Create an Awesome Science Fair Project (For Kids)

Learn how to design and analyze a great experiment you will be proud to present!
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How to Create a Unique Science Fair Project
Science fair project design for kids, parents and teachers
How to analyze data
How to design a good experiment
How to come up with ideas for a project
How to write your report


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Welcome to the very first course created by Redhead Science Ed.!  We are driven to help students learn and grow through problem solving, creativity, troubleshooting, imagination and hard work.  This is not a course for students looking for last minute pre-made science fair projects.  It is also not a course that rehashes a watered down version of the scientific method.  We use animation and slides to engage students in grades 3-8 who want to design a scientific experiment that is founded on their individual interests and hobbies (although 3-5th graders will need extra parental help).   This course would also work well for home-school students or teachers who want to provide their students with the opportunity to complete their own experiments without participating in a science fair per se.  We cover how to come up with a unique idea, design a rigorous experiment with proper variables, controls and n's, learn how to analyze data, create graphs and even some basic statistics.  The course covers how to write reports and concludes with some general suggestions for aesthetics.  We also include a printable journal to help guide students through the process, and tips for teachers and parents to help students along the way.  We hope that you and your students will enjoy the process together, and use this course to create fun memories of learning, laughing, failing, succeeding, growing and building together. 

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Hi!  I am a Biochemistry Ph.D., with extensive experience in instructing non-traditional students at the Collegiate level.  I have developed a passion for teaching that extends beyond content-based curriculum and enjoy providing students the opportunity to "do" real science.  I believe that students will require their abilities to innovate, solve problems, think critically, and work together as much as they will need encyclopedic knowledge in coming years.   I am also a parent, and know that students learn best in an environment where they can be actively engaged with what they are learning.    I hope to use my experience to build engaging, difficult and useful courses that will guide students in a manner that really helps them interact with their interests and take ownership of their education.