Do so much more with your photos and videos - video montage!

A-Z guide to creating a professional-looking video montage for your personal or business use. No editing skills required
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Create beautiful, professional video montages
Share their montages with their friends and family
Use the montages in special occasions
Use the montages in their online businesses
Add music to their photo montages
Add a voice-over to their montages
Choose "magic moments" of their videos and photos to make sure they're shown in the final montage
Decide about the look and feel of their final montages


  • How to download and install a software in their computer
  • How to store photos and vdeos in their computer


About the course:

In this course you will learn how to create a video montage out of your photos, videos and music. You will learn how to control almost every aspect of the final movie, how to add captions, how to spot important moments, how to fit the video montage to your needs, how to export your video montage to various video formats – as well as sharing it online.

Why you should take this course?

I bet somewhere in your computer or on CDs around the house, you have tons of photos you took in different occasions: in birthdays, holidays, trips, photos of your dog, your parents, your kids, maybe even a whole album with photos of different flowers.

Imagine you could take all of those old, unused and untouched albums, and re-live everything in a special, entertaining way, share it with your friends and on social media and get numerous reactions, from "wow that was beautiful" to "did you do it by yourself?!" or even "who made this for you? I'd like to create one for my upcoming reunion event".

Wouldn't it be great to just enjoy all those memories in a little different way than the usual? Instead of uploading another photo album to your favorite social network, or send a huge email with heavy images to all your relatives, create a video montage and let everyone enjoy it by just sitting and watching, without the need to click on the mouse, with nice background music and without the need to download a big amount of data to their computer.

Other than the fact that you will bring your old (or new) footage to life again, you will have a blast while creating your montage.

And it's not over just here – you can even use the software for your own business; If you're running an online store, you could be unique and present your products as short video montages – your customers will appreciate the professional way of introducing your products. You can use a video montage in various businesses, and you will learn not just how to put all of the content together in a nice, professional way – but also to include a watermark, so no one will be able to take the credit of it. You can even add a "call for action" text and help your future customers reach you easily.

Who should take this course?

You don't need special technological skills other than knowing how to download and install a software. You don't need any editing skills – I will take you through all the steps you need in order to create a video montage from 0, and as written before – it's easy and fun working with it. I will show you how to get a 15-day trial which is enough for you to explore and decide if you want to pay for the full version, which costs less than 80$.

So basically - anyone who thinks they can use a photo montage for their personal andqor commercial use - should take this course!

I invite you to join me in this short 40-minute course, and open up to a whole new, exciting world of video montages! Be aware – it's addictive!

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for you if you're looking for creative gifts for friends
  • This course can also benefit business owners who are looking for creative ways to show products or to explain about the business
  • The course is great for those who run a website - to create a beautiful intro for the homepage
  • The course can also be great for Youtubers who want to create a welcome video for their channel
  • Running an event? This course will teach you how to create a video montage to share with everyone who missed it


In love with online teaching, thrilled to spread knowledge!
Maya Bielik
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Hi, i'm Maya.

I've been building websites since i was 15. What started as a hobby, turned to be my profession 10 years later.

I mostly work with Wordpress, and besides creating websites for customers, i've started giving lectures about this system a few years ago as well.

When i found out about Udemy and the opportunity to teach online, i was thrilled - as i love teaching, and Udemy gives me the option to reach students beyond the boundaries of my country.

After years of building websites with Wordpress, i decided to dive into the mobile world and found it to be mysterious and totally different from what i knew up to that point.

Unfortunately i realized that since this niche is quite new, creating mobile apps was far more complicated and expensive than what i was used to with Wordpress. Most softwares and tools available today are very expensive or complicated to understand and require many hours of studying. A moment before giving up, I found a platform that does exactly what I wanted - lets me create an app in a similar way to building a WordPress website! The platform is easy to understand, easy to operate and most importantly - very enjoyable to work with!

I decided to create a course that teaches how to work with this platform, it's called "Create a Native App in 8 Days – Easy as Creating a Website!".

If you don't have the time to learn how to create a full native app, you can take the "WordPress to App – Turn Your Website Into an Android App" course which will teach you how to turn your current website into a native Android app which will act as a mirror to your website. This is a flash course, easy to complete. You'll be able to see your app in the store by tomorrow...!

Other than that, you can take my third course and learn how to create beautiful, professional video montages. This course is FREE.

My motto in the courses is KISS (Keep It Simple, Student!); in my everyday life, i try to find ways how NOT to spend hours over hours of learning how to code and program, by finding the "shortcuts" that people already created, like Wordpress. Then, i take what i learn and pass it over to my students, so you can create amazing things too.

I hope you will find the knowledge you were hoping to gain here, and show me examples of what you have created with the help of my courses - that's what would satisfy me the most!

See you on the screen,


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