank you!